Apr 21, 2021
Posted by MarkGillespie

December 8th 1980 Murphy Jagger Salmon ageing hippy, part time drunk and Rolling Stones fan, is on his way home from the pub when he accidentally saves John Lennon from the assassin s bullet By way of thanks, Jagger is offered a job working for the former Beatle and the two men quickly become friends But as the 1980s move forward, things quickly get out of control.December 8th 1980 Murphy Jagger Salmon ageing hippy, part time drunk and Rolling Stones fan, is on his way home from the pub when he accidentally saves John Lennon from the assassin s bullet By way of thanks, Jagger is offered a job working for the former Beatle and the two men quickly become friends But as the 1980s move forward, things quickly get out of control When Lennon suffers a couple of career setbacks, he tries to win back the adulation of his fans by moving into politics But the 1980s version of John Lennon is a far cry from the radical left winger of old And much to Jagger s horror, when Lennon quickly becomes an unstoppable force in American politics, the working class hero is transformed into a right wing poster boy There s even talk of a Beatle in the White House FAB is a fast paced, rip roaring ride through the 1980s a decade in which greed was good and shoulder pads made sense It was an era of uncertainty of Cold War and nuclear weapons FAB also pokes fun at our obsession with celebrity, whilst fondly recalling some of the unique fashions and pop culture moments that made the 1980s so unforgettable.

  • Title: FAB
  • Author: MarkGillespie
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  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    FAB December th Murphy Jagger Salmon ageing hippy part time drunk and Rolling Stones fan is on his way home from the pub when he accidentally saves John Lennon from the assassin s bullet By way of

    Belinda Missen

    I m going to go with 3.5 stars for this one I loved the unique concept and the different method of storytelling It s nice to see people moving away from the traditional straight up and down story method and looking at different techniques to get a story across that s always exciting I likely marked this down a bit because the Beatles just don t do it for me, particularly Lennon, but this popped up as a free read, and who can go past a bit of speculative fiction Loved, loved the little twist at t [...]


    An odd allo historical novella, with the premise every Beatle fan wants.A burning out ex hippie Rolling Stones fan accidentally saves John Lennon from assassination Lennon gives the guy a job as a factotum, and general flunky As the 80s progress, Lennon makes some bad career choices, and takes the route open to a celebrity Politics.From there, things really spiral out of control, until the twist ending Interesting, to say the least.

    Sheila Sanchez

    FAB is a very entertaining read and the twist at the end made my day I love when a book manages to surprise me The whole world has speculated about what if John Lennon had not been killed Everyone talks about his potential, about the fact that he was a musical genius, about his charisma, and, of course, about a possibility of a Beatles reunion But I don t think anyone has speculated in the opposite direction the possibility of a John Lennon who is despicable and hungry for power This book paints [...]

    Gordon Davie

    Great read I ve never encountered an alt history book with the main character being a music and cultural icon The story gently sucks you in and I immediately to a shine to the main character,Jagger and wanted to keep turning the pages to find out how this was going to go Not disappointed.

    Bonnie Keck

    Not kindle unlmited, All individually available, bit cheaper to get the 3 pack set Bought this while back but hadn t read it until now Few insosistencies or just worded too oddly if he bought a beard why was he cutting up a wig to make a beard, etc even though could have been just a bit better was interesting alternate history type thing The ending last 1 3 was definitely uhm different Got 1 on freebie day then bought the 3 pack.FAB1980 John Lennon survives the assassin s bullet.But with his sho [...]


    ExcellentFab book, if you pardon the pun Well written and keeps a good pace throughout Looking forward to reading .


    I received this book from the author in exchange for a review I have read many miscellaneous books all covering diverse genres, and most with fantastical ideas However, this is unlike anything I have ever read This is not just because it is eyeopening, but of how personal anything revolving around this subject matter is to me It is impossible to be too judgmental of anything written about what could have happened had John Lennon lived because the possibilities are endless Yet I am still impresse [...]

    Michael Lynes

    FAB by Mark Gillespie is an interesting short read It would most easily be categorized as an alternate history type tale, similar in genre to Man in the High Castle by the late great Phillip K Dick In this story the seminal event upon which the narrative turns is the world which would exist if Mark David Chapman had not been successful in his assassination of John Lennon Full disclosure I received this story at no cost from a blog site in exchange for my honest review.Our story opens and we are [...]

    Gisela Hausmann

    Love this book s intelligent concept though I am sure that the author, Mark Gillespie, will get some hate mail What if Lennon had lived I am not a Beatles fan like this book s character Jagger I am a Stones fan Still, I appreciate the Beatles impact on their days And, while I think that Lennon s famous song Imagine features a totally unrealistic concept, I believe it s a good thing to dream unrealistic dreams like all of us Living life in peace This book s clever concept features the complete op [...]

    C.A. King

    Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could change something that happened in history Have you ever read a book and wondered what would happen if you saved a character from an untimely death That s exactly what Mark Gillespie s novel, FAB is about In an alternate timeline, John Lennon s life is saved The world becomes a distinctly different place because of it.You don t need to be a Beatles fan to appreciate this novel by Mark Gillespie Even the main character is of a Stones guy [...]


    One does not have to be a Lennon fan, modern history buff or even a fan of eighties pop culture to appreciate FAB Mark Gillespie s imagining of what life may have been like had John Lennon not been killed in December of 1980 is unique and entertaining The creative unveiling of the story through the rememberings of the unwitting hero, Murphy Jagger Salmon, combined with the use of FBI interview, third party narrative, news broadcasts and even movie critic reviews, paints a completely alternate re [...]

    Lene Blackthorn

    Provocative, almost absurd story full of what ifs.This novella guides us through several years after the official date of John Lennon s death, speculating about what might happen if he survived The story is told via interviews with Lennon s personal assistant, Murphy Salmon, called Jagger, and his memories I was given the story for free in return for an honest review.The story begins as an investigative interview between federal agent Vogel and the witness, Jagger The latter introduces us into t [...]

    Lisa Devaney

    Here s an original approach to story telling, with a format I wasn t so sure about at first, but then really got into how it played out a good bit of the story is written in a QA interview with the main characters Style of writing aside, this is a really interesting what if scenario partly based on real life celebrity John Lennon being central to the plot The what if John Lennon lived and became the complete opposite of what we remember him for, as he embraces right wing politics really made me [...]


    I read this book because I thought it was an interesting premise, John Lennon alive and well after 1980 I was surprised by the idea of John Lennon being a right wing republican, and friends with Ronald Reagen It seemed far fetched considering how liberal Lennon was in real life It did however, make for an interesting story The book was mostly written with a first person point of view Jagger is telling the story I would have liked a bit interaction between characters, and not just telling a stor [...]

    Sanna Hines

    Thought provoking what if If John Lennon had lived longer, he would have gone on to produce even amazing music, no No Author Gillespie delves deeper into the character of the restless, unpredictable Lennon, who doesn t follow the expected path After all, he s John Lennon.Contrast Lennon with Jagger, a man who refuses to change Jagger has saved Lennon by accident, and gains the job of personal assistant for his reward Over the years, he watches Lennon s transformation with growing alarm Finally, [...]

    B.J. Knapp

    I LOVE the concept of this book I wish it was a full length novel, and not a novella Basically a man by the name of Jagger accidentally knocks down the assassin who shot John Lennon, and he saves Lennon s life He becomes Lennon s assistant and lucky charm As he works for Lennon he watches him become a man that he hates The story is told as an interview between Jagger and law enforcement, and it is about an event that takes place a the end of the book that I totally did not see coming Overall, we [...]


    Have you ever wondered what it would be like if John Lennon not been killed in December of 1980 I have not wondered myself but now this author has helped me to think of something different I think I would love to read a book about what it would be like if Marilyn Monroe had lived her life here on earth but that is just me lol I think the book was very creative and worth my time reading it I think it was a fun read for me I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review


    As you can tell from my start and finish dates, this is a brief work, somewhere between a short story and a novella It s also a what if story, speculating on what might happen if john Lennon had survived his assassination attempt No spoilers here, but i will say it takes some interesting twists and the ending is a surprise Enjoy

    Kelly Sakoi

    I can be fun to read about what could have been And I thought, oh, a book about John Lennon and a possible future of his But, no, why would he be like this It s about the last thing I would have expected Which is maybe why he wrote this book It was interesting but pretty improbable.

    Nicole O'Connor

    Easy to read and follow This is the first book in a trilogy It is told in a passive tone More dialogue would help The reader is left wanting to find out .


    Fun little What if Cute little potshots at history and culture Predictable ending but I m interested in part 2.Needed Charles Manson.

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