Apr 22, 2021
Peace of Infinity
Posted by Maegan Abel

Soul mates.Two words that bring out a wide range of meanings, depending on who you re asking.According to Evangelie Walker, the women in her family are cursed She s watched this curse run rampant her entire life and she s not about to fall into the trap To protect herself, Evie keeps everyone at arm s length, aside from her sister, Cara.Things are a little different forSoul mates.Two words that bring out a wide range of meanings, depending on who you re asking.According to Evangelie Walker, the women in her family are cursed She s watched this curse run rampant her entire life and she s not about to fall into the trap To protect herself, Evie keeps everyone at arm s length, aside from her sister, Cara.Things are a little different for Gavin Jericho He s spent his life waiting for Evie, just like he always does He knows, without a doubt, she ll appear at some point and the hollow ache he always feels during the wait will give way to the completeness she brings.There are theories about soul mates ranging anywhere from romanticized fiction to scientific belief of one soul separated into two bodies But is it a blessing or a curse to be so undeniably tied to another soul Can you find peace in your Infinity This book contains elements pertaining to reincarnation

  • Title: Peace of Infinity
  • Author: Maegan Abel
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  • Peace of Infinity Soul mates Two words that bring out a wide range of meanings depending on who you re asking According to Evangelie Walker the women in her family are cursed She s watched this curse run rampant her


    DNF 10%I m not going to denied that I tried reading this book because B.T is in the cover But shit I was confused out of my fucking mind with this one.The book started and they already know each other something about being soul mates, curses, cycles and infinity and don t ask me what or why The author doesn t explain at the beginning it left me scratching my head wondering how the hell they know each other and why the fuck the heroine was a bitch to the hero and why the hero even bother with the [...]

    Kandi Steiner

    Another INCREDIBLE suspenseful love story from Maegan Abel, and this time with a flair of paranormal that sweetened the deal Gripping from the first page to the very last word, I m convinced I ll never get tired of Maegan Abel s writing What if you were destined to find the same person in every life you lived, but you couldn t have them unless they chose to be with you in that cycle That s the reality that Gavin faces, and we re dropped into a cycle where Evie is even unobtainable than ever bef [...]

    Sara Miller

    I received a ARC of this book in exchange for a honest review over on my blog page Pretty Little Book Blog Gavin and Evie have a complicated past haha one that gets even complicated when she shows up back in town after being away for years, drunk as a skunk and wading into the ocean naked Gavin is now a police officer in the small town where he grew up and therefore as a upstanding lawman tries to protect Evie from harm Just when we think that we have it all figured out haha Maegan throws us fo [...]

    Maria Vickers

    Is having a soul mate a blessing or a curse For Evangelie Walker, she thinks it s a curse In fact, she believes all of the women in her family are cursed and therefore, she keeps everyone except her sister at arm s length That is until Gavin Jericho Gavin believes that Evangelie is the person that will make him whole, who will complete him No one else Will he be able to convince her of that Will they find a way to make it work He has to because she is his other half and the person he will spend [...]

    I wish the author would ve went into detail regarding Infinity.Maybe then it wouldn t have been so confusing in the beginning.Even at the few pages of the book, I still couldn t make myself like the heroine At least it truly did prove that the hero loved her as he said Just as you are.


    Do you believe in soul mates Maegan Abel will have you questioning your stance with Peace of Infinity.For Evangeline, she feels like soul mates, the concept of Infinity, is a curse But Gavin sees it as a blessing His sights are set on Evangeline and he s not going to let go without a fight He hasn t in his past lives, he won t in this one, or in his future lives.How incredible would it be to know that there is one person for all of us and as long as you don t break the cycle, you ll get to love [...]

    Tina Lynne

    I love, love, LOVE this book It took me a second to get into what was happening but once I found the rhythm of the story, I was in love Maegan Abel writes some hard core stories filled with so much emotion and drama, the kind that makes you have so many feelings in the best possible way When I started reading this book I expected something, yet I was so pleasantly surprised with how she shared Gavin and Evie s story This book is a stunning tale of soul mates and ultimate choice Usually this type [...]


    Blessings vs Curses For Soul MatesI have to admit that the cover caught my attention first The colors that are in it and the models themselves gave off an emotional connection Combine that with an amazing photographer, who put this and took this cover shot, and I did judge a book by its cover Then I read the authors blurb, which is not something I normally do, because so many readers need to know so much these days, that I would rather to go in blind, like we used to So, between the two things t [...]


    4 5 Stars First of all, this cover is gorgeous Peace of Infinity is quite different, which in this day and age of so many variations on the same tropes, different is good.Peace of Infinity has suspense, some paranormal aspects and, of course, romance that stands the test of time This is a story of soul mates, true soul mates who always find their way back to each other no matter what.Evie hates the infinity, calls it a curse She pushes everyone away, except her sister, to protect herself Gavin k [...]

    Kristen Johnson

    Peace of Infinity is unlike most books in its nature, it s got a touch of mystery, paranormal elements, but above all it is a Love story.Gavin knows what he wants in his life and who he wants to share it with, he s always known, so he s happy to bide his time and wait Wait for her, His one But Gavin doesn t always know what to expect from her Gavin has to work for it, has to prove himself, prove to Evie that they can work, that their love can last.Evie believes one thing above all else, she s cu [...]


    I really tried to understand EvieI really did I can understand the reason of her attitudebut she was just sojaded.I really dislike weak female leads, but that s just me EvieEvie made me want to throw my kindle across the room a bad way I ve never been so disappointed in a character before Maybe someday I ll decided to read past 60%, maybe I won t But seeing how fierce Gavin s love for Evie was and for her to justate and throw it away, was kind of the last straw for me well And her disapproval of [...]


    Peace of Infinity was a romance with a twist of paranormal I would give this book a 3.5 stars I have to say I was a little surprised to find this was paranormal at all because the synopsis did not lead me to believe it was anything but a romance for soulmates so maybe that is a bit of a spoiler for some but I honestly may not have read the book had I known In saying that I am happy I read the book because it was a good story and I would recommend to others.Gavin and Evie have quite the past and [...]


    Loved Loved Loved the concept of infinity, and then you added rules and that just made it even better Hooked right from beginning and very curious about the so called curse on Evies family All of the characters were strong and the chemistry was off the charts between Evie and Gavin Lord have mercy Gavin I road the wave of emotion through their struggles, humour, pain, fear and passion Then there s that cover wow Not all covers depict an actual part in the book I was grinning from ear to ear in t [...]


    This book has love, suspense, turmoil, and a bit of supernatural all rolled into one I do wish Ms Abel had given details about Infinity because I wanted to know about the history, it did not seem that Infinity was just about soul mates I would also like to see a second book with the secondary characters Dom and Cara because they deserve their story to be shared I want to know about all the characters Evie was unlikable, but she was meant to be that way Gavin proves time again throughout the s [...]

    Karie Gibson

    Beautiful in its own rightThis book is very different from the many I ve read Not that different is bad it s just well, different The love and devotion Gavin showed time again was something dreams are made of Evie was a hard character to understand but I d did get her point even if I wanted to shake her than once I loved Dom and Evie also If you re looking for a love than can last than she lifetime this is the one for you.

    Renee at Book Happiness

    I received this for an honest review I have to say that this book was definitely not what I expected and I have to say that I quite enjoyed itThis book just really did have a little bit of everything Gavin and Evie were just about perfect together I found myself just falling in love with these characters and this story

    Jenell Shull

    AMAZING I loved this book So well written I could not of wanted any in a book This has every thing you could want in a book and Def a MUST read

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