Sep 25, 2020
Posted by J.A. Huss

My American Dream just shattered and they think I did it on purpose They have sentenced me to hell by sending me back to the last place I want to be They have people watching me twenty four seven They want the truth about how my band mates died, and they re going to get it, no matter what.No matter how hard I fight No matter how many times I deny it No matter what itMy American Dream just shattered and they think I did it on purpose They have sentenced me to hell by sending me back to the last place I want to be They have people watching me twenty four seven They want the truth about how my band mates died, and they re going to get it, no matter what.No matter how hard I fight No matter how many times I deny it No matter what it takes, the truth is going to catch up with me.I am Rowan Kyle Saber I am RK I am Rock Ex lead singer for Son of a Jack Ex addict, ex friend, ex boyfriend, ex brother and presently in denial.Welcome to Grand Lake, Colorado, where all my nightmares started Welcome to the past Welcome to the present Welcome to RK s fucked up life.The only thing holding me together is her But even that might be a lie.

  • Title: Rock
  • Author: J.A. Huss
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  • Page: 341
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    Rock My American Dream just shattered and they think I did it on purpose They have sentenced me to hell by sending me back to the last place I want to be They have people watching me twenty four seven They


    It s like my life is on song repeat when all I want is a shuffle When I started this book I thought Rockstar story written by Julie with Robert on the cover OMG, I can t wait This was like no other rockstar story I ve ever read Like a lot of Huss s stories, there were twists, turns, and surprises This one had me guessing all the way through Some things I caught right away and others had my jaw dropping because I soooooo didn t see them coming Rowan Kyle Saber RK or Rock is home for the first tim [...]

    S.M. West

    5 long way around STARSAs usual, with a Julie Huss book, where the hell do I start without giving anything away RollercoasterI can always count on Julie to fuck with my mind In true Huss fashion, she gives you one wild ride with all of it told in Rowan Kyle RK Rock s POV He s a famous rock star, lead singer of his band who s brought back to his childhood home to recuperate from a life altering severe trauma Buckle up Buttercup OverwhelmingI was literally on the edge of my seat throughout this wh [...]


    It s like my life is a song on repeat when all I want is a shuffle.I am truly not sure how to write this review without providing any spoilers, because this book had me going back and forth thorough out the whole story This will probably surprise you, but right out the gate I figured out one twist I was blown away, I never guess Julie s twists Little did I know this wasn t a huge twist and as the story unfolds I was reminded again just how brilliant Julie is Rowan Kyle is the famous musician Roc [...]


    FIVE BIG BIG BIG STARSBuckle up Hold on tight And get ready for the mind fuck of a lifetime Rock RK Rowan Kyle Will the real Mr Saber please stand up With devastation in the rearview mirror, RK returns home to Grand Lake, Colorado Not really by choice, but he s there nonetheless It s been five years since he left town Five years since his world was shattered and just a few months since those shattered pieces were smashed into dust Returning wasn t in his plans He left town with a broken heart, b [...]

    Arabella ~♡AB♡~

    4 Stars Wow, this book completely blew my mind and left me guessing I literally didn t know what direction the story was going to go, and I had a lot of fun trying to work it all out.RK, Rock, Rowan Kyle he is the lead singer of rock band Son of Jack, and has suffered a great loss of many things, but specifically his memories of the past After a terrible accident involving him and his bandmates, he is back in his hometown in the Colorado mountains and facing the wrath of his friends and family, [...]

    Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews

    This review was originally posted on un Conventional BookviewsMy mind is blown Completely, utterly blown Rock is even twisted than Huss other stories, and I was riveted to my kindle today, unable to stop reading until I got to the bottom of all the mysteries.Huss definitely blew me away with this story Until the very end, I had no idea what was going on, or what would happen next, and I was just as anxious as Rock was to figure things out There was so much heartache and darkness, but at the sam [...]

    Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer"s Heart

    There is no way for me try and review this without spoiling it somehow as I was completely in the dark until close to the 80% mark Usually I find myself reading a JA Huss book and if I miraculously get it then YAY, I feel a bit smarter I m still just average at this point because I was a bit LOST I really have no words other than to say this is what JA Huss doeswrites creative, unique stories, a bit on the edge, with a darker tone that never let you down Rockis no different She also develops com [...]


    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewAre you ready to get ROCKed Well, I suggest you buckle up as JA Huss once again takes her readers on one sexy suspenseful ride full of twist and turns Julie hits all the right notes as she douses you with a rock star romance like no other I honestly went into reading this book with no clue what to expect All I knew it was Julie s book so of course I had to read it Right off the opening pages, Julie does what she does best SHE ROCKS YOUR WORL [...]

    Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)

    ACCKKKKSo I don t even know what to say about this book right now For 90% of it I was ENTHRALLED, sucked in, turning pages like crazy Then I got to the end, and I was SO disappointedI sat there with my mouth hanging open and thinking THAT S IT THAT was the big fucking mystery THAT is what I spent hours frantically reading to see where this was all going THAT But what about Why was he Why the fuck didn t someone just tell the dude what was going on Man, I SO want to throw my my iPad across the ro [...]


    At the risk of sounding redundant, I ll still go on record to say that no writer has ever given me whiplash nor twisted me up and made me act like an addict looking for her next fix than Julie Huss You know when you are reading a story and certain parts just give you this warning bells in your head The difference with her books was that I never knew how to interpret those warning bells Rock What can I say about this book What can I tell about the story that didn t go the way I was expecting it t [...]

    Pam Nelson

    4 Rock StarsFirst why did I wait so long to reading this book Second I think I went through 5 stages of confusion that a thing Well it is to me, so yeah, let s go with it My 5 stages were as follows Shock What Why Who And WoW Yeah this book had it all I swear I spent half the time come up with theories in my head Right away I was like I want to know who Rock RK Rowan Kyle is, but it was than that It just seemed like something was missing boy howdy was there things missing But your intrigued you [...]

    ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ"s Book Blog ✰

    I m such a HUGE rockstarfangirl I just had to read this book And I loved it It s full of mystery, suspense, sexiness, sadness, grief, confusion, love, hate, music, talentI don t even know what to say.While reading I was a bit worried that view spoiler this would end like a few other books I ve read with RK being insane and living in a mental hospital or that he s in a coma and it was all a dream but nope it s all real and very exciting Also, I think I might ve wanted to see a real prove of death [...]

    Di Covey

    JA Huss delivers another fast paced, unpredictable story You ll be flipping back the pages to see if you missed any clues to this madness.A musician A murky past And murder all around.Rock is so many things I loved loved loved him The first half of the book is purely mind twistery We wade through the dark waters with Rock, looking, searching for the truth I was entangled in a web of delusional thinking and mysterious beginnings And even when I was faced with the truth, like Rock I didn t believe [...]

    Carol (StarAngel"s Reviews) Allen

    4.5 Together Stars Well, you can tell that I really enjoy a book when it only takes me a few hours to read a whole book Yes, there were a few things that I felt were a bit over the top but overall I really enjoyed the story and couldn t put it down.What I thought was going to play out.didn t And that is what made me rate this book so high.


    I went into this book blind Trusting Julie to give me something special.Then I read the prologue Wait a flipping minute What the hell is this book about reads synopsis This book slowly unfolds as Rowan Kyle RK , aka Rock, returns to his home town It s what he faces there and how it is revealed, that had my mind reeling I should have expected this author to bring in the mind fuckery, but I was simply not prepared reads synopsis again What can I tell you about this book Not much And I don t mean t [...]


    You know when you have so many books on your TBR list and you use a random number generator to pick which one you re going to read next Well Rock was 74 on my list so here I go

    Krista Hendrix

    A book about a hot rock star with lots of suspense, keeping me at the edge of my seat Yes, please


    Not at all what I was expecting I struggled to finish it, even skimming through pages.The story line was confusing.even when a twist was revealed, I couldn t figure out what was going on.


    Wow, this was not what I expected I went into this book thinking it was another story about a fucked up rock star going back home after so many years away, and blah blah blah Boy, was I wrong.This book was AWESOME There was suspense, romance, unexpected twists And, of course, an intriguing and ultra original storyline that s worth going into the book blind so that s where my review stops fellas

    ❤️ Diana ❤️

    So I liked this story It had twists and turns and it had me guessing and thinking I like that in a book, but I really didn t like the endingke not the ending but the endingI guess you ll understand when you read I mean I don t like red herrings But overall s good read Just I would totally change the ending and it would be a doozy 4 stars


    What an absolute messd I m deeply saddened to say that.


    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewHoly motherfucking shit what did I just read Oh, right, I read a Huss novel I knew she d blow my mind, but damn I didn t see it happening like this Where is the 6 star option I don t know how to do this book justice What can I say I love Rock His story is both hot and heartbreaking It s a complete mindfuck of a book Rock is forced to go back home after a tragic accident leaves him unable to speak and on a type of house arrest the type that is cou [...]


    review to come No spoilers.So when writing reviews of books that rocked your world, the inevitable phrases come up page turner, un put downable, roller coaster of emotions, twists and turns, fast paced, etc This review would sound no different And as always, I try to keep my reviews spoiler free, so here goes to the best of my ability When I say I m becoming accustomed to JA Huss s style, please don t ever take that to mean that I know what the heck is going on in that head of hers or can predic [...]


    Huss 2016


    Original Review Naomi s Reading PalaceJ.A Huss is a master storywriter and she has delivered once again with Rock Rock, or RK to his friends, had returned home to Grand Lake after an accident had shattered his world However things weren t what they seemed at home He s missing crucial information from his past and needed time to become whole once again.I really loved RK he was angry in the beginning but I can t imagine a person who wouldn t be if they were struggling like he was His injury was hu [...]

    Brandee Price

    After having read every one of Huss books, you d think I d have learned a thing or two For example, I should ave learned not to even attempt to figure things out to not create my own theories on the who did the want because in all this time, I ve never been right Rock continued this pattern Rock, aka Rowen Kyle Saber, aka RK, finds himself back home in Grand Lake, Colorado, where he grew up and where his nightmares first began I was just as lost as RK not knowing exactly how he ended up in his c [...]


    LOVE LOVE LOVED ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Rock is a JA Huss mind trip that showcases her talent at her absolute best and confirms her status, in my eyes, as one of the best authors out there She can grab and hold your attention until the very last page including the EOB End of Book Shit, which is located, of course, at the end of the book and a JA Huss signature trademark Even though I was gifted an arc, I purchased the ebook just so I could read the EOB [...]


    Posted on The Reading Room Book BlogOye HmmmSo, I started Rock today because I like the author s past work and because the cover is hot.Ever read a book where it moves too fast and too slow all at the same time That s how I felt reading this book I can t say much because there is a lot going on and any spoilers would suck for this story I think the story had a good premise, but it needed to be fleshed out I couldn t connect with the characters I couldn t connect with their emotions I didn t get [...]


    OMG, I loved Not only was it suspenseful and a crazy ride, as you read in other reviews , for me it was something meaningful The characters have experienced deep loss and broken hearts They are searching for something meaningful in their relationships and in their lives This book blew me away As I was waiting to figure out the mystery, the suspense was building and then I would laugh and start crying What a ride I highly recommend This book really has it all Romance, suspense, mystery, sex and [...]


    JA Huss never disappoints The blurb of this book sounded so interesting and Holy Shit that cover Anyhow, put those three things together and I didn t think twice about one clicking this gem.

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