Apr 21, 2021
Captured by the Cyborg
Posted by Cara Bristol

Sometimes the biggest risk is to one s heart.A science fiction romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Cara BristolAn ex Cyber Operations field agent, Dale Homme has kissed danger and betrayal times than he cares to count Now he runs a clandestine factory beneath the surface of the moon Deceptio, where confidentiality and security matter than anything When a bSometimes the biggest risk is to one s heart.A science fiction romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Cara BristolAn ex Cyber Operations field agent, Dale Homme has kissed danger and betrayal times than he cares to count Now he runs a clandestine factory beneath the surface of the moon Deceptio, where confidentiality and security matter than anything When a beautiful young woman arrives seeking a job, Dale knows within minutes she s lying Everything about her is false her past, the people she claims to know, her reason for being on Deceptio Illumina Smith Even her name is an alias Logic says send her packing His gut says she s in trouble She needs him So he ll do anything to keep her safe even if it means keeping her captive.Captured by the Cyborg is third in the Cy Ops Sci fi Romance series but is written to be read as a stand alone novella.

  • Title: Captured by the Cyborg
  • Author: Cara Bristol
  • ISBN: 9780996145268
  • Page: 127
  • Format: ebook
  • Captured by the Cyborg Sometimes the biggest risk is to one s heart A science fiction romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Cara BristolAn ex Cyber Operations field agent Dale Homme has kissed danger and betrayal times t

    Marta Cox

    Yes it s the turn of Dale Homme to have his story told and what a corker it is I was so intrigued by him in the previous book Mated with the Cyborg and to see him in his element running his factory really made my day Dale might be a cyborg but even he at times needs to rely on others and when a crucial project keeps going awry it s time to recruit experienced programmers to run even diagnostics A handful of applicants are brought to Deceptico but straight away the small young woman who looks un [...]

    Shari Kay

    2.75 I had trouble connecting with this one Honestly it wasn t the story, it was the personalities of the MC s Absolutely nothing wrong with them.Dale is great, Illumina is a survivor Something just rubbed me wrong and I just wasn t feeling it for whatever inexplicable reason The descriptions of Illumina might be one of the issues, when he first sees her he thinks she is a childuld never get a great mental picture after that.So Illumina is on the run from her cray cray ex If he catches her, he [...]


    After reading the action packed previous book in the series and encountering the hero in a supporting role, I was thrilled that the next book would be Dale s But then I started reading and realized that yet again, the author wowed me not only with a likeable hero, but a heroine that intrigued me from the moment she entered her first scene I devoured this book in one sitting and now can only wait eagerly for .The story opens with Dale Homme, a cyborg and owner of a deeply hidden space version of [...]


    I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Illumina, trying to outrun her past, has ended up on Deceptio, a barren moon that hides Dale Homme s Moonbeam remanufacturing operation underground He s looking for someone who s a computer whiz and won t mind the restrictive working environment, and there s a last minute addition to the list of applicants One Illumina Smith Illumina immediately catches Dale s eye and he decides to interview her first And thus t [...]


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    Dawn West

    A woman on the run meets a man willing to fight to protect her.We ve met Dale in a previous book and I was curious to see how his tale would go The first two installments of this series had fairly unique plots and while this one has a traditional theme, I enjoyed it just as much It s a woman on the run from an abusive ex but there are some fun twists added to it.This book has a fairly strong level of tension, probably even than the first two of the series From the very first few pages it s cle [...]


    3.5 stars.Another smart and gutsy heroine, I really enjoyed this one too.

    Book Gannet

    I really enjoyed my second taste of the Cy Ops series, this time with the action centering on the mysterious moon, Deceptio, and the secret operations beneath Dale was a fun minor character in the last book, but this stands alone well enough that you don t need to have read the rest of the series to enjoy it The best thing about it all for me, though, was how well matched Dale and Illumina became throughout this book I love a balanced couple and this book delivers nicely.Dale is a protector He j [...]

    Boundless Book Reviews

    I was provided an ARC of Captured by the Cyborg Cy Ops Sci fi Romance Book 3 in exchange for an honest review Have I mentioned that Sci fi romance is one of my FAVORITE genres Well, it is and Captured encompasses everything I love about this genre Illumina is on the run from a very bad man, and an even horrible situation She is recovering from her escape from that man, while running for her life Then, the opportunity comes to work at the top secret factory below the surface of a moon very few k [...]


    This series of cyborg books just keeps getting better If you liked the first two books, Stranded with the Cyborg and Mated with the Cyborg, you will love this one Life on Deceptio was not quite as exciting as Cy Ops, but Dale Homme enjoyed the challenges he faced running a chop shop hidden beneath the surface of the moon Dale s had a new spaceship project in the works for a while, and there s a computer glitch that none of the current employees can identify Time is running out to finish work on [...]


    Thoroughly engaging and a breeze to read, Captured by the Cyborg catapulted me deep into the familiar, beloved vocabulary I ve come to associate with syfy romance it s geek speak recontextualised into a narrative, woven around a pairing that didn t seem plausible in the beginning but left me wanting by the end The story brings us straight into the mysterious operations a kilometre beneath an isolated, barren moon and into a secret operations factory run by former special operative Dale Homme, wh [...]


    Title Captured by the CyborgAuthors Cara BristolScore 4.50 5 Reviewer Top PickIllumina Smith is on the run Danger has followed her every step She s not able to dodge it for long If she s caught the consequences could prove to be fatal Could Dale Homme, an ex Cyber Operations field agent, be what she needs Dale Homme, cyborg, knows that Illumina Smith has lied on her interview at the Moonbeam Chop Shop He has a feeling that she has secrets Something about her just doesn t add up He just can t hel [...]


    Entertaining read Read it in one sitting Cara Bristol knows how to feed information to the reader at just the right pace to keep curiosity piqued Illumina s background mystery was solved only after Dale Homme, the male main character, had enough time to get in deep, emotionally Their chemistry worked wonderfully Bristol s world building is outstanding, and her creativity shines when it comes to inventing alien races The heat level was pretty hot but there wasn t so much that it got in the way of [...]


    Possible spoiler Added 11.30.17 The next book in the series, Trapped By The Cyborg, does a much to address my malaise, expressed below While the heroine is not a total TSTL, a big tension point is triggered by her ignoring simple safety instructions needed only for a limited time from several males, including her flame.This is a common trope, at least in the books I select to read.In fairness, the male lead s failure to listen to the Illumina, the female, is typical boneheaded alpha male behavio [...]


    WOW I don t usually read muc Sci Fi but I was hooked by the first paragraph The overview explained what was going on as well as the other wonderful reviews so I m not going to be redundant and repeat, I will say everything you could want in a romantic adventure was here with page turning suspense and danger, emotions and feelings of the characters was delved into so you could watch the relationship develop and understand how they learned to love and trust Of course there was a nasty villain, dan [...]


    Cyborgs YESSSS Okay We met Dale and his secret, err, space chop shop Yeah, that works, I guess His secret base of operations hidden on a distant moon in the middle of nowhere where he modifies and tinkers with ships people waaaaant Wait I lost my train of thought.Oh, right Dale popped up in the last book and he had that mysterious vibe going You know, the broody, possibly paranoid ex Cy Ops agent who drops everything to help a fellow cyborg when he asks As it turns out, he s not really all that [...]


    Wow I loved this third instalment of the Cy Ops Sci Fi Romance series It was fast paced, exciting, romantic, sexy, and fascinating.The dual strength and vulnerability of the beautiful fairy like Faria, Illumina Smith, hiding from her murderous abuser, captured my compassion to immediately When she seeks employment from the serious and secretive ex military spaceship builder, Dale Homme, his compassion for the fragile little sprite is triggered as well As the mystery behind her fugitive status is [...]


    Illumina and DaleThe author gives us a strong female heroine that can take care of herself This time though she got truly creative for a villian A villian so bad that nevermind Spoilers Illumina applies to work at Dale s super secret maufacturing site in hopes that she will be safe there and her Ex can t get to her Saying she s good with computers is an understatement Even though Dale knows her CV is false he goes with his gut feelings and hires her.

    Kathy Heare Watts

    SHE WAS A RIDDLE WRAPPED IN MYSTERY INSIDE AN ENIGMAA Sci fi story is only a good as the author who pens it, and Ms Bristol has spun a tale that grabs the reader and holds them captive from the beginning to the end When you are finished, you know you have been on an amazing journey, and can t wait to pick up and read the next book The storyline, the background of the characters, the descriptions of the sights, sounds, smells, are all part of this tale, making the reader feel like a voyeur along [...]

    Kiri Murupaenga

    Dale Illumina s Story Another Cy Ops well written,action filled sci fi romance story from the mind of Cara Bristol For me personally all the 4 5 star s this book has received are true all that s left for me to say is that each book in the series just keep s getting better that I can t wait to read Trapped with the Cyborg Bk4Highly recommended.

    Rita C

    Likeable characters I was frustrated when she went running off without notifying her bodyguard I didn t find it believable when she was in so much danger It was a too stupid to live moment.


    I love number 3, Homme is so Alpha and loves Illumia and this book is so different from one and two, Cara Bristol is so great, her story line is always different from each other s, I will be getting number fourI love series, but i don t like series that copies each other s and Cara Bristol don t do this and I am so glad, I have a thing for cyborg Keep up the great work Cara Bristol, I am one of you favorite fan


    The excitement and romance amongst the stars pulls readers once again into the world of the Cy Ops, a secret organization of individuals enhanced with cybernetics turned into unstoppable warriors From the first page to the last readers are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions as the sweet and gentle Illumina tries to stay one step ahead of her crazed ex Her unwitting savior comes in the form of retired Cy Ops agent Dale, who now runs an intergalactic chop shop Against their better judgment [...]


    I like the story of Dale and Illumina, she reminded me a fairy, but she was also very strong Lots of action and tender monent and a HEA.

    Liz ~ Liz's Reading Life

    Dale Homme made a life skirting the law with Cyber Operations, but now that he is retired, he runs a chop shop on the moon Deceptio He still skirts the law but life is a lot less dangerous and a bit mundane Sure life still has it s treacherous encounters, however something is missing and he can t pinpoint what it is exactly.Illumina Smith is running from her past and her running had led her to Deceptio She hopes to hide out for awhile until it is time to move on Life on the run isn t what she d [...]


    Captured by the Cyborg was my introduction to Cara Bristol s Cy Ops series Third in the series, this standalone short novel is a fun read and hits all the right buttons for the SciFi Romance reader There is a sexy hero, beautiful heroine, powerful attraction and for the icing on the cake, an insane ex husband.Running from her ex, Illumina Smith is lucky to land a job working at a super secret factory, below the surface of the moon Deceptio She is hired to find the bug in the current pet project [...]

    Kimber Hellmers

    I am officially a fan of Sci Fi Romance, and it is all because of Cara Bristol Oh, and those amazing Cy Ops guys I first found CB through a reading challenge on GR and started her Breeder series I still look forward to continuing with that, but the Cy Ops series has me all in at this point This installment was the best yet Like a runner hitting her stride, CB has moved into the sweet spot of this series in that the reader is completely comfortable in the big picture by this installment and can s [...]


    I d read the previous books in the series, and figured I d like to read Dale s story as well.There s just something about Illumina Smith Former cy operative Dale Homme knows that she s hiding something, but is willing to look the other way He s desperate for a skilled coder to work out the bugs on his newest space fighter s flight systems, and so he offers her the job Illumina s desperate as well, she s on the run from an abusive husband, and hopes that she ll find the escape she needs in Dale s [...]

    Katherine Deane

    I loved the first two books in this series, and couldn t wait to read this one It was fantastic A wonderful stand alone science fiction, action packed, romance, that brought in some characters from the other stories.I loved Illumina She was such a strong, brave woman having to run from an abusive lifemate who wanted to kill her doing what she needed in order to survive.And Dale Holy cow, I think he was the yummiest cyborg yet I loved their chemistry.The whole story was fantastic, it kept me read [...]

    Jessica Subject

    Dale is a cyborg who has left Cy Ops to run his own company When he s looking to hire a new employee, he ends up interviewing Illumina, a petite woman with a perfect resume While common sense tells him not to hire her, that she s hiding something, he does anyway Though, what she is hiding, or hiding from, turns out to be far dangerous than Dale ever imagined His life, and those of his Cy Ops friends will never be the same.Like the other books in this series, Captured by the Cyborg has just the [...]

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