Jul 15, 2020
Meet Kit: An American Girl, 1934
Posted by Valerie Tripp Susan McAliley Walter Rane

Millions of girls have been waiting for the debut of the newest American Girl and now she s here Kit Kittredge is a nine year old girl growing up during the 1930s, a time when banks failed, people lost their money, and families struggled but Americans opened their hearts and helped each other When the hard times hit home, Kit responds with spirit and determinationMillions of girls have been waiting for the debut of the newest American Girl and now she s here Kit Kittredge is a nine year old girl growing up during the 1930s, a time when banks failed, people lost their money, and families struggled but Americans opened their hearts and helped each other When the hard times hit home, Kit responds with spirit and determination to help her family face the challenges the Depression brings to their lives.Kit longs for a big story for her daily newspaper for Dad that is, until she s faced with news that s really bad When Mother s friends lose their house and come to stay with her family, it s nothing but trouble for Kit Then Kit s dad loses his business, and things go from bad to worse Will life ever be the same again

  • Title: Meet Kit: An American Girl, 1934
  • Author: Valerie Tripp Susan McAliley Walter Rane
  • ISBN: 9781584850175
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet Kit An American Girl Millions of girls have been waiting for the debut of the newest American Girl and now she s here Kit Kittredge is a nine year old girl growing up during the s a time when banks failed people los


    Somehow, I worked as a children s librarian for 5 years without reading an American Girl book Not once I handed plenty of them out, however, and knew all about the dolls and the wardrobe of matching accessories that seemed like a cult than a collection The stories sounded like nice, wholesome little historical fiction books that had some educational value But since I only ever took notice of them when they were sitting on the shelf, all that I knew for certain was that their white covers got re [...]


    i read all the original american girl books as a kid but never kit s books i don t consider kit to be part of the original group of girls to me, she is new lol however i found this one for like ten cents at a used book sale and decided to pick it up and i have to say, it s actually quite good kit s childhood takes place during the great depression and she is worried about what will happen to her family when her dad loses his job as a car salesman and her mom decides to try and take in boarders t [...]


    I read this book for my Around the Children s Section Challenge which can be found here undeniablylibrarian.wordpressGrowing up, I never quite understood why so many girls were obsessed with American Girl, but I always found myself drawn to Kit, the short haired blonde who seemed to have a spunky personality I thought it would appropriate for me to learn about who Kit really is by choosing Meet Kit as my book for this column.Kit Kittredge is a tomboy She likes playing baseball, writing newspape [...]


    Iv e read many books from the american girl series, and Kit s stories are definitely one of my favorites After Kit s Dad looses his job because of the Depression, Kit s family turns their house into a boarding house, and Kit has to move up to the attic Kit and her family are always thinking of ways to save money Kit has to drop out of dance class, and do many other things to save money Now Kit s family has the struggle of paying for their house, and food With hope, Kit s family stays strong.


    in which we meet kit kittredge, a spunky nine year old growing up in cincinnati during the great depression she lives in a fairly large house with her parents her older brother charlie, along with their boarders, mrs howard her son, stirling stirling is kit s age in her class at school, though he is kind of sickly small for his age mr howard has supposedly gone to chicago to look for work in his absence, the howards lost their home have moved in with the kittredges the kittredges are struggling [...]


    I apologize if I spell any of the character s names wrong I used to read books like this one a lot when I used to play with my American Girl doll Now, I haven t been interested in either These books are a great read for kids, and I recommend them to anyone who has a doll or a personality that likes to read about history, and in this case it s in the Great Depression.Meet Kit starts out with Kit and her family being happy and having enough money for everything Her brother, Charlie, is going to le [...]

    Sam T

    Meet Kit by Valerie Tripp was a good book This is about a 9 year old girl Kit , her best friend Ruthie, and her family However, Kit, Ruthie, and her family lived during the Great Depression time It was interesting to think about how people would use their own savings to pay their employees, worked hard, lost jobs, and had to find new jobs to keep their homes Kit is a 9 year old girl, who lives during the Great Depression Kit has a 16 year old brother, a mom and dad As well, she has a best friend [...]


    Kit is a young girl who lives in the time of depression In the first book, you learn that she loves Robin Hood and newspapers she makes on her typewriter Her mothers friend Mrs Howard and her son Stirling come to live with the Kittreges since her husband went to Chicago Her father, whom owned the car dealership because no one had any money to buy cars any Kit learns her family will have to take in borders and she must move to the attic so Stirling can take her room This is one of the many sacrif [...]


    My little girl struggles to read, but wanted an AG girl so badly She begged me to read this book, and she read so much of it by herself, which was difficult because she really struggles I really enjoyed this book as it gave us many opportunities to talk about the Great Depression, poverty, shame associated with it, resourcefulness, and compassion The story was engaging enough for her, and I m glad there are books like this out there.

    Justine Ridder

    What I liked about this book is that it wasn t just full of fluff It talked about some deep issues such as the Great Depression, Kit s father losing his job, how to save money, and how to make the best of a situation.

    Britt-goodie of newsieness

    It s good I like it I think it tastes funny But I haven t finished it yet It does not taste funny I like it though I like how in books they transform rooms They make me want to clean up my room But only partially.


    I read all of the American Girl books when I was younger, but I recently revisited the first Kit book because I read it with my six year old sister I was pleasantly surprised by how much I still enjoyed Kit s story.


    I purchased this book for a young girl at church that I know is into American Girls Before I gave it to her I read the book myself and it was Wonderful I was so impressed with how much history was included and I learned a lot myself I enjoyed this book so much that I will be asking to borrow the other books in the American Girl series that she owns and then looking for the other books that are available I highly recommend this book.

    Nicole Ziege

    This is the book that got me interested in history and reading I remember receiving the American Girl Doll Kit for my fifth birthday, and I ve loved her ever since This book is a really easy read, and it s a lot of fun for kids I would highly recommend for readers of a 4th 5th grade reading level.


    Super basic intro to Kit s series I think the best part is the looking back section as it has a good, simple explanation of the depression and its causes I do like that there is a lot of detail in the story.

    Courtney Evans

    Historical Fiction This book was positive, but it showed the hardships that people had to endure during the great depression I liked reading about the great depression from a little girls point of view.




    I like the writing in this one much better than the Kaya book And it s set in Cincinnati


    My 9 year old daughter loves this series.


    9yo and I both enjoyed this whole series audiobooks are recommended too during our project study of the Great Depression Good paired with and Also with non fiction, of course.

    Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)

    Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsMeet Kit begins with Kit writing a newspaper every day for her dad when he comes home from work But, when the family has some guests staying with them, and the news about Kit s father s job things start getting and complicated for Kit The depression is a horrible thing to live through and Kit must learn how to deal with her family changing as they try to make it through such a hard time Kit was an amazing little girl with a great big spirit She was sup [...]


    I really liked this story Though the text is basic, Ms Tripp successfully transports the reader back to 1934 where we vicariously experience the challenges presented by the Great Depression Kit is a normal girl, though not a frilly girl, who doesn t usually have to worry about too much then things start to change First the Howards move in, then dad has to sell the car dealership, then people move in as mom decides they should take in boarders.As the first book in Kit s series, this is nice intr [...]


    Tripp s book Meet Kit was an amazing, very educational book I believe once children read the first book they will want to continue on with the series The flow in the book was good, I couldn t put the book down, I wanted to know what was going to happen next At the beginning of the book it gave the reader some pictures and text about each character in the book I believe kids will love this, this will give them some to look back on when they are reading, it will give them a good picture of each ch [...]

    Ch_beth Rice

    In Meet Kit we are introduced to Margaret Mildred Kit Kittredge This is the first in the American Girl series who feature Kit a nine year old growing up in Ohio during the Great Depression Kit s family needs to find a way to make ends meet when her father losses his car dealership and the change in her family s lifestyle gives Kit the opportunity for many new adventures Valerie Tripp has written many other books in the American Girl series and while the text is simple and predictable, it is well [...]

    Alex Colebank

    Meet Kit is the sweet story of a girl named Kit, nicknamed after a song her father sang to her as a youngster, who is growing up during the great depression Being the first book of the series, Tripp depicts to the audience of the wealth Kit and her family had prior to the depression Their home is fancy, Kit s mother has a gardening club and her mother even redecorates her room The story continues when a friend of Kit s mothers friend and son move into their home due to lack of financial stabilit [...]

    Becky Keir Grace

    Welcome to the 1930s and the Great Depression Kit is a nine year old girl who is full of adventure looking for news stories to type for her father, who works as a car salesman Hard times are all around them, but so far the family has managed the worst of it One of Kit s mother s friends needs a place to stay when her husband moves to Chicago for work Mrs Howard and her son move into Kit s home, and her bedroom, and Kit has to move to the attic Kit learns to be appreciative of what she has and re [...]

    Felicity The Magnificent

    I liked this book because Mrs Howard and her son, Stirling Howard, were moving to Chicago because Stirling s dad was already in Chicago looking for a new job Because there was a Depression, all the grownups lost their jobs Kit s dad said he had meetings with business partners to ask if they had any jobs available for him because he was one of the men who lost his job One day, Kit went to the soup kitchen to deliver food to the soup kitchen, and one woman who worked their, told her to give bread [...]

    Kayla Warner

    I loved American Girl books as a kid and Kit was no exception Her story collection was one of my favorites and it really sparked my interest not only in reporting but also in the time period of the Great Depression The American Girl books in general are the main reason that I am now interested in the genre of historical fiction I really appreciated the great amount of detail that was invested into these books and their corresponding doll collections American Girl s promotion of reading along wit [...]

    Goldilocks Reads (Jenna Vahue)

    Another American Girl babydoll joins the horde I don t know if it s Valerie Tripp s writing or privileged bratty white girls just happen to get their own series First Molly in 1945, now it s Kit in the wake of the Great Depression in 1934 The illustrations in this book are astounding but i expected from the writing Kit was a snot considering her mother decorated her room for her while Kit just wanted to type up fake newspapers from her gross typewriter Luckily, her best friend, brother, and inv [...]

    Sarah Crawford

    Kit is a young girl living in Cincinnati, Ohio, during the time of the Great Depression, which was a time when very many Americans were out of work and people were constantly losing their jobs.Kit s father has a job at the moment , but it s a struggle and it doesn t look like things will continue to go well.Things are happening, and Kit and her entire family are going to have to make some major changes to get through this Great Depression.It s a good book, and a good series, except for one thing [...]

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