Sep 28, 2020
A Place to Read
Posted by Leigh Hodgkinson

When I want to read, what I really, really need, is a place to sit .just for a bit.Somewhere comfy, NOT itchy fuzzy, somewhere quiet, NOT buzz buzzy.The little reader in this book is having a hard time finding the ideal reading spot Everywhere has noise, or smells, or is too hot or cold and our reader finds himself with lots of company in each reading spot he coWhen I want to read, what I really, really need, is a place to sit .just for a bit.Somewhere comfy, NOT itchy fuzzy, somewhere quiet, NOT buzz buzzy.The little reader in this book is having a hard time finding the ideal reading spot Everywhere has noise, or smells, or is too hot or cold and our reader finds himself with lots of company in each reading spot he considers.But soon we discover the truth about reading books A book is best anywhere a book is best when you SHARE Join one small book lover s search for the perfect place to read in this beautifully illustrated picture book by the talented Leigh Hodgkinson.

  • Title: A Place to Read
  • Author: Leigh Hodgkinson
  • ISBN: 9781681193236
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
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    A Place to Read When I want to read what I really really need is a place to sit just for a bit Somewhere comfy NOT itchy fuzzy somewhere quiet NOT buzz buzzy The little reader in this book is having a hard tim


    Where is the best place to read a book So is the poignant question embedded within this book Nowhere too hot or cold, loud or quiet, smooth or itchy However, in the end, the perfect spot seems to be attainable, if only because it is the simplest choice Neo likes to read on the couch or in bed, but he agrees that each person must find the spot that works best for them.

    Becky R.

    Endearing book that emphasizes the joy of reading.

    Jillian Heise

    This is cute, but fell a bit flat for me It would be a great book to share with younger students early in the year However, I expected it to go somewhere else, so the ending didn t quite match the build up of anticipation for me from the rest of the pages That being said, I liked the fun of discovering the details in the illustrations, and how words were highlighted in the text in various ways adding to the visual impact of each page spread A good message about sharing stories.

    Steve Holden

    I found this out hunting for new books yesterday It s a newer book that s very simple The illustrations are nice to look at, and the text is minimal It s about a child trying to find a place to read Simple as that I work with students through discussions and modeling about finding a comfortable place to escape into a book, and that it can be different for everyone, but it s important to find it for yourself I ll use this as a read aloud for talking about it this year

    Baby Bookworm

    This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews daily Hello, friends Our book today is A Place To Read by Leigh Hodgkinson, a delightfully sweet story of the very relatable struggle of finding somewhere comfortable to read.A little boy is ready to read he s got his book, and now he just needs to find the perfect spot He tries chair after chair, but each one just doesn t seem to fit his needs One is too itchy, one is too squishy, one is too cold, on [...]


    I plan to use this with my primary classes talking about where and with whom we like to read.


    If you have a book, anywhere can be a place to read


    Loved the illustrations


    Adorable, contemporary artwork Love the geometrical patterns, earthen rich hues, and natural world blended fantasy world elements The artwork alone makes this a delightful book to read and cuddle with a young child The story, which is nothing spectacular, per se, makes for a lovely opportunity to discuss why people enjoy reading, where they enjoy reading, and whether or not a person s mood or the time of day or a book s subject matter influences those choices And too, it also exemplifies the joy [...]


    Overall, a cute read, but I wouldn t say exceptional A boy is looking for the perfect place to read, but discovers that it doesn t matter where you read, only that you re sharing the book with someone special A cute ending, especially if it s a parent caregiver reading one on one with a child The typography changes on every page to match that pages theme i.e the and not at all growly, itchy, fuzzy page has a fuzzy looking font If a parent is reading it, it s fine, but some fonts might be hard fo [...]


    This charming book has a little boy sharing with readers the importance of finding a terrific reading spot Lovely digital collage illustrations show him trying to settle into different types of chairs placed in different locations like the top of a tree, a polar ice cap, and on a lily pad, among other locales This would be a good book to share at the beginning of the school year, when you re setting routines for reading at home and during Reader s Workshop time You might use this as a mentor tex [...]


    Cuted with rhymeuble cute With great illustrations and facial expressions on the main character this is the story of a boy trying to solve a simple but not so simple, task of finding a place to read I can most definitely relate Well, maybe not to a place that is slippy, slimy , but I have my own version of NO to giant stomping boots Oh, this book is fun and it makes me smile What is your favorite place to read


    A young child is looking for a place to read quietly It can t be fuzzy, or buzzy, or slimy or soggy The stipulations for the perfect reading spot continue to increase when finally, the young boy realizes that it doesn t matter where the reading is done as long as he shares.Children will enjoy closely examining each picture to see what can be found.A solid storytime choice.

    Juliana Lee

    The child in the story searches for the perfect place to read, but every chair has a problem of one sort or another He finally decides that any place is a good place to read if you share your book with your friends.


    Where do you like to read Do you have a favorite spot or place These are some of the questions that could be asked a young child after reading this book together.I love the art work in this book the chairs are amazing.

    Viviane Elbee

    This book reminded me of another book, called The Best Place to Read, though the ending is different.For a where to read theme reading it would be fun to pair the two books.Some of the illustration spreads are really fun, playing with nuances in color and texture.Kids liked it.


    bookaday 78 Cute story, perhaps to compare with the Best Place to Read series Rhyming text, but the charm is in the illustrations that accumulate the previous place person animal in each spread Be sure to read the book the child is reading on the last page


    My husband picked this gem up on a BN run while on vacation It s got beautiful illustrations and a cute story about a boy trying to find the perfect place to read before deciding that it isn t about the place it s about the stories and sharing them.


    A boy looking for the right place to read, gathers a collection of animals who also are looking for a good place to read In the end, a communal story time proves to be the answer So a very simple story best suited for preschoolers The art has that trendy over stylized British look.


    Pretty but not much to it.


    Neat idea, but I felt like the ending didn t match with the message theme central idea of the rest of the book.

    Rebecca Gomez

    Cute, colorful, fun to read, but the ending is a bit of a letdown.

    Michele Knott

    I would use this at the beginning of the school year to talk about all the places we read.


    Fussy reader enumerates all of the conditions unconducive to reading unhappy cohorts emphasize his displeasure in busy, stylized illustrations of his complaints.


    Her illustrations are some of my faves Right up there with Benji Davies So lovely Could be framed artwork I even love the font of her name on the cover I m such a nerd.

    Cindy Dobrez

    The right reading chair makes a differencee variety of not quite right choices here is fun, especially the art A good read along for Goldilocks


    Super cute It helps to instill a love of reading into the child reading this book.

    Kevin Summers

    Sample quote It doesn t matter where you sit a book is best anywhere a book is best when you SHARE.


    I liked this especially for the illustrations.


    You can really read any where, but this is a fun exploration of what the perfect place would be.Books

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