Dec 05, 2020
Jean de Florette
Posted by Marcel Pagnol

Au village des Bastides Blanches, on hait ceux de Crespin C est pourquoi lorsque Jean Cadoret, le Bossu, s installe la ferme des Romarins, on ne lui parle pas de la source cach e Ce qui facilite les man uvres des Soubevran, le Papet et son neveu Ugolin qui veulent lui racheter son domaine bas prix Jean de Florette 1962 , premier volume de L Eau des collines, marAu village des Bastides Blanches, on hait ceux de Crespin C est pourquoi lorsque Jean Cadoret, le Bossu, s installe la ferme des Romarins, on ne lui parle pas de la source cach e Ce qui facilite les man uvres des Soubevran, le Papet et son neveu Ugolin qui veulent lui racheter son domaine bas prix Jean de Florette 1962 , premier volume de L Eau des collines, marque, trente ans apr s Pirouettes, le retour de Pagnol au roman C est l pop e de l eau nourrici re sans laquelle rien n est possible Marcel Pagnol y d veloppe l histoire du p re de Manon, voqu e sous forme de flash back dans le filin Manon des sources 1952 Les dialogues sont savoureux, et la prose aussi limpide que dans les Souvenirs d enfance Quant au Papet et Ugolin, la fois dr les et terrifiants, ils sont parmi les cr ations les plus complexes de Pagnol Tri comprends, s ils avaient bu l eau de la citerne, c est s r qu ils seraient morts tous les trois, et moi a m aurait emb t D avoir bouch la source, c est pas criminel c est pour les illets Mais si, cause de a, il y avait des morts, eh bien peut tre qu apr s nous n en parlerions pas, mais nous y penserions.

  • Title: Jean de Florette
  • Author: Marcel Pagnol
  • ISBN: 9782877065115
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Jean de Florette Aug , During one scene, Cesar Soubeyran Montand produces a small telescope in order to spy on Jean de Florette Depardieu however, as he peers through it, the lens cap is clearly in place. Jean de Florette Jean De Florette Rotten Tomatoes May , When their initial attempt to buy the land fails, they must contend with Jean de Florette Grard Depardieu , who arrives with his family to work the coveted plot and turn it into a profitable farm. Jean De Florette Yves Montand, Grard Jean De Florette stands well on its own as a drama about idealistic dreams vs insular self interest The plot revolves around a city man who inherits a rundown farm in the french countryside who moves there with his wife and young daughter to pursue the dream of an idealized country life. Jean de Florette by Marcel Pagnol Jean de Florette is a novelized version of the first half of Manon des Sources a film that the author had made ten years earlier in Just like the movie, the novel is a stylistic masterpiece.

    Jean de Florette Au village des Bastides Blanches on hait ceux de Crespin C est pourquoi lorsque Jean Cadoret le Bossu s installe la ferme des Romarins on ne lui parle pas de la source cach e Ce qui facilite les m


    As the dark season is upon me here in the north, I start revisiting sunny locations, like the beautiful setting of rural Provence in Jean de Florette.I bought this book in Arles, in a perfect bookshop coffee place music store cinema combination in my next life I will work there , and started reading it that same night, while still on vacation in Provence The language, the characters, the drama, the hardship, all of it is so deeply connected to the hilly, dry and beautiful countryside it describe [...]


    I ve been carrying this book around for years along with its sequel and finally allowed myself to indulge in its dreaminess The language is rich and evocative of time and place and Pagnol is a master of character and caricature as well as of dialogue Ostensibly, this should fire on all cylinders unfortunately for me, it fell a little short of its mark I longed for a much layered and nuanced story behind Jean s ultimate failure instead I found a man who willingly and blithely ignores his own lim [...]

    Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly

    You won t find any fancy stuff in a Marcel Pagnol story He ll simply draw you into the place where he wants you taken, makes his characters alive before your very eyes, and then leads you to believe that like you he also does not know what will happen next or how the whole thing will end When the tale finally did end here, there was an uncontrollable feeling of outrage A great injustice has been done And no one would doubt here that there ll be a much awaited sequel.Marcel Pagnol was not only a [...]


    Definitely a nice, well told story Two main characters the impressive and tragic figure of Jean, a citydweller who thinks he can create paradise on earth out of books, and he almost seems to succeed in this and the hesitant Ugolin who, driven by greed, drives Jean to his misfortune, but at the same time suffers for what he s doing In other words Pagnol offers us the themes of the impotence of modernism, and the battle between greed and conscience Beautifully told, with an eye for the idyllic loo [...]


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    Nos jugements sont toujours trop h tifs et les mes sont vraiment s par es quand l amour ne les rapproche pas Je m tais tromp sur le compte de cet homme Na het overlijden van nukkige Pique Bouffigue komt Jean Cadoret bijnaam Jean de Florette zijn intrek nemen in hoeve des Romarins De man is gebocheld en de inwoners van het plaatselijke dorpje zijn bijzonder wantrouwig en kritisch ten aanzien van deze rechtmatige erfgenaam Ze zwijgen als vermoord over de bron die achter de hoeve verborgen zit, om [...]


    Ce livre vous fait prendre une pause bienvenue, surtout si vous avez pass une bonne partie de votre enfance dans les monts et des villages du Var o se d roule le drame On peut comprendre pourquoi le vallon fertile attire tant ces paysans, mais on ne peut pas leur pardonner le double jeu qu ils m nent

    Tricia Rose

    Oh dear, I give everything five stars because I only finish books I love.I read this in French, with a dictionary, and slowing down like that so deepened my enjoyment Watched the film at the end as a treat.


    Wow, over a year to finish this one I lost my first copy when I moved apartments and just recently acquired a replacement So heartachingly good Makes me want to move to Boulder, Utah to raise goats in the hills.


    Une histoire simple dans sa compr hension et son criture dans le bon sens du terme mais une puissante fable par son message et sa critique de la mesquinerie Cette histoire, qui s inscrit dans un contexte local, celui dans lequel l auteur lui m me a grandi, peut ais ment s appliquer n importe quel autre Tout y est les relations humaines dans une soci t , des personnages repr sentatifs de cette dite soci t , qui am nent le lecteur tant t rire, tant t verser une larme Avec en plus un fil narratif e [...]

    Andrea Bellinghausen-rarey

    my summer is not complete without having read Jean de Florette and Manon des sources, so I ve read both countless times both in French and in German and still love them to pieces vivid descriptions and colorful characters evoke pictures in my mind and I can smell Provence and feel its sun burning this is perfect literature.


    One of my favorite French authors Pagnol s writing is so clear you really get a sense of provence through his eyes An unforgetable story.


    Was an entertaining read during a long flight between Poland and Canada.

    Merel Waeyaert

    Beautiful story about obsession in the vein of Roman pastoral poems.


    Une belle histoire, plein d motion et d humour Pagnol est un ma tre d crire ses personnages leurs motivations et leurs faiblesses Hautement recommand.


    Jedna z m ch nejobl ben j ch knih, je to kr sn , klidn a velice pou n kniha z n dhern ho prost ed francouzsk ho Provence.


    L criture de Marcel Pagnol est authentique dans le sens o il relate le quotidien de ses personnages sans fioritures Il r ussit les rendre vivants, connecter le lecteur chacun d eux Dans cette histoire, le fait de commencer en pr sentant Ugolin, Papet et leur projet nous lie ces deux personnages, ce qui cr e une dualit entre l envie qu ils y parviennent et le rejet de leurs m thodes On retrouve finalement 3 grands types de personnes, Jean qui est victime de son optimiste sur plusieurs points de s [...]


    Jean de Florette by Marcel Pagnol and adapted for the big screenAnother version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at youtube playlist listThis is a first for me.So far, the notes posted here have been about books, with subjects ranging from psychology to fiction.For some years now, I have added to the original interests comments on plays, mostly adapted for The BBC or The Romanian National Radio.And this note refers mostly to a film.It is one of the best I have ever seen, up [...]

    Joe Rodeck

    While Jean tries to make it thru the drought, he never seems to learn that his neighbors who fake friendship and concern are secretly hoping he will fail A fair enough To Build a Fire type plot that is practically ruined by an artificial climax Warning Very depressing.


    This book was a lot better than I expected It was definitely not my first pick in class, it looked really boring and the only reason I took it is because I didn t want to take too long picking When I first started reading it, I was very annoyed and unmotivated because they introduced so many characters at once and the setting was kind of hard to adjust to, but once the story got going it was very intriguing and enjoyable I ended up loving the randoms antics that Jean and his family would go thro [...]

    Czarny Pies

    Jean de Florette is a novelized version of the first half of Manon des Sources a film that the author had made ten years earlier in 1952 Just like the movie, the novel is a stylistic masterpiece Nothing is redundant Every paragraph plays a vital part in the work The plot is very tightly stitched together and the actions of all the characters are perfectly coherent.Of course, one should read for the pleasure not to admire the writer s impeccable style Jean de Florette is indeed a pleasure of the [...]


    This is a novel that revolves around a tiny Provencal village and a farmer determined to wrestle a living out of a dilapidated farm, a farm that holds much promise It is a novel that features lifestyles both simplistic and harsh, as drought and set backs continue to thwart the farmer We feel great sympathy for the farmer s plight and his charming family and we crave justice for Jean This is the first of a series of stories, The Water of the Hills, and reading this novel will inspire you to read [...]


    I love Marcel Pagnol and his books Their simplicity and sometimes their innocence are absolutely arresting Although I enjoyed his Souvenirs d enfance , this was also pretty good The only reason I m not giving it four stars is that I thought there were parts where it dragged a bit, but I doubt any other author could ever keep me interested in a story about trying to find water I will read Manon des sources for sure


    Meant to read this years ago Typically Gallic gloom, and a pleasantly unsympathetic depiction of the antagonists who, apparently get their deserved comeuppance in Manon des Sources Surprisingly quick to read and a definite homage to the peasant rural way of life.


    This is a book to which I return often I enjoy Pagnol, and this is my favourite of him The characters and the detail are perfect The cruel and tragic actions driven by great and envylessons for all.

    Arthur Canin

    Un chef d uvre de la litt rature fran aise Une grande uvre d un grand crivain peu ou pas assez reconnu


    I read this when I was studying French at school, really enjoyed the story.


    I first read this book in French when I was eighteen I am not sure if I understood it all since I am getting much out of the reading now The saga is perfect in its scope and subject.


    I loved this story reached me on so many different levels Thanks Elaine for suggesting it and Julie for buying it for me


    like the other Pagnol books I ve read, fresh and easy to read Light holiday beach reading

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