Apr 21, 2021
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From an author named by The New Yorker as one of the 20 Best American Fiction Writers Under 40, a hilarious, inventive, unforgettable collection of stories.His remarkable first collection of stories was hailed by The New York Times as the debut of an exciting new voice in fiction Garrison Keillor called him wildly funny, pure, generous all that a great humorist shoulFrom an author named by The New Yorker as one of the 20 Best American Fiction Writers Under 40, a hilarious, inventive, unforgettable collection of stories.His remarkable first collection of stories was hailed by The New York Times as the debut of an exciting new voice in fiction Garrison Keillor called him wildly funny, pure, generous all that a great humorist should be With this new collection, George Saunders takes us even further into the shocking, uproarious and oddly familiar landscape of his imagination.The stories in Pastoralia are set in a slightly skewed version of America, where elements of contemporary life have been merged, twisted, and amplified, casting their absurdity and our humanity in a startling new light Whether he writes a gothic morality tale in which a male exotic dancer is haunted by his maiden aunt from beyond the grave, or about a self help guru who tells his followers his mission is to discover who s been crapping in your oatmeal, Saunders s stories are both indelibly strange and vividly real George Saunders has been identified as a writer in the tradition of Mark Twain, Thomas Pynchon, and Kurt Vonnegut a savage satirist with a sentimental streak, said The New York Times In this new collection, Saunders brings greater wisdom and maturity to the worldview he established with CivilWarLand in Bad Decline, leaving no doubt about his place as the brilliant successor to these writers A

  • Title: Pastoralia
  • Author: George Saunders
  • ISBN: 9781573221610
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pastoralia From an author named by The New Yorker as one of the Best American Fiction Writers Under a hilarious inventive unforgettable collection of stories His remarkable first collection of stories w


    Imagine for a moment that you go into the up scale liquor store around the block that is celebrated city wide for its fabulous wine selection You re a bit of a novice when it comes to wine and are a little embarrassed to be here because your wallet is that ballistic nylon stuff and not something truly exotic like alligator skin and with that in mind you decide not to ask the sommelier for any help You browse around the store looking for a bottle of something called David Foster Wallace that was [...]

    Paquita Maria Sanchez

    I think that if the arrangement of this collection had been reversed I would be singing a different tune right now, but as it stands I am a bit torn regarding rating this thing Man, these stories are well written Saunders is darkly witty, and clearly his heart is in the right place His main point of contention with the modern world is the reckless hammer of Capitalism, an easy target to be sure, but that is arguably all the reason to call it into question The injuries that it inflicts are almos [...]


    Based on the opinions of people with excellent taste in books, I knew I was in for something good when I grabbed Pastoralia from the shelf the other day I didn t know what to expect beyond that but it sure wasn t the sardonic giggles this collection gave me Does everyone find their first foray into Saunders s mind this darkly endearing Cause lemme tell you, you all led me somewhere I can t wait to revisit.There is something off about the worlds Saunders creates Not off the charts unbelievably we [...]

    Teresa Proença

    Na vida raramente h cabrito no Tabuleiro Grande e quase sempre papas de aveia no Tabuleiro Pequeno E mesmo assim na vida real h pessoas a chegar ao p de n s e a cagar nas nossas papas de aveia a toda a hora Entre as Lengalengas da Auto Ajuda, os Comprimidos para a Tristeza, as Lam rias, e outras panaceias, o melhor optar por RIR lendo, por exemplo, George Saunders

    Joshua Nomen-Mutatio

    Like other folks I know and respect on , I loved the opening, titular story but found the rest of the book to be middling Like, disappointingly, forgettably, middling I know the stories were kinda weird and stuff but for the life of me I can barely even remember what they were about or even distinguish them from each other I don t think I ve ever felt so uneven about a short story collection It s so strange that it makes me curious enough to give them a reread at some point, despite the less tha [...]

    Peter Boyle

    His childhood dreams had been so bright, he had hoped for so much, it couldn t be true that he was a nobody These stories, wacky as they may be, don t paint a very flattering portrait of modern life A father takes a job as a grunting caveman at a run down theme park in order to pay his son s exorbitant medical bills A male stripper earns a meagre wage to support his ungrateful family, who spend their day watching reality TV like How My Child Died Violently and The Worst That Could Happen, a show [...]

    Heidi Mckye

    Any person who does not deeply love George Saunders is not allowed to be my friend Even a little bit.

    Sinem A.

    ok iyi karamizah rne i yk lerden olu an kitapta yeralan yk ler g n m z insan n n trajikomik halini inan lmaz bir dille anlat yor kurgu, yarat lan atmosfer mekan ve ki iler harika bir zeka r n belki biraz amerikan ama modern insan n hezimetine g sel e lenceli bir a t.

    João Carlos

    Pastoralia re ne seis contos de George Saunders n 1958 Pastoralia, Winky, Carvalho do Mar, O Fim de Firpo Neste Mundo, A Infelicidade do Barbeiro e As Cataratas todos publicados originalmente na revista norte americana New Yorker Os seis contos de George Saunders s o hist rias de homens e mulheres que t m comportamentos estranhos, exibindo uma excentricidade e uma singularidade incomum, por vezes, bizarra e esquisita, para os padr es de conduta normais e que acabam por agir e reagir mostrando os [...]


    Almost two decades before George Saunders published the everybody s talking about it book, Lincoln in the Bardo, he published Pastoralia.Pastoralia is a collection of six short stories, and they are some of the weirdest, bleakest, and most well written ones I ve ever encountered As I worked through struggled through each one of them, I kept asking myself, Are these dystopian I tend to think of dystopian as futuristic, or containing futuristic elements, of government imposed rations, restriction [...]

    Hazal Çamur

    Adeta bir Kaybedenler Kul b n n abs rt uyarlamas bu kitap Saunders tan T rk e olarak okudu um 4 kitap ve Saunders kitaplar aras nda favorilerime girmi bulunuyor Bu kitapta kara mizah var, ta lama var, sizi tam g ld r rken tokat atan bir yap da var.Hayat n gidi at na, d zene ve t ketim toplumuna bir t rl ayak uyduramam ezikler in hikayelerinden derlenen bir kitap bu G n m z toplumsal d zeninin damgalad insanlar n trajikomik maceralar Geni bir aral kta yer alan bu insanlar n her biri d zene ayak u [...]

    Konserve Ruhlar

    Okurken fena ekilde etkilendi im bir kitab ylece b rak p yeni bir kitapla yelken a am yorum okuma denizinde Pastoralya da bu kitaplardan biri Hem George Saunders yk c l ne giri yapt m kitap hem de abs rt hikayeleri bu dozda okudu um ilk kitap Etgar Keret i ok severim T rk ede bu tarz hikayelerde iyi olarak g rd m sahag Uygar Eskiciyan n kitaplar yla tan t mdan beri T rk Edebiyat nda hikaye anlat m nda e itlilik ve yenili in uzun zamand r bekledi im bir okuma deneyimi oldu unu anlad m m r klim De [...]


    I finished this last night when I couldn t sleep I adore George Saunders in small doses, he is so very funny and has such an ear for the pathos of our sad American industrial poverty But there s a kind of story that he writes over and over again not exactly the same story but the same kind of story A story about a hilariously awful job, a hilariously difficult life and a sad, pathetic person stuck within I don t even object to the repetition, but when I read it all back to back the relentless pe [...]


    This collection was totally up my alley Saunders writing kind of reminds me of Vonnegut, who I later realized was one of his inspirations I was not a fan of Lincoln in the Bardo, but I m so happy I gave his short stories a chance Can t wait to read of his work


    This is the second collection of Saunder s short stories I ve read and Pastorlia is cut from the same cloth as the first Think of the cartoon strip, The Far Side, in story form and you ll get the idea of what his writing is like His stories are weird and funny, with a pronounced absurdist edge to them Saunders often populates his stories with a menagerie of misfits who are life s punching bags While their struggles are played for laughs, there is, at times, an underlying pathos to his character [...]

    MJ Nicholls

    Pastoralia the opening story shows what Saunders can do How his prose can be funny and surreal and warm and satirical and touching Unfortunately, having done this, the other stories in this collection seem like shticky filler Winky was another strong piece, but I found myself snoozing through Sea Oak which does a surrealist dance in a ra ra skirt, and getting annoyed by his rhythms in The Barber s Unhappiness His repetition, his rambling passages of superfluous detail, how he goes on so long you [...]

    Kayıp Rıhtım

    Herkes bir kaybeden bu kitapta Birbirinden tuhaf ve toplum nezdinde ezik bu karakterlerin hepsi abs rt hik yeler sahip Fakat onlara g lemiyorsunuz nk tam g lece iniz zaman beyninizden vurulmu a d n yorsunuz.Daha da ac s , bu d zene ayak uyduramam tuhaflar, eziklerde, hepimizin kendinde bulaca y nler var En az bir yk de kendinizden bir eyler bulacaks n z Duygu ve d ncelerinizin derinlerine dalarak bir k eye terk etti iniz kimi an larla ya da kendinizle ilgili phelerinizle y zle eceksiniz Empati k [...]


    Komikmi gibi davranan, oysa hi de komik olmayan yk ler b t n B t n h z nl ve ocuklu a dair ve ba aramay a ve ba aramay kabulleni e ve daha bir s r sa ma sapan duruma dair Parampar a ve yitik hayatlara dair.Saunders n mizah tam bir kamufle arac Kaybetmekle kalmay p bo da veren bir s r siktretmi karakter, birbirinden abs rt durumlar n yeg ne kahramanlar T ketime, Amerikan r yas na, ba ar ya ve seks imaj na dair tonla ele tiri.

    Saverio Mariani

    Di Saunders, appena uscito in Italia, avevo letto Dieci dicembre Ne rimasi piacevolmente sorpreso, sebbene il distacco dalla realt troppo spesso mi sembrava un po sterile Sono amante dei racconti, e forse troppo legato a Raymond Carver per apprezzare davvero Saunders il quale, rimane, comunque un notevole scrittore di shorts stories Pastoralia contiene comunque dei lampi di genio, come Il parrucchiere infelice e Le cascate, i due racconti che chiudono il libro Due racconti che sono strappi in sa [...]


    This collection is easily the best collection of stories I have had the pleasure to ever read Dark Cynical Horrific And, yet, these stories possess a level of truth in each one that resonates long after the story ends Simply put George Saunders is brilliant.

    Jason Pettus

    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally I had the pleasure of getting to talk with legendary author George Saunders for CCLaP s podcast last week, a rare treat given how in demand he is on this latest tour even among the major media but that meant I had to do some serious cramming in the few weeks leading up to our talk, in that I guiltily confess I only [...]


    Saunders , CivilWarLand In Bad Decline 20 losers Pynchon Vonnegut Pastoralia, CivilWarLand 10th of December Saunders , highlights Sea Oak Saunders Bernie Barber s Unhappiness , stream of consciousness Saunders , Pastoralia CivilWarLand , In Persuasion Nation, Lincoln in the Pardo Saunders .


    Grand sima lectura Un magn fico pu ado de buenos cuentos que me han gustado incluso m s que ese otro gran pu ado que se recog an en Diez de diciembre , en los que Saunders mostraba una mayor tendencia a la respuesta expl cita a las distop as que en ellos planteaba Aqu los finales son m s abiertos o menos categ ricos, con un resultado, para m , mucho m s amargo y efectivo.De Saunders, me fascina su estilo naiff tan cargado de mala leche, como plasma con una sencillez extraordinaria, con una enga [...]


    En Pastoralia, el escritor norteamericano George Saunders traslada las preocupaciones y desavenencias sociales de la clase media estadounidense al interior de una caleidosc pica y camale nica pl tora de voces narrativas que cautivan por su aplastante virtuosismo o ese humor corrosivo que transforma la socarroner a en sentimiento de culpa Este libro re ne un total de seis piezas absolutamente extraordinarias que ridiculizan todo aspecto de una satirizable estructura social cincelada en forma de p [...]

    Mattia Ravasi

    Video review youtube watch v yh04bFeatured in my Top 5 George Saunders Books youtube watch v 2Bc7gThe opening novella is exquisite and there are a few very strong pieces in here, and it s not like the others suck or anything really , but overall there s a certain redundancy in themes and characters through the collection that damages the overall effect.I d suggest reading it one story at a time every once in a while, rather than in a single a few sittings.Recommended to those who are put off by [...]

    Marcello S

    Non posso dire di essere entrato del tutto in sintonia con questi racconti di Barthelm No, volevo dire di Saunders Forse un po troppo strani, surreali Mi piace l idea di raccontare momenti delle vite di personaggi strambi, nerd, frustrati Credo sia pi facile goderseli per un americano che per un europeo 4.1 la media voto generale 3.6 la media voto per l edizione italiana.In ogni caso non lasciano indifferenti e continuano a girarmi in testa Ci devo pensare 69 100 Pastoralia Winky Quercia del mar [...]

    Seher Andaç

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    A very entertaining short story.


    A year ago I d never heard of George Saunders, and now I ve got two of his short stories collections under my belt.Reading Pastoralia I can see the groundwork being laid for the better Tenth of December There s the awful theme park with its put upon employees there s the smarmy, dickbag bosses, the memos from management, the collection of losers who are forced to choose between a terrible job and their human decency there s the misfits and retards and losers and geeks and qweebs and losers and r [...]


    This might just be the epitome of what Justin Isis refers to as White Dad Fiction , though I m not sure if this is precisely the sort of thing he had in mind with that designation The stories in Pastoralia, while bookended with stories featuring white dads as protagonists at least I think they re white their skin tone is never mentioned , are certainly weirder than most of what passes for weird fiction from what I ve read The stories are heavy on social satire and existential queasy uneasiness, [...]

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