Jul 05, 2020
The Four Seasons
Posted by Mary Alice Monroe

A time for changed second chancesThey are the Season sisters, bound by blood, driven apart by a tragedy Now they are about to embark on a bittersweet journey into the unknown an odyssey of promise and forgiveness, of loss and rediscovery.Jillian, Beatrice and Rose have gathered for the funeral of their younger sister, Meredith Her death, and the legacy she leaves tA time for changed second chancesThey are the Season sisters, bound by blood, driven apart by a tragedy Now they are about to embark on a bittersweet journey into the unknown an odyssey of promise and forgiveness, of loss and rediscovery.Jillian, Beatrice and Rose have gathered for the funeral of their younger sister, Meredith Her death, and the legacy she leaves them, will trigger a cross country journey in search of a stranger a stranger with the power to mend their shattered lives As the emotions of the past reverberate into the present, Jilly, Birdie and Rose search for the girls they once were in hopes of finding what they had really lost they women they were meant to be.

  • Title: The Four Seasons
  • Author: Mary Alice Monroe
  • ISBN: 9781551667898
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Four Seasons A time for changed second chancesThey are the Season sisters bound by blood driven apart by a tragedy Now they are about to embark on a bittersweet journey into the unknown an odyssey of promise and

    Dale Harcombe

    This is this cover I have but it is not a Kindle edition, but a paperback by Mira.However it doesn t seem to be on the site so rather than fuss around,I have just gone with this so you see the cover.Different moods and times call for different books Sometimes you just want a book that is not a literary masterpiece, is not heavy or thought provoking but will just let you escape into it for a few hours and get lost in the lives of the characters I found that with this story of the Season sisters, [...]


    This was my second book from Mary Alice Monroe that I have read and it was a pretty good read It was about three sisters who reunited with each other after their youngest sister died and gives them a quest to go on to find Jilly s daughter Spring and give her the time capsule they all made They all go on the trip to rediscover their childhood and to face their fears of the unknown Definitely check it out.

    Julie Barrett

    The Four Seasons by Mary Alice MonroeThe funeral will bring the sisters together Jillian, Beatrice Birdy , Rose Mary the 4th is now dead.Model in Paris, pediatric doctor and word processor working from the family home, were their professions In Mary s last wish video they learn she wants them to find Spring and give her the share of her money from the estate.The book goes back in time to when she told her parents she was pregnant and we learn all the details.Alternating chapters from the present [...]


    This novel tells the story of the four Season sisters When they gather for youngest sister Merry s funeral they are presented with the chance to confront a family secret that has festered for nearly thirty years As they gather for the funeral each of the Season sisters is awash in her own problems Investigating an old family secret gives them the opportunity to face their own demons, as well as to fulfill Merry s dying wish If the plot sounds a bit hackneyed, that s because it is The plot is ent [...]


    I normally love her books, but I found these characters sickening and annoying This took me forever to get through.but I just couldn t abandon itI am no quitter But, really, don t bother.

    Sandy Ahn

    I can t believe all the reviews that were 4 and 5 stars I found this book to be not very well written and terribly predictable.

    Diane Harris

    I loved this book I felt such a part of these sisters I don t have a sister and as I ve gotten older, I miss having one even The author developed interesting characters and as the story unfolds, we discover how they got to be who they are today I love the complexity of each person and the hopefulness for their future The depth of the plot keep me turning the pages and the outcome did not disappoint I hate sad or cliff hanging endings This would be a great summer read Or curl up in the winter an [...]


    This is by far my least liked book by this author I found the characters to be whiny and hard to connect to I finished it, but nearly DNF it about halfway through I ll stick to her southern works.


    Mary Alice Monroe has a gift for telling entertaining tales about families and relationships I find myself engrossed in the story and spending my evenings enjoying her novels.


    Not a favorite of mine Completely predictable and while the jacket led me to believe there would be depth to this story, sadly it was lacking.

    Emily Higgins

    The youngest sister, Merry, has been in fragile health since a childhood injury Merry dies and Jillian returns from France for the funeral Rose has cared for Merry all these years Birdie, now a doctor, married with a daughter also comes home It is time to sell the house and dispose of the household contents In the process, family secrets and childhood resentments come to light It is a process of getting to know their siblings as grown ups and let go of past hurts.


    This book is begging for a sequel although I doubt that ll happen since it was written 16 years ago But, I really liked how it wasn t all sewed up in a pretty bow at the end, as all the issues that came to light in such an insightful way would take years of experiences and discussions to resolve I found all the characters likable and realistic in light of the tragedy that had affected their family and thought there were a lot of wise gems of humanity and compassion interspersed throughout.

    Sue Stewart

    Outstanding book Each sisters was so perfectly developed and incorporated into the story line that I felt like I was one with the family as they went on this incredible journey of discovery.Can t wait to read books by this author.

    Rebecca Wilkins

    Fun read about sisters.


    The Four Seasons are four sisters with the last name Season A page turner for me Couldn t wait to get back to it to see what happened Somewhat predictable, and yet not Loved it.


    Strong characters Great, heartfelt story.


    ExcellentLoved, loved this book The characters were very real and easily to identify with I would highly recommend this book


    I thought it was a good book

    Kathleen Hagen

    The Four Seasons, by Mary Alice Monroe, narrated by Sandra Burr, produced by Brilliance Audio, downloaded from audibleThere were four sisters, with the last name of Season Their father called them The Four Seasons and had nicknames for most of them Jillian, the oldest, was Jillie Beatrice, was Birdie Rose was just Rose, and Meredith was Mary The daughters and their parents lived an idyllic life of innocence in an old Victorian mansion until the day there was an accident Mary, only about two year [...]


    I totally loved this book I picked it up because I have enjoyed all of Mary Alice Monroe s books, but this one was different It wasn t just a love story, but a story about the love between four sisters.Having one sister myself, I enjoy sister books, and this had a little of everythingcrets, tragedies, drama, a love story, death and mystery Somehow Mary Alice Monroe easily weaves all of these topics together in The Four Seasons and makes a wonderful book.It starts with the death of the youngest s [...]


    Three adult sisters return to the family home after the death of their youngest sister, Merry, who had been living with complications, both mental and physical from a near drowning incident as a child This is the event that both ties and strains all 3 of the sisters who are together to see the estate split up and listen to their sisters last request She wants them to find the daughter that the oldest sister, Jilly, gave up as a teenager Jilly has led a dramatic life as a fashion model, but unkno [...]

    Rebecca Becker

    My favorite genre is books about women and their relationships, so I liked the premise of this book and the dynamics among the characters Munro does an effective job with setting and I enjoyed her descriptions and her prose in general I did have a problem with the amount of time that was supposed to pass during this story The characters were gone long enough that all of their relationships healed, all of the characters fell in love and two left their old lives to start new ones, and two built re [...]

    Linda Bouley

    This is a strait forward, happy ending story The three of the four Season sisters Jilly, Birdie Rose have come together upon the death of the youngest, Merry Merry was sickly and had the mental capacity of a child, but in her final days she spoke with the family lawyer and made a special requestat they find Spring, which is the name she used to refer to her doll the baby that she was aware that Jilly had as a teen All three of the surviving sisters were not in the best emotional states Jilly, a [...]


    If you have a toddler baby by a pool, put a life jacket on them Helps prevent the kind of tragedies this story was big on Very predictable story It is easy to see how it s going to go, but that s ok It was good to see the sisters work out the problems among themselves and the men in their lives It was so funny in a wrong way when Jilli was lamenting how immorally she was portrayed in the adoption papers,the author had her run straight to a man to commit another immoral act Proved the assesment w [...]

    Helen Gaye Brewster

    When I picked this up from the used book section of my local Goodwill store, I expected it to be one of those books that I d be a little embarrassed about reading You know, a very light and predictable story that s a half step above a Harlequin romance A guilty pleasure, so to speak And, to my surprise, it was actually quite good The Season sisters are gathering together for the first time in years for the funeral of their youngest sister When they were young, their father referred to them as Th [...]


    Wow what a story Following four sisters with their different personalities and lives and how life choices can separate a family for years The uncomfortable and tense situation when all come back together for the death of their youngest sister and the misunderstanding all those years that kept the sisters apart from each other.I could really relate to this story because I have four daughters myself with very different personalities Some get along, some do not Life seems to get in the way and they [...]

    MsSmartiePants ...like the candy...

    Good On my first attempt, I was a bit uncertain about the themes, four sisters, one passes away after a tragic accident, etc So, back on the shelf it went for another try later.Nothing to read in the house except the Kindle brought me back to my to read shelf and the second try I found the story to be written well, not maudlin or overly dramatic but real Sparse use of the time travel technique enabled further revelation of buried feelings and assumptions which had impacted each of the family mem [...]


    Mary Alice Monroe got me again This book started off very slowly for me, and at one point I actually put it away for a week or so It just didn t catch me immediately Once the sisters got on the road, though, I jumped in the car and took the ride This was a lovely story, of family and love and forgiveness My heart ached for poor little Merry She orchestrated from beyond the reunion of her family, and tied them all together with her time capsule Jilly s search for her daughter and the joy she foun [...]

    Suzanne Moore

    This story is definitely classified as chic lit It is about four sisters who have the family name Season Three of sisters are mourning the lost of their youngest sibling and uncovering secrets from the past They reconnect with each other and find romances, new and rekindled The main secret in this book is about the oldest sister s search for a baby that was adopted out years earlier This is a catalyst for healing their past and present sadness Each one of the sisters also has a side drama going [...]


    This was an amazing story about the lives of three sisters Birdie, Jilly, and Rose, who come together after the loss of their sister Merry Merry had been developmentally delayed and physically ill for several years, due to a swimming accident when she was very young Upon their younger sister s last request, the remaining Season sisters went on a quest for Jilly s long lost daughter, whom Jilly was forced to give up for adoption many years ago as an unwed teenager The story reveals family secrets [...]

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