Sep 23, 2020
True North: A Memoir
Posted by Jill Ker Conway

True North Conway s The Road from Coorain presents a vivid memoir of coming of age in Australia In 1960, however, she had reached the limits of that provincial and irredeemably sexist society and set off for America True North the testament of an extraordinary woman living in an extraordinary time te lls the profound story of the challenges that confronted Conway, asTrue North Conway s The Road from Coorain presents a vivid memoir of coming of age in Australia In 1960, however, she had reached the limits of that provincial and irredeemably sexist society and set off for America True North the testament of an extraordinary woman living in an extraordinary time te lls the profound story of the challenges that confronted Conway, as she sought to establish her public Full description

  • Title: True North: A Memoir
  • Author: Jill Ker Conway
  • ISBN: 9780099479017
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
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    True North A Memoir True North Conway s The Road from Coorain presents a vivid memoir of coming of age in Australia In however she had reached the limits of that provincial and irredeemably sexist society and set


    I gave this book 4 stars because I really like memoirs and loved The Road from Coorain, Conway s earlier memoir of her childhood A objective reviewer could very justifiably give this memoir, which covers the time from graduate school through her acceptance of the Presidency of Smith College at age 40, 3 stars As many of the reviews have noted, this book bogs down at times, going into excessive detail on small points and occasionally slipping into a detached academic tone But even if Conway s wr [...]


    Dedication For JohnDescription Conway s The Road from Coorain presents a vivid memoir of coming of age in Australia In 1960, however, she had reached the limits of that provincial and irredeemably sexist society and set off for America True North the testament of an extraordinary woman living in an extraordinary time te lls the profound story of the challenges that confronted Conway, as she sought to establish her public self.Opening Within hours of my arrival in September 1960, New York astonis [...]

    Jordan Kinsey

    A couple thoughts I found intriguing The departmental organization of university faculties means that every department faculty, dominated by the research ideal, strives to teach ever specialized courses in its chosen discipline, seeking to convert its students to aspire to graduate study in the field in question This objective is in direct conflict with the undergraduate s need to sop up general knowledge like blotting paper, to try out new ideas, to test the limits of the individual imaginatio [...]

    Taylor Kate Brown

    Jill Ker Conway is a fascinating and driven person, but this memoir is like listening to an insufferable friend tell you every detail of a story that s not particularly interesting, then suddenly have a fascinating tale, then back to the pedantry again At least I m interested in her first memoir.


    This is the sequel to Road to Coorain and continues with the life story of Jill Ker Conway after she leaves her native Australia to head to Harvard for graduate studies in History She is a scholar and it s really a joy to read about her love of learning and research This book takes her through falling in love with another scholar 18 years older than she is, their marriage, move to his native Canada, to becoming the first woman president of Smith College What I m impressed with is her continuatio [...]


    In this second volume of Conway s memoirs, she defies the provincial attitudes of her native Australia and her controlling mother s objections and enters graduate school in history at Harvard This takes place in the pre feminist late 50s think Mad Men, season 1 , and it s remarkable to me that Conway had not just the determination but the scope of mind to pursue a scholarly life coming from where and when she did, going to Harvard required an imaginative leap I particularly enjoyed the first par [...]


    Read it for my book club at work I liked this, but I think it may have helped to have read her previous book first I also was bummed it didn t cover her years at Smith the book ends as she is to become president of Smith College the first woman president, I believe, of all women college plus, I love Western Massachusetts and would have liked to read about it Her style is somewhat removed she is clearly an academic, not very emotional I enjoyed most the parts about her experiences such as how wom [...]


    Jill Ker Conway sketches the beginning of a woman s academic career in the 60s and early 70s, from graduate work at Harvard to assuming the presidency of Smith College Here is a strong, Type A personality tested in the crucible of a farm in the Australian outback and the struggle to break free of a controlling mother, and so ready to tackle gender discrimination and to campaign for women s education Her natural ability and training as a historian enable her to view the places she lives and the c [...]


    Borrowed from public library Adult memoir.I must have read the Road from Coorain This follows that She s such a good writer.Australian born, educated at Harvard, married a Harvard prof, taught at U of Toronto 1964 1975 , President of Smith College 1975 1985 in Northhampton, Mass.Writes about discrimination against women in Australia, feminism, education, homeland, family, history all objectively and life Quite a learning experience

    Paula Dembeck

    This continues the memoir started in her previous book The Road to Coorain It picks up the story as she leaves Australia for Harvard where she enters a small community of women scholars She has a love affair with a Canadian War hero John Conway, twenty years her senior and also a manic depressive It continues until she is ready to leave her last post at the University of Toronto to become the first woman president of Smith s College.Candid, easy reading, well written.


    A continuation of Conway s intellectual and professional journey as she begins graduate school at Harvard She finds both her professional speciality the history of women and their struggle for equality and her future husband John She adopts Canada as her home and grows professionally at the University of Toronto before accepting the presidency of Smith College.


    another fine section of autobiography from departing her mother and Australia to enter Harvard s graduate program in history AND covers her time at Harvard, marrying John Conway, moving to Canada to administer at York University while she teaches at the University of Toronto, until they move to Northhampton, Mass where she will be President of Smith College For me the most interesting portions were the History work in Widener and Holyoke House, her view of teaching and of research, and her decis [...]

    Jo Young Switzer

    Like she did in her book The Road from Coorain, Jill Ker Conway uses her stunning writing ability and wise insights to describe her new life in the United States Completely stopped from advancement in Australia because she was a woman, she found a lively, welcoming, dynamic intellectual community at Harvard Her descriptions of her student and faculty colleagues assured the reader that she had found a place to thrive And she did She was a successful teacher and student She and several women frien [...]


    So interesting historically An unlikely life.


    At first I was disappointed that this book didn t take place in Australia Ms Conway s first memoir, The Road from Coorain, is one of the truly classic, essentials of Australian literature and takes us from Jill s childhood growing up on a station ranch in the bush outback , to her move to Sydney and her struggles in the 1950s to get the education she so desperately craves I knew this book started with her heading to Boston for graduate school, but I didn t realize she s only return to Australia [...]

    Martha Curtis

    I read the Road To Coorain in 2014 and liked the book 4 stars I, then, decided True North Gave the book 3 to 4 stars She sometimes became wordy Also her time spent in Rome became kind of a travelogue All in all I enjoyed reading about her time in graduate work, her Phd time spent as a professor in Toronto and finally becoming the first woman president of Smith College in Northampton, Mass She was a fantastic woman feminist A true model for all women.

    Jean Poulos

    I had listened to The Road From Coorain on audio book but unfortunately True North was not available in that format so I obtain it as an e book and read it via my Kindle app on my Ipad So glad I did as it was so easy to just tap a word and obtain the definition I love a book that challenges my vocabulary as this one did True North is the second book in Conway s trilogy memoir I was introduced to this series by a Professor friend of mine who is also from Australia and knows Ker Conway professiona [...]


    I began this book reading to edit for ex I first discovered I was obliged for JKC s The first wonderful discovery was that I was obliged 50 But I soon found a great collection of character portrayal her neurotic, fastidious, demanding Australian mother, or her Harvard and Canadian boss turned husband Jack, a disabled war veteran Along with the characters are the construction of places Oxford,UK, Cambridge,MA, Italy, Australia and Toronto, not to mention British Columbia briefly, as she vacatione [...]


    The Road From Coorain is haunting in its exploration of landscape and family, and a young girl s struggle to find herself In True North , Jill leaves Australia for the U.S working in Cambridge and in Toronto as an historian In Boston, she meets her husband to be, John Conway This book focuses on Jill Ker Conway s twenties, thirties, and forties She becomes a professor, then an administrator As a teacher, she focuses on history as a vital force in human life, paying special attention to the role [...]


    I normally enjoy memoirs and biography type books I feel like this was a bit stuffy and hard for me to get into I read about 1 3 of the book and skimmed through the rest.


    The oh gee, I did everything by the book, and it all turned out great got old into the second decade At least she admitted, albeit one sentence, about how completely foreign the lives of, basically people that have to do real things, are to her My gut tells me that wife ing up with a tenured Harvard professor did for this Australian graduate student of history than she conveys, beyond the chapter about the year spent honeymooning in Europe.Having formed the same conclusion, I found her comments [...]


    9.99True North is the second in a trilogy of the memoir of Jill Ker Conway, an Australian woman born in 1934 with a keen desire for higher education This book begins when she starts her graduate work at Harvard, meets her husband, and tells about her scholastic and academic career.This book was easy enough to read style wise although I don t understand a lot of the higher educational system, and with the chance to travel as much as she did, I don t know how that was possible financially, etc Sti [...]


    There was material I skipped over in this book because it listed people Jill worked with whom I had never heard of and whom she did not mention again in the book and I have to say her first memoir was far interesting but still, this author is such a fascinating person Her life was so full and so busy that she does amaze me She also seems to be wise and patient, tolerating and being motivated by situations most human beings would run from Of course, she is writing about these marvelous qualities [...]

    Elaine Cougler

    True North by Jill Ker Conway was lent to me by my daughter and it interested me on several levels the struggle of a woman to escape her mother s negativity, the brilliance of Conway s mind as well as her writing, and the interest my daughter has shown in a saga to which I relate so easily Also, I was excited by the notion that women have fought and are fighting against a fairly recent historically speaking attempt to subjugate them to play lesser roles in the world Provoking and instructive.


    This book starts where The Road from Coorain leaves off, as Jill is on the plane coming to the States to study for an advanced history degree at Harvard It follows her through graduate work, her marriage, her years as a professor in Toronto, and ends with her appointment as President of Smith College Much to chew on here, about women s rights, education, the teaching of history, etc all told with gentleness and humor, and showing the love and affection for her husband that kept their marriage ne [...]


    Jill Kerr Conway reveals herself as a formidable woman taking on Herculean tasks and completely devoted to her work Ms Conway boasts an impressive resume But what is most satisfying to read is the self doubts she had about her career, the ambivalence about her ties to her home country and family there The writing sometimes feels a bit too factual, a bit stiff, but her story is inspiring to women.


    This was fun reading it s not just a straight memoir, because she mixes in bits of stuff that interests her about her dissertation on Jane Addams and women reformers , about social s of the 60s, and about colonial attitudes in Australia which she later compares to those in Canada The last part of the book does get bogged down a bit in university politics she becomes an administrator at a Canadian university , and I skimmed that part a bit Great narrative voice.


    Memoir of an Australian Fulbright scholar, academic, feminist, historian in the sixties in US and Canada I have not read the book about the early years still waiting for it to come from my library system but there are hints of a horrible mother in this one but by this time the author is breaking free Good commentary on feminist struggles of the sixties in US and Canada, and on finding one s direction and true north, after migration.


    Es una autobiograf a muy sugerente La excelente escritura de Conway recrea con gran viveza el ambiente intelectual de Harvard, la belleza de Roma o Par s o la vida universitaria en Toronto Su preocupaci n y compromiso por la educaci n de la mujer proporciona interesantes reflexiones sobre el papel de la mujer en la sociedad y los medios para luchar contra el sexismo Y por encima de todo el libro es una historia donde el amor es la fuerza que arrastra al compromiso.

    Clayton Brannon

    A continuation of Jill Ker Conway s life is much than a story of her life up to the time she becomes the President of Smith College The historian in her comes out in this book She delves into a lot of the history of women in society and their roles in higher education This books along with The Road from Coorain should be on every person must read list.

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