Sep 24, 2020
Midori by Moonlight
Posted by Wendy Nelson Tokunaga

Midori Saito s dream seems about to come true Too independent for Japanese society, Midori is a young woman who has always felt like a stranger in her native land So when she falls in love with Kevin, an American English teacher, she readily agrees to leave home and start a new life with him in San Francisco as his fianc e Kevin seems to be the perfect man That is, untMidori Saito s dream seems about to come true Too independent for Japanese society, Midori is a young woman who has always felt like a stranger in her native land So when she falls in love with Kevin, an American English teacher, she readily agrees to leave home and start a new life with him in San Francisco as his fianc e Kevin seems to be the perfect man That is, until he dumps her for his blonde ex, who Midori never even knew existed With just a smattering of fractured English, not much cash, and a visa set to expire in sixty days, Midori realizes she s in for quite a struggle Unable to face the humiliation of telling her parents she s been jilted, she decides to go it alone, surprising even herself as she proves she will do almost anything to hang on to her American Dream.

  • Title: Midori by Moonlight
  • Author: Wendy Nelson Tokunaga
  • ISBN: 9780312372613
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • Midori by Moonlight Midori Saito s dream seems about to come true Too independent for Japanese society Midori is a young woman who has always felt like a stranger in her native land So when she falls in love with Kevin


    I know I m shallow, but I was mainly attracted to Midori By Moonlight because of the cover moonlight, cupcakes and a cute outfit on the illustration Also I love the title and the book is set in San Francisco, one of my favourite cities.Fortunately, the book is just as cute as its cover Midori moves from Japan to marry Kevin, an American she met out there Unfortunately, Kevin reignites an old flame at his and Midori s engagement party, leaving Midori both heart broken and stuck in San Francisco w [...]


    Realistic No Fun Yes Midori moves to San Fran to marry the American who came to Japan to teach English only to get the ol heave ho before the wedding Not wanting to return to Japan, she finds a place to stay and a place willing to employ her, illegal alien that she is There are parts of this book that read very much like the memoirs of the Asian girl who wishes she wasn t the Asian girl, except the author isn t Asian is that weird Or is it just me


    I bought this book right after I finished reading Love in Translation last year because I loved it so much Though it was fun reading Midori by Moonight, I have to say I enjoyed Love in Translation much better due to the premise Midori by Moonlight is a story of a thirty year old Midori Saito, whose dreams is to be married to a foreigner and live her life in America She has no intention of becoming a housewife and to cater to her husband s every needs, and knowing that her goals might not fit int [...]

    Maria (Ri)

    My review for armchair interviews Chick lit has traditionally if you can say that about a genre less than 20 years old portrayed a white woman living in New York London fumbling through her love life while working in the publishing fashion industry Wendy Tokunaga s novel, Midori by Moonlight bursts forth as a leader and shining example of an emerging subgenre, multicultural chick lit A modern tale with a hint of green tea and wasabi, this novel carries readers on a fast paced journey they won t [...]


    I discovered this book thanks to Facebook friend and author Suzanne Kamata, who always has great book recommendations about Japan and Asia Having lived in Japan for 3 years in the 1980s, I am always interested in books set there or about Japanese or Japanese Americans.I really enjoyed this story about a spunky, American and baking obsessed young Japanese woman Midori who becomes engaged to an American man, Kevin Kevin reminded me of so many of the gaijin foreign men I met who desperately seek Ja [...]


    Perhaps I m being too critical but the author missed the bus on this one Instead of having a plausable cause for the boyfriend to bring her to the States she goes for the age old no reason, just an asshole And instead of having his mother at least be sensible enough to care for the woman, they toss her out like last nights chinese food Oh and could someone please tell me why Shinji helps her There is no reason given for his actions, not to mention the fact that he takes Kevin s alright he dumped [...]


    I snagged this book off the library shelf because I knew I needed a bit of fluff to clear my head after a heavier read It worked This book is an innocuous little ditty about a girl who comes to America under false pretenses, partly of her own making, and finds love and success.Midori Saito, obsessed with America and Americans, gets to America by way of an engagement that is partly infatuation and partly convenience if she couldn t get herself out of Japan she d be fighting off her parents and th [...]


    Although skeptical on how relatable it would be, I read it anyway SO glad i did I love this book The setting, for me, sold the book immediately Based in San Francisco, landmarks, street names, everything was so familiar that I could easily pcture each location depicted in the book The storyline made Midori s character and lovable with each page you turn Moving to a foreing country where you barely know the language if at all , about to marry someone you fell in love with at first sight, ready [...]


    More like a 3.25 or, maybe, a 3.5 Within the first few pages of starting Midori by Moonlight, I was seriously worried that this novel was going to be a total waste of time I found the writing REALLY awkward and stilted in retrospect, it sort of mirrored the awkward stiltedness of Midori s initial experience in California, but unnecessarily so imho Despite this, I did find myself becoming attached to Midori, and I wanted to find out what happens to her, so I kept reading d thankfully the writing [...]


    This was just a fun book to read Midori has always dreamed of marrying an American and thinks her dreams will come true when she meets Kevin in a language bar in Japan Her dreams are shattered when she follows Kevin back to San Francisco where he tells her that he has reunited with his ex girlfriend who was the reason he fled to Japan in the first place Of course, the ex girlfriend is news to Midori Without knowing anyone and barely enough English to manage a life in San Francisco, Midori not on [...]

    Sarah Sammis

    pussrebootsir blog 2015Link due 9 13Midori is not a credible character Rather than create a believable Japanese woman who wants to move to the United States and is stranded by an unreliable boyfriend, the author uses the old cliche of the misspoken or miss thought idioms Other problems random inclusion of Japanese phrases where they wouldn t be used a complete lack of honorifics even when Midori is thinking or speaking Japanese Although Midori is a fish out of water in San Francisco, she can eas [...]


    For what it is, this book is pretty good Entertaining and humorous this quick read is the story of a young woman named, Midori, who is too independent for Japanese society After following her gaijin fiance all the way to San Francisco, her romance filled dreams of living permanently in America are quickly crushed when she finds herself dumped, short changed, and looking for work on a limited visa But Midori s sense of humor and charm are what drive this book and ultimately help her get through t [...]


    I found Midori to be a charming character, while Shinji was nothing but a sweetheart from the beginning until the end I was glad that Kevin was out of the picture as soon as the book began as I found his character to be obnoxious, especially when it came to his relationship with Kimberley I did find that some of the traits in which Tracy displayed were a bit overdone, such as her love for Japan, which included her strong desire to move there I did feel as though Shinji and Tracy were not meant f [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooMidori isn t having the best year To escape her parents and the potential marriage prospects they throw at her, she agrees to marry an American and move to San Francisco The night after the couple s engagement party, Kevin breaks off the engagement and Midori moves into a hotel Alone in a foreign country, she knows that nothing s waiting for her back home, so she decides to stay She calls up the one man she met at the party and asks for advice Soon, sh [...]


    So much fun I devoured it as if it were one of Midori s cakes Yum Midori escapes the confining societal s of Japan by following her gaijin fianc to America only to be dumped by Bad Man Kevin before the wedding She refuses to return to Japan What s a desperate cupcake maker with broken English and no green card to do Soap operas, a mysterious girl, Midori s desserts, and a little help from the moon eventually lead to happiness in the U.S Sweet and funny, with enough real vanilla to give it depth, [...]


    Japan meets America in San FranciscoWith Midori by Moonlight, Wendy Tokunaga artfully weaves together Japan and America into an endearing novel that is as light as chocolate mousse and as sweet as marzipan The characters ring true and the plot reveals situations that are plausibly hilarious In addition to Midori, Shinji, and the other players, the City by the Bay itself emerges as a character, placing Tokunaga in a line of other fine novelists telling San Francisco stories Pick the time and plac [...]


    This book was cute, but quite random It was almost as if the author didn t really know how to finish the book about 3 4 of the way through, so she cooked up this random segue I would honestly give it 2.5 stars though because her descriptions of the pastries that Midori makes all through the book were so vivid that I could taste the sugar, and I enjoyed the unique desserts and the French references to pastry shops throughout I also found the insight into Japanese culture quite interesting However [...]


    This is a cute story about a Japanese girl who comes to the States with her fiancee only to be dumped after the engagement party She turns to the only person who was nice to her at the party and ends up renting a room from him and working as a lounge girl in a bar that specializes in Japanese customers.Midori likes making pastries and wants to find a way to get a green card so she can stay in the country.Midori is plucky and encounters a number of odd circumstances to help her solve her problems [...]


    This was a nice light read and short at 246 pages I was expecting an easy chicklit with cupcakes sort of book but was mildly surprised when it unexpectedly became quite graphic at parts, not because I m prudish, but because I was reading it in class at the time with a stranger reading over my shoulder This books was a meh for me, nothing stood out as terrible or irksome, but nothing to gush about either.


    I really enjoyed reading this book A fun, light read and an easily likable main character made for a quick page turner Midori, a Japanese woman in love with all things gaijin, gets stranded in the US after her American fiance calls off the wedding Not wanting to return to Japan, Midori sets out to find a job and to hopefully fullfil her American dream You ll find yourself rooting for Midori and wanting lots of delicious pastries and desserts along the way.


    I really wanted to enjoy this book as much as I did Wendy Tokunaga s other book Love in Translation I think it was the author s choice of tense that threw me off so my 3 star rating I guess is my inability to get into the story I did so enjoy her other book so I ll be watching for books by this author.


    This was a nice easy read I took it to work and tried to imagine how someone could slow down and savor a dessert I tend to demolish desserts.cially cupcakes I liked the pace of the story and the level of interconnectedness.


    Cute and funny chick lit and a quick read The ending felt a little rushed to me It was as if the author said I want to be done so I m going to resolve everything in the next 20 pages I liked it, but not enough to want to read it again in the future.


    Fun chick lit type book about finding yourself and finding love I read it in a day The bit of a twist was that the main character was a Japanese woman Good, satisfying ending but definitely a typical type of story for this genre.


    My friend Arthur had a class with this author It was a quick fun read set in San Francisco so you really can t go wrong Great read for an escape on your couch, on a plane, in the park Witty humor great writing Lots of talk about dessertep talking


    Well, I finished it but it was painful One dimensional characters, everyone she knew in Japan conveniently ended up in San Francisco, and there was a cheesy crime subplot thrown in near the end Ugh


    A sweet story No real stress or drama I kind of felt it would come out all right and just enjoyed watching it unfold The author ended it just the way I hoped and didn t toss in any unforgivable twists.


    02 25 08 rec via pbs


    Very cute, breezy chick lit Basically if Mary Ann Singleton had been a free spirit from Japan trying to find herself in San Francisco before her visa runs out.

    Lynn Palin

    I don t remember what this was about but I do know that I loved it.

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