Aug 06, 2020
One of the Guys
Posted by Shiloh Walker

One of the Guys Shiloh Walker Jaynie knew that her fianc had some serious m nage fantasies going on, but she never expected to catch him acting them out As if that pain isn t enough, he tells her she couldn t be a real woman if she tried Reeling from the double blow, confidence shattered, Jaynie turns to Brian, her sexy partner at work One night, she tells him She wantOne of the Guys Shiloh Walker Jaynie knew that her fianc had some serious m nage fantasies going on, but she never expected to catch him acting them out As if that pain isn t enough, he tells her she couldn t be a real woman if she tried Reeling from the double blow, confidence shattered, Jaynie turns to Brian, her sexy partner at work One night, she tells him She wants one night with him, no strings attached Brian feels plenty of strings and it s as if all of them are pulling him toward Jaynie She s sexy, she s funny and she haunts his dreams Memories of that one night keep him awake and he s dying for another taste of her But Jaynie doesn t seem at all interested What s a man to do

  • Title: One of the Guys
  • Author: Shiloh Walker
  • ISBN: 9781419913617
  • Page: 360
  • Format: ebook
  • One of the Guys One of the Guys Shiloh Walker Jaynie knew that her fianc had some serious m nage fantasies going on but she never expected to catch him acting them out As if that pain isn t enough he tells her she


    This was my 2nd book by Shiloh Walker and I loved it Brian is a wonderful hero, always caring and supportive, and he falls hard and fast for Jaynie Well, not really fast if you consider the fact that they ve known each other forever, but once they hook up after she s finally dumped her less than worthy fianc , Brian is a goner His insecurity about Jaynie s feelings only makes him adorable and it was a good reprieve from the over confident heroes that inhabit Romancelandia.Jaynie takes longer to [...]


    Jaynie is in for the surprise of a lifetime when she walks in on her fianc with two other people in his bed Struck with grief she escapes to her best friend s house where her friend and co worker, Brian lives Starting a new relationship is the last thing on Jaynie s mind but with nothing but self doubt about her sensuality, she turns to Brian to put all her fears to rest One night was all it was supposed to be But months later, Brian can t get her out of his head He never saw her as anything th [...]


    5 stars Contemporary Romance Erotica I read this smokin hot story in Walker s Whispered Secrets contemporary erotic romance anthology.One of the GuysJaynie knew her seemingly perfect fianc had a hankering to engage in some m nage fantasies, but when she catches him acting them out, she s devastated As if that weren t bad enough, he lashes out with hurtful accusations, questioning her femininity and sexuality in excuse for his two timing, a hole behavior With her confidence shattered and her prid [...]


    I just finished reading 10 Shiloh Walker books They were all listed as Erotica and they were all compromised of recycled content.These are not actually spoilers, but I m hiding them because it s erotica and I don t want anyone s poor virgin eyes to be spoiled view spoiler By reading Shiloh Walker s books, I have learned the following The H h have to have detailed sex at least 3 times Anal is always reserved for the 3rd time OR for the make up sex that always happens after the big fight scene The [...]

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    Revenge is sometimes best served by showing what an ex is missing out on In One of the Guys, Jaynie is the proverbial girlfriend walking in to see her fianc banging the slutty neighbor next door Rather than being ashamed, her loser fianc wants her to join in Not a fan of m nage, Jaynie stomps out and runs to her best friend Lucky for her, her best friend s brother who is also her partner at the veterinary clinic is there to help her.This is a predictable contemporary romance with a happily ever [...]


    I loved this story It was so sweet, yet very sensual Brian oh my gawd He s wonderful.There is only one thing that pisses me off about this book the title It mentions that she was one of the guy , but not really She had a steady relationship with a guy and she was hot, even if she doesn t dress up often It was very misleading Still, I loved Jaynie She s smart, tough, and feminine Brian brings out the best out of her and they re just really cute together.

    Carolina Godinho

    It was a good book, if you take the cheating part aside Jaynie and Brian has a lot of chemistry Brian it s a sweetheart towards Jaynie, and deals quite well with her request.Not really original, but its worthy the time taken to read it.


    I am soooo freakin disappointed and pissed that this novella made me waste my time on it At first, I was really looking forward to it because the plot seemed really interesting the heroine is cheated on by her fiance damn what a bastard Said woman goes to her long time friend for some much needed confidence boosting sex Ooooh sounds delicious Said long time friend has feelings for her and wants from her than one night Yummy yum yum bring it on But suddenly, said sexy male friend is a stupid ass [...]


    squirms uncomfortably I don t like leaving negative reviews and I hardly do, since I m a fairly good judge of what I am going to enjoy reading But it does happen sometimes, where I don t like a story book Okay so there will be spoilers, but not for much as I did not finish this book, readers stares at screen, ready for the BOOs I know I know hear me out I just couldn t find the want in me to finish this book I will provide you with my opinion with the first 50% of the book, which is what I read [...]


    Jaynie is happy with her life She works as a veterinarian and shares the practice with one of her closest friends, Brian, who is also her BFF s older brother And she has a fiance, Dean, whom she s loved since high school The only flaw in their relationship is that Dean has been pushing her since college to indulge in his menage fantasies, but she s always refused him One night after work, she comes home only to catch him in flagrante with their flirtatious neighbor, Kit and Dean s best friend He [...]

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    I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I ve read many other stories by Shiloh Walker before They were mostly quick contemporary romance reads that I always enjoyed Her stories are made up of ordinary everyday characters that readers can easily relate to She writes love stories that happen to everyday people He stories aren t that unique, but I like them because these kinds of books have been tried and tested many times The only thing is that Ms Walker [...]


    I love Shiloh Walker s books and this book didn t let me down But Shiloh Walker never does She is one of those writers that I just buy and read I don t read the blurb to decide if I should get the book or not I know I ll love the book and I always do I really liked this story and the charaters Brian has to be one of my favorite non paranormal guys of all time He is HOT, SEXY, SMART, STRONG and HOT REALLY HOT Jaynie is very likable, strong and smart She recovers from a broken heart and bruised fe [...]


    I got this AMAZING book on Netgalley for an honest review and it was five stars for me thesecretworldofbooklovers.bloThe story focus on two old friends that come together after one of them Jainey suffers from a hard break up that makes her doubt herself as a woman.She is in need of someone to make her feel a woman again, and wanted, even if it is for one night, but things never work out the way you want them to.Their story is fun, sexy and with a lot of ups and downs, we loved Brian from the sta [...]

    Carolina Godinho

    It was a good book, if you take the cheating part aside Jaynie and Brian has a lot of chemistry Brian it s a sweetheart towards Jaynie, and deals quite well with her request.Not really original, but its worthy the time taken to read it Foi um bom livro, se voc colocar a trai o de lado.Jaynie e Brian t m muita qu mica E ele um amor para Jaynie, e lida muito bem com o pedido dela.N o realmente original, mas vale o tempo necess rio para l lo.

    Lucie Paris

    Light, cool and perfect to spend a relaxing moment.It was well written and the characters were great to follow around Like Brian and Jaynie story It was cute, sexy and fun to read.Maybe not a book with a wow factor but a honestly great story, well balanced between the plot and the sex scenes It is the perfect read to take it easy and decompress after a long day.Cool one Lucienewbooksonmyselves


    I absolutely loved reading this one Hot, hot sex, a guy who knows what he wants and is not afraid to go for it and a woman badly in need of reassurance that she is indeed a woman worthy of being desired YUMMY

    Jillian (NetGalley Addict)

    There are some books that are so bad I just can t come up with the words, this is one of those books.


    4.2 starsI quite liked this quick read As most romance novels do, it had its problems, but it kept me going so that I finished it in one sitting I will definitely read from this author Some things I liked Brian was a nice hero, he listened to Jaynie and cared for her and actually view spoiler realized that he was in love first hide spoiler Their physical relationship was really hot and I liked how he pushed her boundaries but also made sure she was still liking what he was doing I also liked th [...]

    Anne Mercier

    It was everything I thought it would be a great story filled with emotion and wonderful characterization and one I recommend reading.


    It was a solid 3 3.5 star until the clich conflict almost at the end of the book H went from stud to TSTL asshole in nanoseconds No, thanks


    This is the second book that I ve read by Ms Shiloh Walker and it most definitely will not be the last I just absolutely love everything about her writing style You better buckle up because this review is going to be a bit of a love fest You know, after I finished reading One of the Guys, I decided to take a peak at some other reviews This is something that I NEVER do because I don t want what someone else thinks to taint my own feelings before I get them down in my review I won t lie, there can [...]

    Amy Sheets

    I love this book One of the main reasons is because i am so much like the girl its not even funny I am one of the guys I would rather be in a tshirt and a pair of jeans and i honestly HATE to do my hair and makeup right now it is highlighted but that took me 3 years to go thru with it So yes thats one of the reasons why i love this book Me and her we CLICKED Theres not many books where i click with the female but this one Very much so So Janie Shes a girl who finds out that her fiance is in the [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Leigh s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI have to say, my opinion of this book was all over the place.For the first half, I found it light, but unrealistic and predictable Jaynie walks in on her fianc in the midst of a threesome Hurt and betrayed, she runs to her best friend s house Her best friend, Kate, lives with her brother, Brian, who also happens to be Jaynie s business partner In an effort to make herself feel better, Jaynie offers herself to Brian, and a night of wild sex e [...]

    Les Chroniques Aléatoires

    Chouette, chouette, chouette Une nouvelle romance contemporaine bien rotique de Shiloh Walker Enfin plus ou moins, il s agit surtout d une r criture, mais cela n en reste pas moins une lecture des plus agr ables Une femme qui voit sa vie sentimentale vol e en clat en m me temps que sa confiance en soit, un homme obs d e par la meilleure amie de sa petite soeur, a ne peut tre que caliente Jaynie est une jeune femme heureuse, pleine de joie et panou e, ou tout du moins c est ce qu elle pensait Ell [...]

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    One of the Guys OOTG by Shiloh Walker is exactly what you would expect from a Shiloh Walker book a super hot, super sexy, read One that you whisper the sexy parts to your significant other or at least that s what I m planning to do This story surrounds Jaynie, a veterinarian, who just discovered her boyfriend from college is cheating on her with their neighbor Later, he explains that he cheated due to her lack of femininity She recovers at her best friend s house, Kate who lives with Brian, Kate [...]


    Review can be read at It s About The Book4.5 starsShiloh Walker knows how to write hot and sexy romances, and this short but sweet story about friends to lovers was really great What makes it so enticing is that the stories that she writes are so realistic don t that you feel like it could have happened to you our one of your friends a really, really lucky friend Jaynie had grown up with Kate and her older brother Brian and considered them family Having Brian as her partner at the veterinarian c [...]

    Catherine Bibby (Rochelle"s Reviews)

    I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review As soon as I read the description about tom boyish Jayne being jilted and finding the woman within herself with another man, I just knew I had to read it This was my first read by Shiloh Walker and I loved every page as the steam appeared and a new beautiful and sexually confident Jayne emerged Brian and Jayne grabbed my heart with their friends to lover story and their uncontrollable desire for one another They are sexy, sweet, [...]


    What would you do if you walked into your bedroom and found your fiance in bed with another woman AND another man Jaynie, does what most sensible women would do, she hightails it out of there and leaves the dirtbag for good She runs to her best friend, and her best friend s brother, seeking comfort and understanding Rightfully, she is destroyed by what she just witnessed and the loss of her 10 year relationship with the man she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with.However, th [...]


    3 starsI don t remember the last time I read erotica or any erotic story per se, but yesterday I stumble into Smexy s blog and read Mandi s Smex Sunday that feature a hot scene from re issue of One of the Guys That remind me, back then I had read some Shiloh Walker EC s title and enjoy it Since I m in the mood of romance thanks to Valentine Day anyway and I want to read something hot but short, I decide to read this one.Well, the story indeed is HOT Scorching HOT to be exact that make me squirm [...]


    Jaynie is a veterinarian with her best friend s brother Brian Her and Kate have been friends for a very long time and Brian was always like her big brother Until one night she catches her fiance , Dean, having a menage with a pretty, perfect blonde and his best friend Dean had been trying to push her into having a menage, but she refused Jerk Dean, whom she trusted completely and has been with for 10 years Jaynie runs to Kate s house and there is Brian headed out Jaynie lands in his arms crying [...]

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