Aug 06, 2020
Fantastic Tales
Posted by Italo Calvino

From fabulous enchantments and supernatural horrors to subtler, psychological terrors, the best of nineteenth century fantastic literature is collected here by Italo Calvino These mysterious and macabre tales include Hoffmann s nightmarish The Sandman , Poe s terrifying The Tell Tale Heart and Dickens s chilling ghost story The Signal Man , and relatively unknownFrom fabulous enchantments and supernatural horrors to subtler, psychological terrors, the best of nineteenth century fantastic literature is collected here by Italo Calvino These mysterious and macabre tales include Hoffmann s nightmarish The Sandman , Poe s terrifying The Tell Tale Heart and Dickens s chilling ghost story The Signal Man , and relatively unknown works from celebrated writers including Honor de Balzac, Henry James, Sir Walter Scott, Guy de Maupassant and Robert Louis Stevenson, alongside lesser known contributors Each story comes with a fascinating introduction by Calvino.

  • Title: Fantastic Tales
  • Author: Italo Calvino
  • ISBN: 9780141190129
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fantastic Tales From fabulous enchantments and supernatural horrors to subtler psychological terrors the best of nineteenth century fantastic literature is collected here by Italo Calvino These mysterious and macab

    Glenn Russell

    Italy s master spinner of the wildly inventive, the incomparable Italo Calvino, includes twenty six of his favorite imaginary tales in this excellent collection And since each tale is worthy of its own review, I have chosen one of my personal favorites The Holes in the Mask by French fin de si cle decadent writer Jean Lorrain 1855 1906 Below is a brief synopsis of Lorrain s six page gem along with my observations on how his tale relates to several themes of decadent literature During a night of [...]


    The Venus of Ille is one of my favorite stories in this, as it has the fastidiousness of a French tale, the oddness of a Hoffmann, and the Surreality of a Roussel I think this is one of Calvino s best Yes, I don t think one can escape the associations between Calvino and Roussel in some of these Super fun to read


    Some brilliant tales in this well selected anthology My favourites were those by Dickens, Turgenev, Leskov, de Maupassant, James and Bierce I had to skip past the Walter Scott and Rudyard Kipling stories, though Scots English and extensive descriptions of a bridge across the Ganges were definite low lights


    This book led me to read work by authors such as Gogol and Hoffmannn, which has been a wonderful experience There are not many anthologies that I would give 5 stars, but this is definitely one.


    stories, bits of them small yet strong visceral images haunt my not because the stories where disturbing or frightening, mostly, but because they have become muddled in my head and I can t recall sufficient detail to isolate the stories from one another.Time to re read, perhaps or be re read to.


    Sorry, but no I m not debating the mastery of language that most of the authors herein show, but overall I had little pleasure in this anthology The stories that I did enjoy were mostly ones that I have in other collections those that aren t I d rather track down elsewhere than add this to my library.


    It was Calvino s name that drew me to this book and I m so glad I read it A fabulous anthology of fantastical tales.My favorites E.T.A Hoffmann s The Sandman, Gogol s The Nose, The Elixir of Life by Honore de Balzac, Maupassant s Night A Nightmare.

    Andresa C.

    Todos os contos, exceto o do Rudyard Kipling s o magn ficos Particularmente, n o me agradou a escrita do Kipling o que me fez desistir do texto mais ou menos na metade mas, no geral, os contos foram bem escolhidos principalmente o do Maupassant, A noite, meu conto favorito.

    Veridiana Ferreira

    So, guess I have 14 new favorite short stories now I highly recommend this selection of fantastic stories


    Alguns contos nem lembro mais, e outros n o consigo parar de pensar No geral uma boa colet nia para aqueles que curtem o estilo.

    Isaac Ehrlich

    When a teacher told me about this anthology, I pondered if I would enjoy reading it Fantastic Tales did not disappoint me These stories each had an interesting premise and use of language and metaphors to give the reader the uncertainty about reality The collection even included work from authors I had no knowledge of prior to obtaining it I enjoyed some stories than others, but they are all at least somewhat intriguing.

    Aileen Bernadette Urquhart

    Some great stories, most not read before.


    This is everything I could hope for a literary anthology to be Stories that intoxicate and transport.Then in comes Henry James, serving you a warm saucer of milk His story is slightly less interesting than a ghost hunters reality program played in slow motion.Charles Dickens Signalman on the other hand, is a ghost story filled with such poignant longing, terrifying isolation, and beautiful description of its bleak setting near the cold mouth of a bleak railroad tunnel.These are not all ghost sto [...]


    A nice collection The only thing that didn t work for me was the scholarly attempt to draw a thematic line between earlier, supposedly magical visionary stories and later psychological every day ones They were basically indistinguishable, whether or not the authors had had the opportunity to read Freud Calvino himself said it was arbitrary and that s always a giveaway that a scholar is reaching and feels obligated to indulge his or her own classifying impulse What was great was to see the incl [...]

    Carmen Lau

    This was overall an enjoyable read if you like supernatural tales I would have appreciated a little thorough commentary on each story, but there is only so much space available in a collection whose purpose is to include the work of many different writers In the end, I think the anthology is best appreciated as an introduction to the various included writers, the individual work of whom you can track down afterward It s like a Whitman s sampler My personal favorite was Henry James The Friends o [...]

    Edgar Coelho Inouye

    This is a fantastic book, this collection is very impressive You won t get bored with this book because the tales are short and the main theme is very distinct from each other I learned a lot of things with this book, such as regional folklore of many parts of the world Further, you can find which author you identify better For instance, I liked Alan Poe before this book, but now I know that I would like to read about him The Tell Tale Heart by Poe is brilliant.

    Tim Stiller

    Fantastic Tales was a good reading experience for me This collection of stories definitely had a few standouts, particularly The Nose by Gogol, The Elixir of Life by Balzac, The Tell Tale Heart by Poe, The Shadow by Anderson, and The Country of the Blind by H.G Wells Many others were engaging as well, the introduction was the only part I didn t really care for but the stories themselves were great Recommended.

    Josephine Ensign

    This is not a genre that I typically read, but I found this collection intriguing Calvino left out Mary Shelley s masterpiece, Frankenstein, claiming that it was too long My two favorite pieces in the collection are The Bridge Builders by Rudyard Kipling and The Country of the Blind by H.G Wells.

    Leila Farjami

    Another great book by Calvino A wonderful compilation of fantastic tales by authors such as Poe, Balzac, Turgeniev, etc.highly recommended specially to readers who enjoy Gothic and phantasmic tales.

    s.e. smith

    There are some real gems in this book that I might never have read had Calvino not recommended them This is a great resource for myself and my fellow readers who are tired of realism and long for something a bit fantastic.


    Acho que o livro deve ser super legal, como um todo, mas nesse momento ele n o t rolando pra mim Tentei ler um conto por dia, mas n o consigo me concentrar e acabo deixando o livro de lado Botei ele na estante de abandonados , mas pretendo tentar termin lo um dia.


    if calvino compiled it, then it s probably great reading the Sandman now, by e.t.a Hoffmann.


    This is a great collection I wouldn t expect otherwise from an author Calvino whose own work shows an acute appreciation of literature.

    Lua Limaverde

    Meu review aqui.


    DNF I read a few stories from here now and then, especially around Halloween.

    Max Ostrovsky

    Like Edgar Allen Poe Read this Wonderful short stories eerie and engaging and enchanting.


    Not liking it so much for now The handful of stories I ve read are a bit childish, and yet have an edge of horror that makes me shy away I m no fan We ll see, anyway.


    Fun to read, ghost stories and the like from back when the genre was invented.


    This book is a great place to discover new authors Poe, Stevenson, Balzac and so many are in here A great selection by Calvino.

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