Apr 21, 2021
The Jungle Book 2
Posted by Rudyard Kipling

ISBN 1559029838 Do NOT enter in ISBN field Mowgli was once the little man cub raised by Mother Wolf Now Mowgli is the Jungle Lord ruling over the elephant and the panther, the python and the crocodile All obey him and he fears no onet even ManJungle Book II tells of the further adventures of Mowgli, the boy raised by wolves in the jungle Through his cunnISBN 1559029838 Do NOT enter in ISBN field Mowgli was once the little man cub raised by Mother Wolf Now Mowgli is the Jungle Lord ruling over the elephant and the panther, the python and the crocodile All obey him and he fears no onet even ManJungle Book II tells of the further adventures of Mowgli, the boy raised by wolves in the jungle Through his cunning and fearlessness, Mowgli earns the respect of the animals of the jungle He leads his wolf brothers into battle against a threatening pack of red dogs And when Mowgli s human parents are persecuted by a violent group of villagers, he comes to their aid This is the story of how Mowgli must come face to face with himself as a man and decide whether he will leave his jungle kingdom to join the society of man.

  • Title: The Jungle Book 2
  • Author: Rudyard Kipling
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Jungle Book ISBN Do NOT enter in ISBN field Mowgli was once the little man cub raised by Mother Wolf Now Mowgli is the Jungle Lord ruling over the elephant and the panther the python and the crocodile


    The traitor Dark gives up each mark Of stretched or hooded claw Then hear the Call Good rest to all That keep the Jungle Law Rudyard Kipling, The Second Jungle BookSequels, especially YA sequels, seem destined to drop in quality The first book sold well and was popular There is a demand, I imagine, from fans and publishers to repeat a proven recipe But the author s heart isn t in it It sells, and usually sells well, but sucks This is not that sequel Sting once bragged that he could shit a pop so [...]

    El Cuaderno de Chris

    Pr stamo Biblioteca.Este libro me gust m s que El libro de la selva Este libro se podr a denominar como un libro de historias de la selva al igual que el anterior, no todas suceden en la selva En este libro tenemos la historia de Mowgli donde la dejamos en el primer libro y el autor decide ahondar en nuevas aventuras, nuevos personajes, todo esto en una linea de tiempo lineal Las historias de Mowgli me encantan, sus aventuras y aunque me disgusta el cierre de esta historia y m s como lo hizo el [...]


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    Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)

    Again, I prefer the non Mowgli stories I m afraid I ve outgrown the Master of the Jungle ha Reading it this time, I got the feeling that by the last story Kipling had too.


    Premi rement, il ne s agit pas d une histoire, mais plut t de plusieurs Ce livre prend la forme d un recueil de nouvelles ayant pour point commun les animaux Les premi res, qui mettent en sc ne Mowgli et Baloo, ainsi que plusieurs autres, sont excellentes Les personnages sont simples, mais touchant et apporte quelques belles r flexions On y vit des aventures incroyables dans un univers magnifique Malheureusement, les autres sont tr s ordinaires Les personnages et leurs aventures semblent fades e [...]


    For anyone who has loved the Mowgli stories of The Jungle Book, this sequel is a must read Mowgli has grown from being the little Man Cub to being Master of the Jungle he is well on his way to becoming a man Included are the stories of Mowgli destoying a village, fighting the wild red dogs, and finding an ancient treasure Also, we have the stories of an old Brahmin holy man, a man eating crocodile, and as out of place as Kotick the White Seal in the first volume an Inuit seal hunter.Mowgli was o [...]

    Lacey Louwagie

    I don t have a ton to say about this book that I didn t already say about The Jungle Book Again, it irritated me that random stories were thrown in with the Mowgli stories, except this time the random stories were not all together at the end instead, they were interspersed with the Mowgli ones, so that it was difficult to piece the Mowgli stories back together again The Mowgli stories in this volume were longer and sophisticated, the last story where Mowgli feels the pull of humanity especiall [...]

    Hank Hoeft

    Just as with The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling s Second Jungle Book is a mixed bag of stories, with the best being the tales of Mowgli When he saw that I was reading SJB, a fraternity brother and fellow member commented that The King s Anku read like a proto Conan story, and I must say that story does have a heavy Robert E Howard flavor to it, and obviously shows the influence Kipling had on Howard s writing But Kipling s influence goes beyond REH all the Mowgli stories are very much like an India [...]

    Clinton King

    I first read these short stories a couple of years ago, but I just recently read some of them to my children I enjoy them, but there were some complaints about how slow some of the stories seemed to move If you liked the first Jungle Book, which is still in print this one isn t you ll like this book, as well Incidentally, the contrast between the Mowgli featured in most of the stories in this book and the Mowgli of Disney fame is even starker that it was in the first collection In these stories, [...]

    Ebster Davis

    The structure of this book is really irritating because Mowgli s stories are mixed in with other animal stories Some of the other stories are really good, but because they set up Mowgli s whole character arc so well they come across as annoying distractions.I like the whole primordial creation legend about tigers and humans For me it sets Mowgli s later struggles in a different light because he doesn t have a proper adversary any, and he wants one Instead he has to deal with the pettiness, preju [...]


    Noooo it s over Loved that this book had stories with Mowgli and the squad, because those are my favorites My favorite story was The King s Ankus, because Mowgli and Bagheera together is the best team I also wished they had kept Kaa s character true to the books in the movies, because he s just so chill and the best bro.Overall, I liked this book better than the first.But I still want to know about Mowgli s new life after that last story Nora

    David Drent

    I absolutely love these books There s something about reading about talking animals before Disney gets a hold of them I love the old disney cartoon but this book shows what the series was meant to be like.


    I would actually give this book a 4.5 star rating, as I liked it better than the first book, which I gave 4 stars, but didn t love all the stories There were only two stories this time around that I didn t like as much, and gave one 3 stars, one 4 stars, while all others got a full 5 stars from me.All the stories with Mowgli in them got the full 5 stars How Fear Came, Letting in the Jungle, The King Ankus, Red Dog, and finally The Spring Running Only one story that didn t involve Mowgli Quiquern [...]


    Until this year I was not aware that it was a second book to this story, so I was very excited to pick it up and read it Little did I know that will so different and not have any connection with the previous one It is such a short book but I had such a hard time reading it, not because is a bad story or told in a different way no is in the same writing stile but is just strange people, I can not put it in words I am pretty sure there are people that love this book , maybe my expectation for it w [...]

    Stephen Brooke

    Mowgli was obviously too good a concept not to revisit There is of the boy of India, raised by wolves, taught by bear and panther, than in the first Jungle Book, and depth in the portrayal As ever with Kipling, the prose is near perfect and the poems that accompany the stories aren t bad either.The non Mowgli stories are also good and everything seems adult than in the first book These are that just escapist fiction for boys, entertaining adventures though quite good entertaining adventures [...]


    Another great collection of short stories, although this one goes a bit further afield and uses Jungle to encompass a lot of the wilder, wider world My favourite stories were probably The King s Ankus , where Mowgli tries to understand the nature of treasure and greed, and Quigern , which tells of an Inuit tribe s struggles to survive a famine And there are some great poems accompanying each story.The stories are a lot darker than the first volume the author definitely hasn t shied away from how [...]


    Rating 3.5 starsRecommended Ages 12 I quite enjoyed this continuation of the Jungle Book , meeting all the old characters again, and discovering what finally happens to Mowgli in the end Not one of my favorite books, but certainly very enjoyable Quite graphic and gory in some places, but rather sweet and touching in others A must read for anyone who enjoyed the first Jungle Book.


    There are a lot of editions and different compilations out there The one I read had ONLY the non Mowgli stories Of those, I really like Rikki Tikki Tava and am pretty indifferent to the rest The edition I read of the first book includes Rikki Tikki Tava and all of the wonderful Mowgli stories My recommendation to non completeists would be to find and read that edition, and skip the rest.


    Not as good as the first one Obviously They never are But well worth the read There are amazing short stories every other chapter which I enjoyed the most Except the one with the characters under the bridge Was just way to confusing so skipped it.


    The Second Jungle Book was a better read than the First Jungle Book My heart quivered when Mogwli was separated from his family in the jungle The non Mogwli stories were also interesting however I did not like that they were mixed with Mogwli stories.I read for ReadKidsLit 2017


    More stories about Mowgli and his friends They are getting older and their lives are changing.


    Nous retrouvons la suite des histoires de Mowgli, jusqu son retour parmi le clan des Hommes Comme dans le livre 1, d autres histoires sur la jungle sont pr sentes, y compris une nouvelle d di e au peuple esquimau J ai bien aim la plupart de ces nouvelles, mais j ai prouv une certaine lourdeur certain moment et la lecture de ce second livre a t bien plus lente que celle du premier Les Nouvelles sont Comment vint la Crainte avec Mowgli Le Miracle de Purun BhagatLa Descente de la Jungle avec Mowgli [...]

    Jacob Patterson

    The summary of this book was about the young Mowgli growing into manhood This is the second to The Jungle Books series, and has many short stories in it as well Mowgli is a young boy who wasn t raised by humans or his parents, but raised by wolves in the jungle He is now a ruler over the animals in the jungle Baloo the Brown Bear, Ikki the Porcupine, Hathi the Asian Elephant, Jacala the Mugger Crocodile, Chil the Kite, Kaa the Rock Python, Bagheera the Black Panther, Shere Khan the Tiger, Akela [...]

    Drew Graham

    The saga of Mowgli the Man cub continues in this second volume of tales of the Jungle Details of Mowgli s life in and out of the man village are revealed, as well as stories of other creatures and their interactions with each other and with the men they can never seem to understand.This was another mixed bag of stories, some interesting, some not quite as I loved getting details about Mowgli s interaction with those in the man village including hints to his true heritage , and how he grew in st [...]


    How Fear Came 4 5The Miracle of Purun Bhagat 3 5Letting in the Jungle 4 5The Undertakers 3 5The King s Ankus 2 5Quiquern 1 5Red Dog 2 5Spring Running 2 5

    B. Zedan

    If you time it correctly, both Jungle Books can hit you perfectly at just the right age I think that s how they were for me as a kid The first is a great adventure story, and the second is a level up, sadder and about growing up and everything I need to make two detours here, the first regarding why I needed to re read it.About a year ago, this tree I loved was cut down I m kind of weird about plants, comes from growing up a loner with a well wooded acre to play in Anyway, I get in a fit about h [...]


    4.9 Buena Caza Mowgli El segundo libro de la selva por el escritor nobel Rudyard Kipling es el cierre de una maravillosa historia de aceptaci n, una historia de aprendizaje y evoluci n Es sabidur a hecha libro, tantos sentimientos Wow Kipling vuelve a sorprenderme con historias muy diversas, desde una aldea de esquimales a punto de morir en el medio de la nada, hasta batallas picas en medio de la selva Que grande Opini n PersonalNormalmente no tardo tanto con los libros as que este fue una extra [...]

    R.K. Cowles

    2 1 2 stars

    Youngseo Lee

    Most of you will know about the animation movie, The Jungle book , the story about a boy named Mowgli and his friends, Baloo, the bear, Bagheera, the panther and Akheela, the wolf that is fighting against a tiger named Shere Khan Well, the book The Second Jungle Book contains 4 short stories that is unrelated with the original story about Mowgli Since I really want to recommend this book to all of you, I want to write one story that I liked the most which is about a story about a seal named Kot [...]

    Amy (Lost in a Good Book)

    I stayed up until 3am to read this book, I think that is a fairly good indicator What was a disappointment was some of the chapters not about Mowgli In the first Jungle Book each other story was as amazing as the other, but this time, especially the one about the diplomat, I found myself unable to engage with the story and it was written in such a way it was trying to read But once the Mowgli stories begun again I got engrossed with it So I guess it is still an amazing book but with a couple fl [...]

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