Nov 30, 2021
Bad Boys, Bad Boys
Posted by Mia Watts

↠ Bad Boys, Bad Boys ñ Mia Watts - Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Bad Boys Bad Boys What you gonna do when they come for you A police force partner submits to his desire while under the influence of alcohol But since neither of the men are gay what do they do with their lurking lust

  • Title: Bad Boys, Bad Boys
  • Author: Mia Watts
  • ISBN: 9781907010071
  • Page: 301
  • Format: ebook
  • ↠ Bad Boys, Bad Boys ñ Mia Watts - Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Bad Boys Bad Boys What you gonna do when they come for you A police force partner submits to his desire while under the influence of alcohol But since neither of the men are gay what do they do with their lurking lust

    BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

    they were kind of assfaces most of the book but very sweet in the end


    This short story was a fun and different read In this case both of the characters are heterosexual and within a few days develop feelings for each other It s an I m Gay For You and You re Gay For Me storyline.Geo and Mack have been friends and partners on the police force for three years when Geo all of a sudden starts noticing Mack in a sexual way After several nights of explicit dreams and lustful thoughts Geo is having a hard time keeping his feelings hidden Meanwhile Mack is totally clueless [...]

    Heather C

    3.5 StarsThis so was cute I have no idea what was going on with the investigation but Mack and Geo were pretty smokin hot together My favorite was all the hot angry kissing Straight guys gone gay are always quite yummy I m a bit disappointed that the next book in this series is a sequel about this same couple Sequels hate me so I m not sure if I will read it or not If you are looking for a short, hot, cheesy read, then give this a try Roses are fuckin red, Violets are ball blue You re my bitch n [...]

    Brenda (b)

    This was a quick read for me It s 59 pages in pdf format I liked the story, but it has a HFN happy for now ending and the whole thing takes place over 1 weekend I would have liked to know a little bit background about the characters.


    Mack and Geo are partners in their city s police department For the past week, Geo had steamy dreams about his partner When alcohol induced situation led Geo to kiss and give Mack a bj one night, Mack was confused and started to question his sexuality To erase the confusion, he suggested they do it again in the car during a stake out They did it again, without realizing the suspect had fleed from themI really enjoyed rading this It s novella, but we get he idea about both mcs Mac, the dark Irish [...]

    Nichole (DirrtyH)

    If you start this knowing it s just a short, pure fantasy and you re going to suspend a lot of disbelief and just go with it, this is a really fun read It s unflinching gay for you, develops very quickly and there s lubeless sex Pretend this could actually happen, and it s very hot.


    Very short and way too good not to read the sequel At least the next one is a lot longer.


    Some scenes were kinda ridiculous and made me think I was reading a fantasy book and not a contemporary Geo and Mack have been partnered for 3 years, they are best friends and they are both young,hot and raight, or so it seems Lately Geo is having erotic dreams about Mack and doesnt know what to do about it The book starts with them and their friend Will, watching a game on the TV Soon the other man needs to leave and they are left alone Geo is drinking too many beers and all bcs he doesnt want [...]


    I finally picked this up since a lot of people have mentioned they liked it The story is ok, though I thought the writing had some issues and the time frame is way too fast Since the story is taking two very heterosexual men and turning them into a committed gay couple that is practically married in 24 hrs, there s only so much suspension of disbelief you can buy into Though that s highly reader dependent so choose for yourself The storyline is ok as the two men are cops and partners for three y [...]


    NOTE This review is for both Book 1 and it s sequel, Reasonable Doubt.For what this little 2 part novella is meant to be, I m giving it a full 5 stars There s nothing hard ooh, bad description to grasp, no layers for you to peel off and discover awesome truths so if that s how you approach this just because you see my 5 stars , this would end up a 2 star read Three, at most.But I was looking for something light, fluffy and, hopefully, wouldn t have the MCs do idiotic things Based on this criteri [...]

    (ツ) Hache

    I think MM Gay for you is going to be one of my new favorite genres I just find it so hot when two characters who aren t gay suddenly get together This was a good story, nice and fun How often did Geo give guys head Nothing in their partnership had ever suggested the man was a fairy or that Mack was the centre of his little fantasyThe the first blowjob scene was nice, maybe too fast and short, wish it was longer.If Geo had been a woman, Mack would be chomping at the bit for a repeat Shit, every [...]

    Funzee Shu

    3.5AwaL perkenalan gw dengan cerita bertemakan pedang pedangan thanks to mba Lely image error Pertama kali baca, asli sempet cekikikan mesem2 sendiri.Apalagi si Mack awalnya kan tipe lurus , gemar sama sandwich, bukan pemain anggar image error Tapi gara2 apa yang di lakukan si Geo partnernya di kepolisian pada suatu malam terhadapnya yang janggal tapi menggugah , Mack pun mule mendambakan Geo dengan cara yang ga wajar.Geo nakal image error Selanjutnya Ihiiiykonflik perasaannya si Mack lucu bange [...]


    This is cute Usually I don t read same sex story but I love both Mack and Geo.The sex was soft and full of lust, even when there re just kissing.Got the chemistry indeed.Nice writing Geo and Mack are partners, they re both at the same Police Departement, detective.But one day, after weeks of erotic dreams about Mack, and 6 bottles of beers, Geo cannot resist his urge to kiss Mack.Mack tasted the best kiss he d ever havehahahhaa.That very night, in Geo apartement, Geo mounted Mack he thought that [...]


    This story was a bit farfetched Two straight cops and partners cross the line and everything is pretty hunky dory Well, in Mia Watts defense, she only had about 40 pages to make this HEA happen, and since there are no shifters in this story, then the whole insta love you re my mate formula was out So why the hell not Two strictly skirt chasing, alpha male, badass detectives get drunk and are now in loveokay, I guess it could happen At any rate, I still enjoyed the story because the characters we [...]


    More than liked it 3.5 stars I m glad that the sequel Reasonable Doubt is available now Can t wait to find out about Geo and Mack


    A fun and sexy read, but way too rushed If the book was longer, the author could ve teased out their trysts and ridiculously premature I love yous.

    Smith Barney

    Mamma Mia Can always count on Watts to entertain youeven through some eye rolls She always brings iteven if petite sized It ll do.

    Jilrene ♥

    Great short story Wouldn t mind seeing these two again Geo and Mack are so cute




    This just wasn t what I d expected However, it wasn t bad, just short Really short.


    This is kinda a silly gay for you story, but it was still pretty hot D I enjoyed both the characters and their inevitable falling for each other There s not a lot of plot to this story other than the internal debate and angsty obsessing over their own confused thoughts, but there s enough to keep the short interesting.Geo Wilson doesn t know what to do about the incredibly erotic dreams he s begun having If they were about one of the women he d been used to banging it would be one thing, but the [...]

    Stacey Jo

    This is a fairly short read of just under 60 pages The timespan of the book takes place over a weekend Fortunately the second book in the series continues Geo and Mack s story because my only complaint about this book would be that it could have been longer with maybe some back story or at least to get story about them I m a big fan of the gay for you and BFF s fall in love stories and this one is squarely in those sub genres It does take a little bit of a suspension of belief because you have [...]

    Inked Reads

    4.5 StarsThis was a story about two straight cops that discover they might not be as straight as they once thought after a few too many beers are consumed.It s a quick, sexy read that I found hard to put down.Geo has a hard time not thinking sexual thoughts about his partner after a week filled with naughty dreams featuring the two of them together Mack can t believe Geo had the guts to kiss him when he s trying to get Geo home after drinking too much What he is really surprised about is his own [...]


    Geo and Mack have been partners and best friends for a few years and suddenly Geo has been having sex dreams about Mack Both are straight but he can t help it, he suddenly notices Mack is hot After a few too many beers, he kisses Mack Mack is freaked but takes him home where Geo tackles him and gives him a blow job, then promptly blacks out with no memory When Mack tells him what he did, he confesses he wants a relationship and Mack is totally freaked, yet turned on Geo tries to be patient and l [...]


    More like 2.5 stars This short story is a typically GFY romance The two straight characters decided completely out of the blue that they are attracted to each other This short story reads as if the scenes have been excerpted from the middle of a larger work For the most part they are humorous and fairly entertaining However I found the numerous editing gaffes annoying Take the very first sentence of the book which begins, Mark hooked the heel of his boot on the barstool rung across the room Wow [...]


    Synopsis Geo and Mack look alike, and have been partners on the force for over 3 years They do everything together, and Geo is starting to have some feelings for Mack that aren t based on being work partners When Geo gets drunk one night and kisses Mack, and then goes further, Mack and Geo have to decide whether or not pursuing a romantic relationship is worth potentially losing their working relationship.What I liked the premise I liked that Geo didn t have any confusion about what he wanted Wh [...]


    My goodness what a ride I love this book so much, I dont know what to say If you like cops, smoking ones, you are going to love this This book is actually a short story, which develops around Geo and Mack, who are partners in the detective division of the police department And both of them are finding themselves physically and emotionally attrated to each others, and afraid of admitting it I hope you guys pick up this book, its actually good And to get things better ITS A SERIES

    Patti TheLoveJunkee

    I loved Ms Watts She s Got Balls, and I really liked Bad Boys, Bad Boys as well I read this one right after Heaven, so I m firmly entrenched in the GFY This book was hot, and funny, and hot Loved the tackle scene, loved the little sister s crush on Wilson.You know what else I really liked about this book The dialogue Can t put my finger on why maybe it was how they d be talking themselves out of it right into a sexy scene I ll definitely be reading by Ms Watts


    assuming the unbelievable its a 45 page gfy ofy romanceere are hardly any messing emotions that go with this kind of romance no character development or any of that pesky nonsense lot of laughs and jokes.I read this on my way to work in the morning and gotta tell you I was in a good mood for an hour.I guess that was the point.


    This was a short book, a bit too short for a gay for you story, in my opinion Over the span of a weekend, and they didn t even see each other on one of the days, two straights guys view spoiler admit that they love each other It was a bit far fetched Not to mention the fact that when they had sex they didn t use any lube A little saliva isn t going to cut it view spoiler hide spoiler hide spoiler

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