Jul 15, 2020
Doctor Who: The Rising Night
Posted by Scott Handcock Michelle Ryan

When Harry Winter goes out collecting rocks to repair the wall around his father s farm, he makes a fatal mistake He disturbs Lucifer s Tombstone, and awakens something demonic and dreadfulThe TARDIS arrives in the 18th Century village of Thornton Rising in the Yorkshire Moors a village cut off from the world by an all consuming darkness, where the sun has not risenWhen Harry Winter goes out collecting rocks to repair the wall around his father s farm, he makes a fatal mistake He disturbs Lucifer s Tombstone, and awakens something demonic and dreadfulThe TARDIS arrives in the 18th Century village of Thornton Rising in the Yorkshire Moors a village cut off from the world by an all consuming darkness, where the sun has not risen for three weeks Farm animals have been attacked, people have gone missing, and strange lights have been seen in the sky The Doctor soon becomes involved in a nightmarish adventure, helped by a young local woman named Charity But who is feeding on the blood of the locals, and where will the carnage stop Written specially for audio by Scott Handcock, The Rising Night is read by Michelle Ryan, who played Christina in the TV episode Planet of the Dead It s hard to keep up with the stunning and high quality releases from BBC AUDIO Eye of Horus.

  • Title: Doctor Who: The Rising Night
  • Author: Scott Handcock Michelle Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781408409381
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Doctor Who The Rising Night When Harry Winter goes out collecting rocks to repair the wall around his father s farm he makes a fatal mistake He disturbs Lucifer s Tombstone and awakens something demonic and dreadfulThe TARDIS

    Brooklyn Tayla

    Oh my This was amazing One of the angsty Doctor Who stories I ve come across but oh it was beautiful and rather profound Like I said, how I wish it was an episode I was visualising everything happening as I was listening to it and I thought the story fitted perfectly along with The Tenth Doctor I definitely recommend this to fellow Whovians D

    Kimberley doruyter

    so sad, why was this never an episode


    This was wicked rough Desperately in need of editing to clarify characters who often slipped into non period phrases or non Doctor esque mannerisms and a heavy handed cutting of lots of overly long repetitive sections The narrator did her best but this story she had to work with felt flat The only reason I managed to finish it is that it is really short and I had nothing else to listen to.The Doctor wakes up and is ensconced in a village in an 18th century English village where it appears that t [...]


    I enjoyed Michelle Ryan s performance a whole lot than I thought I would The story itself was fine, but it s a Doctor only story, and I think I prefer Doctor and companion stories overall.


    Basically got this out of the library because I couldn t sleep and figured I wouldn t have to think about it, which was true


    Narrated by the woman who plays the character that I always wished we would have gotten of, and I loved the narration before I realized who she was.


    This would have made a great episode


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    Audible Version Ok read Very slow.


    t s October, so it s time to start throwing some good halloween monsters into the reading regimen Doctor Who The Rising Night features the tenth doctor my favorite having to once save Earth from a dire threat In this book he s doing battle against a vampire zombie siren banshee ish alien who rips and shreds like a werewolf This alien is hell bent upon taking over the world and ruling it with exactly the kind of leadership style you d expect from such a creature, so Doctor Who really needs to ac [...]


    The reason I wanted to read well listen since it s only available as an audio book this Doctor Who book was because there seemed to be vampires involved Vampires David Tennant Super cool Right Oh, how wrong I was The Doctor goes to a village in England in the 18th century where the sun and moon have been blacked out Apparently most of the villagers men and women have disappeared as well Charity, as member of the village is who married to the local blacksmith, and somehow and it is now explained [...]


    As with most of the NSA novels audiobooks, you should do your best to not pay all that much attention to the internal logic of the plot, for when you do, huge gaping holes will become glaringly obvious Instead, try to go with the mood if that pulls you in well enough, the plotholes can be brushed aside for a while This definitely applies to this audiobook if you start paying too much attention to the plot and elementary logic, then this entire book becomes ridiculous however, if you listen to it [...]

    Nicholas Whyte

    nwhytevejournal 1286105ml cutid2 return return Another audio original, read well by Michelle Ryan, with a very similar plot concept to The Nemonite Invasion orrible alien incursions in historick England, in this case 18th century Yorkshire The Doctor, post Donna, pitches up in a village covered by darkness where the people are turning into zombies The problem I had was that the villagers seemed rather unconvincing the Lady Christina equivalent able to browbeat them despite being in her early twe [...]

    Mikael Kuoppala

    Scott Handcock offers a Doctor Who tale written with rich prose and a knack for attaining a haunting mood, but one that s again a bit too much in the generic monster tale department.The book is set in a small English village in the 18th century Sunlight has been blocked from the place, leaving its inhabitants to live an eternal night Also, strange lights in the sky and disappearing cattle has the villagers even alarmed.The feeling of darkness is nicely captued, but the plot and original charact [...]

    Matt Niehoff

    This audio book had it s ups and downs Maybe it s just the soothing tones of hearing someone British read to me but I thought the reader did a fairly good job It s not David Tennant reading it sadly, but she still was able to bring a couple quirks of the 10th Doctor into her reading and most of the dialog written sounded like things the 10th Doctor would say.I am fairly new to these audio casts or whatever they are, so I think most of my reservations come in that and not knowing how to take them [...]

    Callie Rose Tyler

    This Tenth Doctor post Donna adventure is spooky and romantic and emotional While the setting isn t particularly intersting or exotic the alien adversary is very cool.This is one of those very bitter sweet DW stories so be forewarned.Definitely one of the better DW audiobooks even though it is NOT narrated by an actor from the show David Tennant s characterization comes out so strongly which is a credit to both the writing and the narration.The temporary companion in this story is also instantly [...]


    A nice, basic Who story set in the time after the Doctor and Donna seperated Some interesting characters and good descriptions of events There even got to be a very interesting companion The problems I had were that it was rather predictable and those good descriptions got a bit repetitive.I would like to see this story expanded into an episode, or about the Doctor with his companion, but it is entirely too late for that now.


    Suitably scary especially when you re listening to it with headphones at night in the dark.Michelle Ryan does a fine job of narrating the story but I did giggle at her broad yorkshire accent for one of the minor characters.Interesting story set in the Yorkshire Dales in the 17th or 18th century The background noises are quite creepy and it added to the tale I did like the ending where Charity leaves Earth but would have liked to know what the planet she ended up in was like.9 10

    Maddy (booksandcatsandnaps)

    No Just, no.This story wasn t interesting at all and there were parts that had me rolling my eyes so hard that I thought they would fall right out of my head.I m not sure if it was the narrator or just the story in general that made this so awful, but, in any case, I know I will not be listening to this one again.


    The characters don t seem to be written correctly for their time period yes, they confuse the monster of the week for a demon, but their interactions and dialogue is relatively modern The Doctor seems a little off in places as well At one point he insults humans, when his default mode is to get overly excited about them I wouldn t recommend it.

    Derelict Space Sheep

    42 WORD REVIEW A village in perpetual darkness a devourer that makes the companionless Tenth Doctor retreat into his own mind The Rising Night begins with great promise but doesn t deliver, undermining its threat with a deus ex machina solution and an irksome moral quandary.


    A really enjoyable story, featuring David Tennant s Doctor Michelle Ryan does an excellent job with the narration.


    3 1 2 STARS I Liked It I Really Liked It

    Ryk Stanton

    I got several of these from a friend, but I cannot say I am particularly enjoying them They re okay, but not very memorable.


    First Doctor Who audio book I ve heard and I m compelled to read and as I am a fan of the show


    I am just not one for sad endings But the first 2 3 I liked


    Decent Not amazing Wanted David Tennant reading it.

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