Jul 08, 2020
Loose Ends
Posted by Tara Janzen

WHITE HOT, DOWN AND DIRTY PASSION IGNITES WHEN A SEXY SOLDIER ENCOUNTERS AN IRRESISTIBLE THIEF WHO S CHANGED HER WAYS Six years ago, the Special Defense Force mourned the loss of J T Chronopolous Now the striking soldier is back with scant memory, a new name Conroy Farrel and one single mission to bring down SDF But SDF has its own plan get him back at any coWHITE HOT, DOWN AND DIRTY PASSION IGNITES WHEN A SEXY SOLDIER ENCOUNTERS AN IRRESISTIBLE THIEF WHO S CHANGED HER WAYS Six years ago, the Special Defense Force mourned the loss of J T Chronopolous Now the striking soldier is back with scant memory, a new name Conroy Farrel and one single mission to bring down SDF But SDF has its own plan get him back at any cost And so they ve set a trap for Con, a trap that Jane Linden accidentally steps into With darkness falling and the night heating up, Con finds himself on the run in an oddly familiar 1967 Pontiac GTO with a drop dead gorgeous brunette named Jane by his side Who she is he doesn t know Or does he Jane certainly hasn t forgotten him When she was a teenager, he caught her picking his pocket Now the former street thief is all grown up and gone legit and the effect she has on Con is all too clear pure, sweet longing Con s not sure if Jane is there to save him or to take him down But one thing s certain With desire leading the way, all bets are off.

  • Title: Loose Ends
  • Author: Tara Janzen
  • ISBN: 9780440246107
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback


    Well, it s been ages since I ve written a review, but I m trying to get back in the habit and this seemed like a good book to start with sigh I m really going to miss this series and while this final edition wasn t perfect or even a fav of the series, it was a fitting end to an action packed, hot series.Series Final book in the Crazy Loose aka Steele Street series This series absolutely MUST be read in order.Summary Do not read further unless you want series wide spoilers view spoiler After a lo [...]


    If you have any intentions of reading this series, don t read this review, and especially don t read the synopsis blurb from the book s back cover that will ruin the whole reading experience of this thrilling series Geezus to quote the author , I really hated to see this series end There were some fantastic reads here, and while Loose Ends didn t quite make it to fantastic for me, it was an enjoyable experience just to read view spoiler J.T s story I don t know how many books ago it was when Tar [...]


    So, for readers of this series this is the book This is Conroy s book And we all know who Conroy really is You thought Zach was the lost chop shop boy Well, then Con is the resurrected chop shop boy Literally view spoiler Con is actually J.T You know, J.T Kid s brother They guy we ve been mourning for books The one whose demise broke our hearts and pushed so many other stories forward The mission that broke Creed The loss that almost took Kid under The one that changed each and every of the lost [...]

    Christi Snow

    How could I give the end of an amazing series anything less than 5 stars I am so sad that these guys aren t going to have any stories I love them I love their bad ass cars I have loved the entire series.But what a way to end itwith JT s incredible journey back to the boys at Steele Street My heart was breaking for him, for Jane, for all the Steele Street boys most of the way through the book, but Tara tied it all up just perfectly It s been an amazing ride Full review below reposted from my Smi [...]


    How does a long awaited end to a series possibly meet expectations of the fans This series is romance there is a male female lead who fall in LURVE but it s also comedy, white knuckle action, adventure, and it is not at all realistic While I have no doubt this series doesn t work for some people, I ve loved every page Ok, so JT one of the guys on the team died 6 years ago It was brutal, we never knew him in series except through reflections and memories from other characters In fact, the whole s [...]

    Susan Andersen

    I enjoyed this book a lot Janzen displays great turns of phrases and has a way with descriptions The one drawback for me were the waaaaay too many Geezus es I found the spelling clever at first an oath with punch that no one can point a finger at as blasphemy But that also makes it memorable and after awhile I found it popping out at me from nearly every page Had that happened in only one character s POV it might not have bothered me so much But everyone in EVERY POV has the same favorite word T [...]


    Pretty good end to the Steele Street boys I am a little sad that it is over I wonder where Janzen will go now.I loved the glimpse into Dylan Skeeter again I might have to go back and reread their book.


    Cannot wait to read this book and finally find out what happened to the best of the Steele Street boys


    4.5 stars.Loose Ends by Tara Janzen 2011 This is a wonderful book to end the, down and dirty 11 book , Steele Streetseries by Tara Janzen One truly gets to know all the characters And what isgreat is that the secondary characters are part of the different stories and have a purpose outside of just being there to introduce them for the next book.It is a 4.5 5 stars for me and would have been a keeper if I hadn t gotten it throughthe libraryWhile I did not read the whole series I did read 1 4 and [...]

    May Mostly Romance

    738 Loose Ends Breaking Loose SDF Crazy Kisses This isn t about you, Skeeter, he said It s about me, and I need you here If we lose Crutchfield, we ll get him another day If I lose you He couldn t even say it Thank God, she didn t make him I m turning round now Good That was good Very good Now he could breath , , , SDF 70

    Karen L Gallagher

    I read this entire series a while ago I liked the writing style, setting and characters Fun, fast reads all of them.


    When JT Chronopolous went missing and was presumed dead, his friends, coworkers and Denver s street rat community mourned him The team almost fell apart but never stopped searching Six years later they have an answer Back for the series swan song as Conroy Farrel, than JT s name has changed He doesn t know JT but he does know SDF took his girl and he s there to get her back.JT s resurrection is welcome news for the team and again they re asked to believe the unbelievable, that JT has gone rogue [...]

    Rva Booklover

    Such a satisfying wrap up to the dual Crazy and Steele Street series JT Con is hot, protective, intensely focused on his mission, and yet vulnerable when confronted with evidence of the life of which he has no memory Jane is a beautiful art gallery manager who still retains her street rat instincts JT and Jane became close 6 years ago after she got caught picking his friend s pocket On the night before his last mission, they become lovers He goes off to Columbia, where he is presumed to have bee [...]

    Linda Kwiatkowski

    Couldn t finish this book Got about halfway thru it Was this meant to be a Scifi fantasy book Every male in this book is ripped, beyond belief handsome, and a deadly killing machine Every woman is drop dead gorgeous, super intelligent, and also deadly Who lives in this world Every bad guy is mentally deranged, genetically altered to remove human emotions, physically handicapped or totally inept I wanted to push all of the people in this book into a small room and toss in a grenade.


    As the 11th book in this series, Loose Ends lives up to it s name and does indeed tie up a lot of loose ends for this series I am very sad that this is the last book I truly hope that Tara Janzen decides to write another But, if not another Steele Street, I really want her to write Very few authors can take a set of characters, a place like Steele Street and make them live You really need to reed all the books and don t skip any The whole of the series is a world unto itself It is a wonderful w [...]


    After waiting so long for this book I gotta say, it was lacking a little something Ever since I started reading the Steele Street series, i was hoping that J.T wasn t really dead and it didn t set in that he was until Kid got his body Even then, I was skeptical but, I gotta admit that i read Loose and Easy first and I kinda got a glimpse at the guys thinking J.T was still out there somewhere, even though i didn t really get it at the time This book was just as fast paced and action packed as the [...]

    Mollie *scoutrmom*

    Definitely not a stand alone I recommend reading the series in order.This is one strange book I find it hard to compartmentalize, it certainly did not feel, smell, or taste like the other books in the series did.Take your favorite fantasy of a blue collar street wise hot rodding he man Give him military experience, make him part of a special ops team Hot hot hot So far, so good Then imagine him sold out by someone who ought not to have, subjected to unthinkable evils Not out of line with the res [...]

    Danielle Gypsy Soul

    3.5 Stars This series started off strong for me and then the books were hit and miss So much so that I kind of lost my passion for the series but I wanted to finish it and find out how J.T would get his happy ending There were some things I really loved about this book and some things that were just okay for me There was of course a ton of action as always with her books and I do love the cars I liked that she brought most of the gang back in but not in an obnoxious reunion way They all had a re [...]


    Holy % This was way better than I thought it was going to be Janzen was kind of slumping in this series but whoa baby came back with a bang on this one If you haven t read the entire series then good luck understanding what the hell is going on and if you have read the entire series then be prepared to be emotional while reading this book.J.T and Jane were perfect for each other and I loved how their past relationship was shown throughout the whole book in flashbacks, instead of info dumped Lead [...]


    A good ending to Janzen s Steele Street series I think it s the end J.T the member of the gang who everybody thought died a horrible death in Colombia, was actually sent to Thailand where a mad scientist wiped his memory, made him a super soldier, and made him dependent on dangerous drugs for survival it s a long story, read the other books Now that the Steele Street folks know he s alive, they want to capture him long enough to convince him he s not who he thinks he is, and that he belongs back [...]


    You know, I surprised myself when I ended up buying LOOSE ENDS I loved the first few books in the Steele Street series, then some head spinning WTF plots in the following books meant that I stopped buying them a few years ago But having discovered this was the final Steele Street book, I found myself intrigued as to how Tara Janzen would wrap up the series and welcome home the missing, presumed dead final member of the crew.There are paranormal elements, so be warned, this isn t a straight conte [...]


    I m always a little nervous when an author decides to raise the dead Shannon McKenna did it with middling results last year, so I tried to keep my expectations low I should have had faith Unlike Shannon McKenna, Tara Janzen gives us the emotional payout bringing someone back from the dead requires J.T s death was used to rip the team s heart out especially Kid Creed s and this would have been a hollow exercise without the little heart to hearts J.T is back from the dead in a big WTF genius kind [...]


    This was a great book, long but quite the read I ve read a few of the Steele Street Novels but this one was just badass Certain times, I felt there was a little too much detail given that made the book drag on informationally, it was good but I just wanted to get to the good stuff Plus, there were a lot of points of views our hero JT, our heroine Jane, the Steele Street crew, JT s crew Jack Scout, the villain Lancaster, the monster Monk, even the lesser villains got POVs sections I prefer readin [...]

    Ashley Dawn

    J.T is dead at least that is what everyone thought His SDF team has grieved him and pushed through their shock to move on The only issue is, now he isn t dead, his name is Con , he has been experimented on and he is on the wrong side His teammates are determined to get the old J.T back and have the perfect plan.Jane is shocked to find J.T uh, Con, is still alive, and through a series of flashbacks, we learn their back story She is stubborn, determined and exactly what he needs He is unwavering i [...]


    LOOSE ENDS STEELE STREET 11 J.T and Jane WHITE HOT, DOWN AND DIRTY PASSION IGNITES WHEN A SEXY SOLDIER ENCOUNTERS AN IRRESISTIBLE THIEF WHO S CHANGED HER WAYS Six years ago, the Special Defense Force mourned the loss of J T Chronopolous Now the striking soldier is back with scant memory, a new name Conroy Farrel and one single mission to bring down SDF But SDF has its own plan get him back at any cost And so they ve set a trap for Con, a trap that Jane Linden accidentally steps into With darknes [...]


    Finally at the end of a fun series by Tara Janzen I was late to the game starting the Steele Street series but I actually enjoyed that because it meant I could glom through the series as quickly as I could without waiting for publication It almost felt like the entire series was leading up to this book so this is not a standalone, do not start here At the very beginning of the series the Steele Street team was devastated by the loss of team member JT except intel shows that JT was not killed bu [...]


    4.5 StarsI was so excited to finally make it to this book Yes, I cheated and read all the book summaries beforehand so I knew that J.T wasn t really dead, but a victim of a horrendous drug experiment all engineered by the White Rook the founder of SDF himself The story and action did not disappoint and all of the operators were present except C Smith, Johnny Dax We even got a side story romance with Scout Jack, J.T Con s friends cohorts So you might wonder why I gave this book only 4.5 stars ins [...]


    This is the fifth book in the Steele Street series I actually won this book, and I m glad that I did, because I most likely wouldn t have picked it up otherwise Someone high up in the military has been selling some of our soldiers to be experimented on and the Steele Street crew are trying to pull one of their own back into their fold after this happened to him Unfortunately, the best laid plans never are straight forward and so it happens in this book It keeps you on edge enought that you don t [...]


    Once we had the news that JT was not really dead I have been waiting for this book, I wanted to see just how it was going to be explained and how the author would deal with the memory loss I loved how the guys at Steel Street were protecting JT even when they were worried about not really knowing him I also loved how JT was thrown off as soon as he entered the Steel Street building, all of a sudden he was surrounded all of these familiar things, but not sure why The romance with Jane was fun too [...]

    Anne - Books of My Heart

    This was a good ending to what seems to be the end of the series since no new books have been published in the last 4 years It was much easier and interesting than the one right before Breaking Loose It still was harder than the earliest books in the series This did give us some of our favorite earlier characters and was based back in Denver at Steele Street It also tied up a bunch of ends that have been carrying through the last 4 5 books So that is all good The romance s seemed of a side eff [...]

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