Jul 08, 2020
Kirby: King of Comics
Posted by Mark Evanier Neil Gaiman

Jack Kirby created or co created some of comic books most popular characters including Captain America, The X Men, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, The Mighty Thor, Darkseid, and The New Gods More significantly, he created much of the visual language for fantasy and adventure comics There were comics before Kirby, but for the most part their page layout, graphics, and visuJack Kirby created or co created some of comic books most popular characters including Captain America, The X Men, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, The Mighty Thor, Darkseid, and The New Gods More significantly, he created much of the visual language for fantasy and adventure comics There were comics before Kirby, but for the most part their page layout, graphics, and visual dynamic aped what was being done in syndicated newspaper strips Almost everything that was different about comic books began in the forties on the drawing table of Jack Kirby This is his story by one who knew him well the authorized celebration of the one and only King of Comics and his groundbreaking work I don t think it s any accident that the entire Marvel universe and the entire DC universe are all pinned or rooted on Kirby s concepts Michael Chabon

  • Title: Kirby: King of Comics
  • Author: Mark Evanier Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: 9780810994478
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kirby King of Comics Anniversary Edition Evanier, Mark First issued in , Kirby King of Comics was the first overview of the legendary comic book creator s career It is now available in a smaller, affordable package, revised and expanded for Kirby Kirby King of Dreamland Fantendo Nintendo Fanon Wiki Serperion t b c Kirby King of Dreamland is a new Kirby game for the Nintendo DS It is a distant sequel to the Dreamland Series Contents show Story The game starts out with a Cutscene from a patch of empty space however upon analysis of the star arrangment it is where the cluster of Kirby King arrested in murder of Karla Jane Delcour On Monday, year old Kirby King was arrested and charged with Delcour s murder His bond is set at , His bond is set at , Sometimes a fresh perspective combined with advances in Kirby Bumpus Bio, Net Worth, Wiki, Age Gayle King Feb , Kirby is the daughter of popular television personality Gayle King mother and William Bumpus father who was an Assistant Attorney General in Connecticut Kirby s parents got divorced in after eleven years of marriage. Kirby King TMNTPedia Fandom Kirby is an artist, a former sub tenant of April O Neil and a friend of Donatello This character is a tribute to legendary comic artist Jack The King Kirby . Kine Kirby Wiki Fandom Mad Art

    Kirby King of Comics Jack Kirby created or co created some of comic books most popular characters including Captain America The X Men The Hulk The Fantastic Four The Mighty Thor Darkseid and The New Gods More signif


    to say that I am currently reading this book is a bit of a misnomer continually reading is a appropriate term my history with Jack Kirby goes back to my earliest childhood memories in the early 70s Back then every comic on the stand seemed to be drawn co created by Jack Kirby Kamandi alone was enough of a spark to fuel in me a lifelong obsession with dystopian fiction films The fantastical stories artwork in all of his creations were are something to behold He was a major influence on the busin [...]

    Josephus FromPlacitas

    I find this biography intensely depressing Kirby created a million different characters, stories, and titles for a jillion different comics companies, yet he never enjoyed anything resembling basic financial security for himself and his family Not until near the end of his life did he even get health insurance and that was only once he had quit comics and was working as a TV producer for a branch of animation giant Hannah Barbera.It s yet one argument against ever having kids if you want to hav [...]


    From the age of 17 to his death in 1994, at the age of 76, artist Jack Kirby devoted his life to creating an influential pop culture iconography for the 20th century His many accomplishments included creating or co creating Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the X Men, the Hulk, and the romance comic His concepts fuel the backgrounds for both the Marvel and DC comic book universes Kirby s works permeate nearly every fantastical creation of the last 40 years, from prose novels to the biggest Ho [...]


    Lange, bevor sein Name Legende wurde und er von Stan Lee den Beinamen King of Comics zuerkannt bekam, ber 20 Jahre vor der Geburt der Fantastic Four, begann der aus dem New Yorker Ghetto stammende Jack Kirby diesen Namen nahm er sp ter erst an damit, unter unz hligen K nstlernamen f r alle m glichen Zeitungen Comic Strips zu zeichnen Er war unglaublich produktiv, vor allem aber auch innovativ Er war es, der zum ersten Mal die klassischen dreiteiligen Strips graphisch durch ein riesiges WOW in de [...]


    A loving tribute to Jack Kirby, the most talented and prolific artist in comic history my opinion, but shared by others The book gives Kirby s story from childhood, in rough and tumble neighborhoods of New York, through the war years and lean years, right up to his death in the 90s, when he finally was getting the accolades he deserved The book focuses on the lack of compensation and importantly lack of recognition that Kirby suffered, particularly in the creation of the Marvel empire But that [...]


    Jack Kirby is truly the king of comics His work defines the genre his stories, layouts, and visual style are the benchmarks for the entire industry Along with Stan Lee, Kirby was responsible for building the Marvel juggernaut during the 60 s, co creating such stars as Spiderman, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Thor, the Silver Surfer, and many others Kirby came to Marvel already one of the most successful artists of his generation, co created Captain America and many other suc [...]


    More pictures at parkablogs Jack Kirby, King of Comics It s a prestigious title certainly befitting for someone who created or co created some of the most popular comic characters like Captain America, The X Men, Fantastic Four and many others whose stories are still running in the comics today.This book is the biography of Jack Kirby s career in comics, written by Mark Evanier who had worked as his assistant in 1969.Kirby learned his drawings from newspaper comic strips and movies, doodling inc [...]

    Tobin Elliott

    When I first started reading comics, somewhere around 1972, Kirby was the first artist that stood out for me I could pick his art out from the crowd His characters, while not anywhere near anatomically correct or particularly nuanced, pretty much exploded off the page That impressed the 10 year old me.As I got older, I found other artists to love John Buscema, Neal Adams, Dave Cockrum, John Byrne But you can only have one first love, and for me, that was Jack Kirby.This book serves as a great in [...]


    Easily the prettiest biography I ve ever read Evanier s work includes numerous original drawings and collages by Kirby The book also feels intimate, and it should considering that Evanier was Kirby s production assistant Neither bogged down in details nor light in content, the biography does a good job of laying out Kirby s professional life, from his days at Max Fleischer s animation studio in the 30s through his rich contributions to the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages of comics and Kirby s ti [...]


    Poor Jack Kirby so talented, but so terrible at promoting and negotiating.


    The best thing about this book is that it gave me a few details on the Kirby Lee war that I ve only gotten pieces of before As this is a bio on Kirby, it certainly focused on his side , though impressively, it wasn t an attack on Stan Lee.Maybe it should have been though For the most part it was a bland read, that used phrases like Once again or As always and repeated a general story of Kirby working hard for little reward.There is a story here, but Evanier missed it Perhaps, because Evanier wa [...]


    What a trip down memory lane As a kid I got to see roughly the last 10 years of Jack Kirby s career as it happened This book was a delight in the fact that I got to get to know in some small way the man behind the drawings, but it made me miss him something awful It also made me angry at Marvel for what they did how they treated him so it hasn t renewed an interest in reading comic books, unless I could go to the San Diego comic con or a flea market and dig up old Kirby books from my childhood a [...]

    James G.

    Coming to a close as bed time reading with my son And I love that this is our first joint absorption of an art history text I got it a couple of years ago, hoping for just that It has been mutually edifying.

    Bobby Nash

    A great look back at the life and career of Jack King Kirby A must read for comic book fans.


    Mark Evanier chose the perfect format for writing a biography of Jack Kirby With the form factor of a coffee table book or tabloid sized comic, Kirby King of Comics is a delightful blend of original sketches, reproduced covers, and reproduced pages Although I ve read a lot about the history of comics, there were new anecdotes and insights that I appreciated about both the early days and the latter years of Kirby s career.There are lots of histories of comics available today, but Evanier s work s [...]

    Jared Pechacek

    If you re looking for a really in depth treatment of Jack Kirby s life and work, this isn t it.Most of the text and there really isn t much is focused on Kirby s struggles for recognition and financial security while Marvel and DC insisted on devaluing his achievements You get some sense of Kirby The Man but very little of anyone else involved, including his wife Roz, whose personality is less developed than Stan Lee s Since the book is primarily about his relationship to the world of comics, I [...]


    Mark Evanier, having worked as one of Jack Kirby s assistants in his youth, has written a wonderful, if not slightly biased, professional biography of Jack Kirby, the King of Comics It s not as deep as some biographies, and in fact seems to be written for those fans of Kirby who are used to an illustrated telling of a shorter length There are many, many samples of Kirby s artwork throughout the narrative that give wonderful examples of Kirby s style and achievements There are even a few gems lik [...]

    Paul Dinger

    There are no comics artists like Jack Kirby There is nothing like a Jack Kirby page As a youngster, I gasped at his illustrations for the Fantastic Four, Captain America, and Thor, New Gods, Mister Miracle and The Forever People Though his heroes had square jaws and blocky lines, no one could draw space and all it entailed like him It is no surprise that the Fantastic Four never sold as well after he left, except when an artist like him named John Bryne took over Nor was Thor as good Yet, he alw [...]

    Richard Bennett

    Author Mark Evanier presents the life and works of Jack Kirby, King of the Comics, the man who single handedly drew and introduced than 400 characters to pulp magazines over a 50 year period.Mark worked as an assistant to Mr Kirby, and described his job as being the person who said, That s a good idea, Mr Kirby Working as closely as he did to the KING, he was able to give a few insights into his workings and personal feelings, such as Mr Kirby would NOT enter the store Toys R Us Why You ll have [...]

    Derek O"Gorman

    I enjoyed reading this book, and learned a few things about Kirby and his career in the process The art was also inspiring But that shouldn t be a surprise, when the book is about the art and life of Jack Kirby I have rated it high because I did enjoy it, but I do think it could have been better I recently read two volumes of a three volume series on Alex Toth I can t help thinking that Kirby s career could be fleshed out a lot than it is in this one book, and that there is so much art that co [...]


    Evanier s one of the great historians and archivists of comics, and since his personal association with Kirby precludes strict objectivity, he doesn t even try And that s okay It s kind of what you want from this glamour sized celebration of Kirby s actual work splash pages and covers and double page spreads of straight Kirby pencils, no ink or color provided in some cases Excerpts from things I d never seen counterpointed by stories I have or less been reading since the late 1980s Sort of a bi [...]

    Wesley Craig Green

    I m embarrassed to say I wasn t a Kirby fan as a kid in the 70s I found his art to be borderline horrible However, I loved his concepts with New Gods and OMAC being my favorites even though I didn t really get them.Now that I m older and wiser, I have found a whole new appreciation of Jack Kirby both as a creator and for what he s done for this medium I love.For any Kirby fan, Kirby King of Comics is simply a must The over sized pages gives us fans the opportunity to take in all his cosmic aweso [...]

    Martin Scherer

    For as long as I ve read comics, Kirby has been praised as the King of Comics Personally, I ve admire his output and creative energy, but was never a fan of his art until I read this book While this book does a great job as a biography of his life, it does a better job as a coffee book There are amazing reproductions of his pencils and personal work which is just awe inspiring My only complaint about this book, is that I wish it had of these quality reproductions and was at times a bit persona [...]

    Cat Springer

    For the true comics fan, this a is terse history of the man who almost single handedly brought motion and dynamic graphic storytelling to the comics medium Piled on with lavish illustrations as you might expect Kirby s singular and often imitated style is shown as he goes from post WWII grind em out basics to becoming King Kirby, the premiere illustrator of his times Although I would have preferred finished art mostly we re given his unfinished pencils , and the colors in my copy were a bit mut [...]

    Karl Kindt

    This book is filled with wonderful samples of the man who made super hero comics what they were in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980sd what they continue to bed what they are on screen in big time Hollywood movies It is a crime against humanity s culture that people know who Stan Lee is without knowing who Jack Kirgy is The art included is stunning, varied, and printed in a large format, which shows off Kirby well It also contains slices of every part of Kirby s professional life I [...]


    Full disclosure I love Jack Kirby He is one of the few, true comic book geniuses He transcended his genre and medium not that there is anything wrong with comics I am an avowed comic book nerd and created true art and if you don t believe me then read this excellent biography.Well, I say biography but really it is a bit lighter than that I suppose It is not some warts and all, expose on the man, but rather a biography of his working life It is a quick read, the art graphics are stunning and if i [...]

    Michael Thompson

    A compelling biography and vivid retrospective of the actually humble king of comics, Jack Kirby It doesn t absolutely settle the debates of who really created the Marvel Comics superstars, but does present both sides of the story, a little heavier on the side of Kirby, and often provides an explanation for the confusion I did learn that Kirby was a notoriously bad driver, which perhaps explains why the Judge in Sheldon s traffic court appearance on the Big Bang Theory was named Kirby on the Day [...]


    A fascinating look at one of the men who helped create the modern comic book While Jack Kirby gets a lot of attention for the superheroes he helped create and grow Captain America, Fantastic Four, Thor, Hulk, etc for Marvel Comics, he would also work for DC comics Several of the interesting tidbits that this amazingly illustrated biography shared Kirby s farseeing views on the importance of Comic Con, merchandising and use of politics His ability to understand the times he was living in and mirr [...]


    I m not sure what this book was meant to be As a biography, it doesn t succeed once you get past the Marvel Age it kind of fades As an art book, it doesn t succeed I loved some of the rarities but you can t call it comprehensive As a light book about Kirby, for people who want A BOOK ABOUT KIRBY, it mostly succeeds Readers wanting should pick up collections of the Jack Kirby Collector journal instead.

    Jon(athan) Nakapalau

    Jack Kirby the best of the best.

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