Aug 11, 2020
The Breaking Wave
Posted by Nevil Shute

Requiem for a Wren U.S title The Breaking Wave is one of Nevil Shute s most poignant and psychologically suspenseful novels, set in the years just after World War II.Sidelined by a wartime injury, fighter pilot Alan Duncan reluctantly returns to his parents remote sheep station in Australia to take the place of his brother Bill, who died a hero in the war But his homeRequiem for a Wren U.S title The Breaking Wave is one of Nevil Shute s most poignant and psychologically suspenseful novels, set in the years just after World War II.Sidelined by a wartime injury, fighter pilot Alan Duncan reluctantly returns to his parents remote sheep station in Australia to take the place of his brother Bill, who died a hero in the war But his homecoming is marred by the suicide of his parents parlormaid, of whom they were very fond Alan soon realizes that the dead young woman is not the person she pretended to be Upon discovering that she had served in the Royal Navy and participated along with his brother in the secret build up to the Normandy invasion, Alan sets out to piece together the tragic events and the lonely burden of guilt that unravelled one woman s life In the process of finding the answer to the mystery, he realizes how much he had in common with this woman he never knew and how a war can go on killing people long after it s all over.

  • Title: The Breaking Wave
  • Author: Nevil Shute
  • ISBN: 9780307474025
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Breaking Wave Requiem for a Wren U S title The Breaking Wave is one of Nevil Shute s most poignant and psychologically suspenseful novels set in the years just after World War II Sidelined by a wartime injury fig


    The thing that keeps me coming back to Shute and has made him one of my favorites is his wonderful leading female characters They re all different enough to make them worth reading, but still similar smart, sensible, sturdy short, plucky From Moira Davidson facing the end of the world On the Beach to Jean Paget on a Malaysian death march A Town Like Alice they re the kind of girls that can get through anything, and they do it in the way that I would hope that I would, were I in their shoes.This [...]


    I m trying to guess how many books I ve read which in one way or another are about the Second World War I ve read a couple just in the last month, Wilcox s Japan s Secret War and Linebarger s Psychological Warfare As usual, I was gripped by two contradictory emotions horror and fascination I think most people have a similar reaction The war was monstrous and appalling, but it was also the most exciting, extraordinary period in human history New techniques, new ideas, new ways of thinking were in [...]


    Requiem For A Wren by Nevil Shute Shute reveals the end at the beginning, but only part of it, the devastating part A young woman s suicide that seemingly has no rhyme or reason starts the returning home Aussie pilot on a journey through his past The attention to detail is fantastic and the reader learns much about the nitty gritty of maintaining the gunnery parts of British WWII ships I had no idea that there was such a thing as Ordinance Wrens in the War They were an integral part of the War E [...]


    Re reading is something I avoid, along with watching movies or TV shows a second time Life s too short for repeatswell, in most cases This is such a poignant, human novel that it almost demands re reading Shute s writing is exactly my cup of tea There s always a cracking story and the life and death of Leading Wren Janet Prentice is a heart breaker With D Day and the aftermath of WW2 as a back drop Shute s in his real comfort zone If you think the descriptions of the build up to the Invasion hav [...]


    Megan Baxter

    Sometimes I think I am just not that good at reading some kinds of mainstream fiction I am too easily aggravated That s far too broad of a statement, I am aware It s not like I only read science fiction, or even that science fiction is devoid of characters or plots that piss me the hell off Still, I have even less patience for those elements when they come wrapped in mundanity.Note The rest of this review has been withheld due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to t [...]

    Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"

    Nostalgic needs nabbed Nevil by the novelistic nads and gnawed them to nubbins The only reason I read this all the way to the end was because I wanted to know how Janet Prentice ended up at Coombargana I m giving it two stars rather than one because Shute demonstrates very well how people who have served in a great war are at loose ends when the war is over They find themselves wishing for another war so their lives can once again have meaning and camaraderie Can t say I d recommend the book, th [...]

    Martina Bučková

    Tgis was my first book from Shute, but browsing the reviews I saw he is quite popular My first impression of this novel was that it s a crime story Though it is not, it s a war book and I ve read quite some of thos, but this is the first one where leading character fighting in war is a woman The story is simple about two brothers, Australians, who are very fond of each other Requiem for a Wren starts from the end of story, when Alan is after long years coming back to Coombargana in Australia to [...]

    Ralph Sayle

    Great book.I was touristing in England a couple of decades ago and visited Bucklers Hard Their small museum had a feature about Neville Shute s Requiem for a Wren but I had no idea what the display was about.A day or so later I was in Plymouth and walked into a used bookshop near Sutton Harbour First book I spotted was Requiem for a Wren I was fated to buy the book.Glorious read and the first war book that spoke of the postwar stresses not PTSD but war is over what shall I do now stress I ve hea [...]

    David Gilchrist

    One of this authors outstanding works, very sad, but a really good read.


    interesting read based around the time of the D Day landings and relationships between 2 brothers and a WREN who later appears in Australia after the war and the events around DDay and her life until that fateful day as researched by the remaining brother.

    Aliya Whiteley

    A wonderful depiction of what it s like to live through a time of great danger and excitement, and to find meaning for yourself in that experience But then that time ends, and life goes on, and it is so very difficult to be unimportant, and not very good at anything in particular Shute somehow balances this and keeps interest throughout in our lead character, whether she s excelling herself or hiding away, unable to face the world any She never seems less than real I cried for her.

    Haytham Mohamed

    Another great novel by Shute The only thing I didn t like was the ending, you got the feeling that you knew this was coming the whole time but hoped it happened in a convenient way than it did Chapter 10 felt like it was written in a bit of a hurry But nonetheless, an excellent emotional book to read


    My review is on my book blog afondnessforreading.wordpress


    Nevil Shute has such an interesting way of writing and once again in this book I felt that I was discovering how the character thought and felt as he muddled his way through life The story is fascinating in its description of life before and after the WW2 in England and how those involved in the forces were left puzzled and directionless in this new world of peace Nevil also describes the difficulty people had in finding those who had once been close in a narrative that is a bit like a tv crime [...]


    The convoluted narrative structure didn t do the tale any favors here, and it often made no logical sense How could the narrator have known the Wren never spoke of X or had a sleepless night, when none of his informants or the diary told him so In a sense, it s a tale of a female British WW II combatant suffering from PTSDd of the men who loved her But as with Pied Piper, Shutes seems to be hanging on to a Victorian novel structure, with a framing narrative device that isn t necessary It does st [...]


    I love reading Nevil Shute books They are always very interesting This one got almost too heavy into the artillery and details that I was a little lost for awhile but in the end , the whole story came together A sad but good read.


    This is well written but dated The authors ingrained attitude towards women is offensive to us today Enjoyed the story though and it really made me think about how little one really knows about the effects of war unless you are in it.


    The story of Alan Duncan begins with his homecoming to Coombargana, a sheep farming station in the Western District of Australia On the day before his return, the trusted parlor maid on the station, of whom his parents were very fond, died in her room unexpectedly coincidence


    In 1985 86 I read my way through every Nevil Shute I could get my hands on


    This was slow to build, but poignant in the end Another WWII narrative of the individual impact of war Nevil Shute is a writer I would definitely recommend.

    Mike Harper

    Do you like tear jerkers If yes, read this But don t listen to it Read it Go to your library and get it.

    Sarah Sammis

    Aka The Breaking wave

    Roz Morris

    Poignant, complex and beautifully written Alan Duncan reluctantly returns home to his parents farm in Australia after the war, to recuperate after being maimed in a plane crash He discovers the family in turmoil because their young housekeeper, Jessie, has committed suicide As he searches through her belongings, he realises that the woman was actually Janet Prentice, the former girlfriend of his brother, who died in action And Alan, who is psychologically broken as well as physically, has spent [...]


    Like some infernal monster, still venomous in death, a war can go on killing people for a long time after it s all over That s the heart of this thoughtful, deeply felt novel But it s also than that It s about wishing to go back to before Before it all started to go wrong, before meaning began to fly apart, before the future crowded in on us, trampled our plans, our hopes, our expectations Why do any of us look back on our war service with such pleasure, in spite of everything You d be glad to [...]

    Girl with her Head in a Book

    Review originally published here girlwithherheadinabook 2Nevil Shute is one of those authors that I know little of but who I keep hearing about He wrote A Town Like Alice amongst others but the first book of his that I happened to find in the library was Requiem For A Wren and so here we are Written in the 1950s, this is a melancholic reflection on life as a World War Two survivor, with very little in the way of joy and much to mourn It lingers in the mind as an unhappy novel, depicting the trag [...]

    Laura Powell

    I almost quit reading this book, but I am glad I finished it Toward the end, Alan, remarked that war has many victims long after peace has been achieved Janis Prentiss is a WREN serving the in WWII She services the weapons on ships getting ready for D Day, and also finds she enjoys firing the Given the chance she shoots down a German plane only to be told it was being flown by deserters seeking refuge in England She feels she must lose seven people dead to her in repayment The story follows her [...]


    An oldie but a goodie about the aftermath of war and those who never quite escape it I suspect Nevil Shute enjoyed learning all about the Navy, Oerlikon guns and Overlord also know as when the balloon goes up as the story does tend to get a bit bogged down in information rather than narrative at times I still thoroughly enjoy almost anything Shute writes but after reading Requiem a few times, there are a few chapters I just have to skim over As long as you remember when this was written you can [...]

    David Linzee

    Shute manages to combine first person narration and a rather complex flashback structure with his usual skill The book is silky smooth and from a quiet beginning the story gathers force and becomes enthralling It s a sad World War II story about women caught up in their wartime service who are unable to settle down to civilian life afterwards One of them even says that what she needs is another war A present day reader is likely to reflect that what she needs is simply a job, a chance to get out [...]


    3.5 stars Nevil Shute could really write a STORY He pulls you in quickly and it is hard to put down This was actually a terribly sad novel about what we now would call PTSD And both a man and a woman were suffering But there are moments of sweetness he was one of those bumbling, good hud, rather incompetent dogs, good for a lonely man or girl to look after.He s such fool you can t help liking him.

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