Nov 30, 2021
First Grade, Here I Come
Posted by Nancy Carlson

First Grade, Here I Come Best Read || [Nancy Carlson] - First Grade, Here I Come, First Grade Here I Come After the first day of first grade Henry s not so sure how he feels about it As he tells his mother about the cool classroom science corner a new friend and that he ll learn to read books he begin

  • Title: First Grade, Here I Come
  • Author: Nancy Carlson
  • ISBN: 9780670061273
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • First Grade, Here I Come Best Read || [Nancy Carlson] - First Grade, Here I Come, First Grade Here I Come After the first day of first grade Henry s not so sure how he feels about it As he tells his mother about the cool classroom science corner a new friend and that he ll learn to read books he begin


    My son is really missing his Kindergarten teacher This book helped in teaching him to appreciate all the new and cool things in his First grade classroom.


    With one daughter in first grade and one in Pre Kindergarten, we read both Look out Kindergarten, Here I Come and this book back to back I hadn t given it too much thought, but there are some definite differences between Kindergarten and First Grade and this book is great for highlighting them in a positive way Our oldest thought it was fantastic that Henry s class has a guinea pig, since her class does too And the fact that she also has a desk with her name on it, just like Henry, makes her fee [...]


    Henry is starting first grade this year, and has had a day of school already His mom quizzes him about it, and he says something good and something bad about each experience or compares last year to this year Like his teacher is a male this year, and he has a new friend This is a cute picture book about assessing something new, particularly a new grade at school There often is a big difference between kindergarten and first grade, so this may be perfect for those with a little anxiety about the [...]


    Henry the mouse comes home from his first day of first grade unsure of whether he enjoyed himself or not As he shares both the good and the bad things about his first day while responding to his mother s questions, he realizes he had fun than he thought, and that he really is ready for first grade Brightly colored illustrations in typical Carlson style add energy to this simple tale, which may just be the perfect story to share to calm first day anxieties Personally, I don t like Carlson s styl [...]


    This book is about a little mouse named Henry who does not enjoy first grade at first His problem was that he missed kindergarten and his teacher was different Then as he begins telling his mom all about his new teacher and what first grade is like he realizes that he does actually enjoy it and look forward to the new things he is learning This book would be perfect for kindergarteners I would read it to them at the end of the year as I am starting to prepare them for first grade It s a fun book [...]

    Sarah Kiesche

    It s the first day of 1st grade for Henry In retelling his day, Henry discovers that even though 1st grade is very different from Kindergarten there are lots of things that he loves I like the sequencing of his day, although I think the book is a bit outdated as Henry is told he ll be learning to read in 1st Great to read at the end of K to prepare students for their transition to the next grade.


    I love this book It shows how there are some things that first graders fear and how they learn to adapt to a different environment This would be a great first day book for first grade, obviously The book demonstrates teamwork to help Henry read and once Henry got the help he needed he was reading in no time This gives kids initiative to help others and allow others to help them when they are in need of help.


    This book was very cute I thought The little boy is scared of change and going to the 1st grade after getting so used to kindergarten But after he gives it a chance he learns how much fun 1st grade can truly be He describes about his exciting first day of 1st grade I think this would be a great book to start if the beginning of the year with a 1st grade classroom.

    Taylor Johnson

    This is another book at about the first day of school It is focuses on a mouse worried about the first grade because of how differnt it is from Kindergarten In the end he realizes he liked first grade and is ready for the first grade It would also be great to read on the first day of school, especially in the first grade.


    This is a pretty cute book I like that the story is told as a conversation between a mother and son about his first day of first grade This would be a great book to read to first graders on their first day of school It will help to alieviate any stresses about the change from kindergarten to first grade.

    Mary Sesar

    This book is about Henry who isn t quite sure he is going to like first grade Things start looking up for him after he meets a friend I would use this book to help show children that just because the first time you do something doesn t work out, to keep moving forward and it will get better and easier for you.

    Shelby Usrey

    Reading this book to first graders in the beginning of school would help them understand the difference from kindergarten It would also help them understand that things will work out and they are capable to get through it This is such an adorable book that I would love to have to read to my kids

    Makenzy Mascioli

    This book would be perfect for a first day of reading in school for first graders It tells how some things are different from kindergarten and how Henry was adapting to the changes, and after all, enjoyed 1st grade

    Latifah Williams

    This is a great book for first day of first grade It helps students compare and contrast Kindergarten and First Grade After reading this you can ask students to write about their expectations of first grade.

    Codie Gates

    Henry is starting first grade It is a lot different than kindergarten, but he has a lot of fun in his new class I like this book because it shows that even though first grade is different from kindergarten, you can still have fun.

    Kelly Triplett

    This book shows that it s OK to be fearful of the first day of school It does a nice job of telling students that all classroom are not the same Would be good for a summer read as students are preparing to enter the 1st grade or perhaps as students are finishing up their kindergarten year.


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    Stephanie Tercero

    I would add this book to a school library.


    Have the audio version


    A good book for any student and their experience at school Talking about the transition between kindergarten and first grade I would recommend it for kindergarten students

    Sarah Metts

    A good book for the rising first grader who may be nervous about the step up Nancy Carlson s signature characters are bright and expressive It s a great depiction of a wonderful day at school.

    Amy Mccarty

    8 4 1334 pages


    This book serves its purpose it would be a good choice for children feeling apprehensive about school, but not one I d use for storytime.

    Rachel Flan

    Use this book when reading to kids on the last day of Kindergarten or first day of Preschool


    It really describes what first grade can be like My 6 year old read it to me Perfect gift I m so proud


    cute story, my son likes Henry the mouse, I presume because his name is Henri also.a great read before starting school.

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