Jul 15, 2020
A Wedding in December
Posted by Anita Shreve

From Publishers WeeklyABig Chill like group reunites for a 40 something wedding in this melancholy story of missed opportunities, lingering regrets and imagined alternatives by Shreve The Last Time They Met Bill and Bridget were sweethearts at Maine s Kidd Academy who rediscovered one another at their 25th reunion Bridget was already divorced Bill left his family theFrom Publishers WeeklyABig Chill like group reunites for a 40 something wedding in this melancholy story of missed opportunities, lingering regrets and imagined alternatives by Shreve The Last Time They Met Bill and Bridget were sweethearts at Maine s Kidd Academy who rediscovered one another at their 25th reunion Bridget was already divorced Bill left his family the two have now gathered their Kidd coterie to witness their hasty wedding Bridget has breast cancer at widow Nora s western Massachusetts inn The death of charismatic schoolmate Stephen at a drunken high school party hovers over the event Stephen s then roommate, Harrison, now a married literary publisher, remains particularly tormented by it, especially since he had and still has romantic feelings for Nora, who was Stephen s then girlfriend Abrasive Wall Street businessman Jerry, now out of the closet pianist Rob, single Agnes who teaches at Kidd and has a secret of her own and various children round things out Tensions build as the group gets snowed in, and someone gets drunk enough to say what everyone s been thinking Though Shreve s plot, characters and dialogue are predictable as are her inevitable 9 11 rehashes , she sure handedly steers everyone through their inward dramas, and the actions they take and don t are Hollywood satisfying Oct 10 Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved.

  • Title: A Wedding in December
  • Author: Anita Shreve
  • ISBN: 9780316001632
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Wedding in December From Publishers WeeklyABig Chill like group reunites for a something wedding in this melancholy story of missed opportunities lingering regrets and imagined alternatives by Shreve The Last Time Th


    Another review Another very average audio book Oh well At least my commute isn t empty, which is the reason I listen to these I limit myself as I just borrow audio cd s They are free This is a story of high school friends re uniting for a marriage of two of them This couple have a chance at love after it was assumed they d marry first time around They didn t, he split up with her and they regretted it their whole lives It seems this theme runs this way for all the characters a lot of what ifs Pa [...]

    Destinee Sutton

    I ve read two Shreve novels now and I think what I ve learned from her is this Before agreeing to marry a man, one should ask him if he s actually deeply in love with someone else If he s honest he may reveal that he s just marrying you because he thinks it ll never work out with another woman As Shreve illustrates so well in her novels, it sucks to find out ten or twenty years into a marriage that you were actually the runner up I m pretty tired of books about domestic funk Why do I keep readin [...]

    Jonathan Ashleigh

    I feel I was let down, in the end, when I found out the last details of some dead high school all star shortstop who died twenty seven years ago But, I don t feel I was let down by this book, which was entertaining and held my attention In the end, I was surprised by parts of some of the outcomes which were not as happy or as Christian as they could have been portrayed At times, I was bothered by the baseball parts which felt as though my mother was describing the terminology Hole between second [...]

    Marika Gillis

    This novel brings seven former schoolmates together after than 20 years to attend a wedding at an inn in the Berkshire Mountains The tight bond held by this group of friends was shattered years earlier when one of their own died unexpectedly The blossoming relationships and potential of each of these central characters jackknifed with the death of this friend, and the wedding reunion gives the characters an opportunity to seek out a resolution for the paths they did not follow.This is the secon [...]


    Well I bought this thinking it would be my tie breaker for Anita Shreve I ve read two book by her that I enjoyed and two that I flat out hated I won t be reading Anita Shreve any.After the first 100 pages or so, I started just skimming the story within a story parts of the book For me, this made it much, much better I didn t really get the point of including this story The other thing that I hated was the whole, overall message She should have included one couple who was at least semi happy who [...]


    The basic message of this book is that adultery can be justified, which I firmly disagree At first I thought this book was ok it has an interesting plot concept reunion of a group of friends from high school after 27 years It also had a story within a story which the transitions were confusing, but I started looking forward to reading of the second story and was an easy read But by the end and time I realized the main message , I was disappointed that I wasted my time.


    Oh my god, this book was boring and pretentious, for at least the fifty or so pages that I got through, and I almost never put down a book in the middle I think I ve somehow managed to read almost every book by Anita Shreve and I ve only liked about half of them, so I believe I give up now.


    As with all of her books, the storyline has promise, but falls short for many reasons I am not a fan of her abrupt erratic writing style she seems to jump from topic to topic with her characters With this book, I didn t like how she had so many characters that seemed under developed The book is about seven former classmates, but there are a few that just seem to be thrown into the storyline The best part of the book was the mini Halifax story within the story.


    This book started out with so much possibility A group of old high school friends gathering for a wedding between two of the friends who had found each other again It was very interesting to see where each of their lives had taken them It was interesting to learn of their relationships in high school There was even a wonderful second story taking place because one of the characters was writing a novel and it was being revealed as she wrote it However, the book ended UGLY It revealed some really [...]


    This is possibly one of my least favourite of the Anita Shreve novels I have read there are about 3 I haven t read yet 1 TBR I didn t find there was the depth that exists in some of her earlier work, like Fortune s Rocks, or The Weight of Water The actual story of The wedding is pretty bland, predictable , and not very compelling, although Anita Shreve s writing is always hugely readable However within the novel, there is a story within a story, which irritaed me at first but then hooked me in a [...]

    Christine H

    So, I began this book in May just before I went to grad school and was actually intrigued by the plot synopsis I found the first few pages dry, but I knew better than to give up on a book before the quarter marker When I picked it up again this month, I re read the few pages I had already read and continued for another 20 or so , but I just couldn t get hooked into it any I thought the narrative was needing spice in numerous areas and even the foundation of the plot began to seem unappealing to [...]


    I was annoyed with this book practically from the first few pages I could not relate to any of the characters for whatever reason Maybe it was the repetition behind each character s selfish thought process which made the reasoning for their actions seem overdone and invalid There were some promising moments, but overall I was disappointed For example, what was the deal with nearly every character being an adulterer I look forward to reading the author s highly recommended works and hope for som [...]


    One of my favorite movies is The Big Chill about a group of friends who get together for the funeral of one of the group A Wedding in December has all of the same ingredients needed for a weekend reunion of friends from their youth plenty of drama, secrets revealed, handsome, champion baseball players, beach scenes, memories of favorite teachers and of course romance Having read way too many mystery novels recently, it was nice to read a story about people, their friendships, their flaws and the [...]

    Christina Kirby

    Obviously, I went through an Anita Shreve phase This was one of those books that was hard to get into and hard to finish I actually quit reading it for a while, read a few other books, and came back to it when I had nothing else to read I guess it was just boring really happens to any of the characters, they rarely leave the house where the wedding is taking place, and most of the book is spent reminiscing uninteresting memories from the characters high school college days Skip this one.

    Caroline Rietz

    This was my first Anita Shreve book It was enjoyable, but disappointed where it ended It was almost as if there was to be a continuation The one female character who was having an affair with an old teacher, her story seemed abruptly cut off Why was she having trouble w her vision I almost feel I need to read this again in case I missed something the first time around I never felt there was enough back ground to each character.


    This wasn t bad It is a story of a small reunion of highschool friends One of the girls, Bridget and one of the guys, Bill are getting married at the Inn owned by one of their friends This is definitely similar to The Big Chill I liked that about it The Inn is in the Berkshires There are, of course, demons that are hidden in the back of each of the friends mind Specifically, the death of their friend, Stephen who drowned in the ocean when they were seniors The truth comes out in the story Stephe [...]

    Célia Loureiro

    um livro lento, com pouca ac o A autora sempre uma mestra nas descri es das rela es humanas, e n o estava a dormir quando escreveu este Casamento em Dezembro Eu quase adormeci ao longo das p ginas, porque me pareceu demasiado nost lgico, pensei que n o fosse a lugar algum E ent o, de repente, conforme me estendia beira da piscina num festival de ver o com ele aberto, aconteceu a revela o, o inesperado, a qualidade ineg vel da autora E n o vou revelar o que sucede que me fez chorar frente dos meu [...]


    I didn t like Pilot s Wife, by Anita Shreve So I ve not really sought out her others But, when you are on the road travelling and you need a new book because you ve exhausted the three you brought with you, you ll pretty much take anything that isn t utter crap Boy, was I suprised It was AWESOME One of the best books I have read in a really really long time I savored every word I loved every word Enjoy


    I did not really care about the characters It was a straight character study about people who really bored me to death We compared it to the big chill that was entertaining The book ends kind of like it started it just was and it was nothing I wanted to read.

    B the BookAddict

    I first read this novel in 2005 and rated it a 4 Reading it again in 2013, I have had to adjust my rating to 3 Maybe the reader in me has grown up a little


    Shreve is a good go to author for me when I need a good entertaining story This one was not quite as topical as some of hers yet no less enjoyable This is the story of a group of friends who knew each other when young at the same boarding school Skip ahead 20 plus years as they reunite for a wedding of one of their group We learn where they have been, what they have done and who they have become We discover that many of them still have the same bond, and some of them continue to carry secrets an [...]

    Sharon Metcalf

    3.5 stars Decades have passed since this collection of high school friends have gathered together Now in their early to mid forties they are meeting to celebrate a wedding It s a second marriage for the bride and groom but they had been high school sweethearts and so they settle upon an intimate wedding shared with the five friends who knew them best when they were young lovers Although it was essentially a weekend spent together to celebrate this marriage it could really be considered a reunion [...]


    I ve read quite a few of Shreve s books they re a guilty pleasure she s not the greatest writer in the world, but she tells an interesting story, usually with some historical background, they re often a quick read I liked this one less than some of her others, but give it four stars on the strength of the story within story a technique that I always LOVE The main story is about a group of old high school friends who reunite over 20 years later, for the wedding of the separated but now reunited s [...]


    Anita Shreve is a great storyteller, especially when her milieu is the past In this novel, the focus is on a group of middle aged friends who have not seen each other since they were classmates at a boarding school in Maine There are lots of secrets to share, as well as a wedding to celebrate One of the former classmates is creating her own fiction, a story within the story, which highlights the Halifax explosion of 1917 a disaster which occurred when two ships in the harbor, laden with wartime [...]


    A Wedding in December is a pretty simple book about seven former classmates who reunite for a wedding Each person has his her own storyline and there is the group storyline of the wedding reunion My takeaway is confirmation that we are a composite of the choices we make and the chances we take throughout our lives One slight deviation from our decisions and our lives could be very different.

    Lorraine Lipman

    I really enjoyed this novel The notion of reunions is always scary and the relationships rediscovered didn t disappoint The subplot novel, written by Agnes was also interesting and parallels the main plot It is a novel about unfolding relationships So if you are looking for an action thriller this is not the book for you.

    Allen Grace

    The things that don t happen to us that we ll never know didn t happen to us The nonstories Anita Shreve, the author of the critically acclaimed novel, A Wedding in December, which garnered a massive buzz from thousands of readers across the globe, some raised one comical eyebrow as if to lay a question not too profound however, dismissively and some went to such great lengths, loathing this novel as if it has never been a work of literature But guess what, it was included in the selection of Op [...]


    I really need to admit that I m not this author s biggest fan.


    I ve read some of Shreve s other works and thought them pretty good This one was extremely hard for me to read It was just plain boring.A group of old highschool friends are meeting at one of their member s Bed and Breakfast like a European resort for a wedding between two other members of the group Nora, the owner of the BB, lost her husband a few years back He was an acclaimed poet and his death was just fine to Harrison, another member of the group who has carried a torch for Nora his whole [...]


    I think I picked the wrong Anita Shreve novel as my introduction to this often acclaimed author A Wedding in December is a reunion story, think The Big Chill set in a country inn 27 years after a high school graduation Its ensemble format consists of multiple story lines, unresolved grudges, marital infidelities, yuppie angst and even an off camera dead guy Oh, and also a novel within a novel, sigh Agonizingly slow, with lots of conversations on paths to nowhere, I found myself mentally screamin [...]

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