Jul 15, 2020
Break In
Posted by Dick Francis

Steeplechase jockey Christmas Kit Fielding has had than his share of close calls both on and off the course But trouble hits close to home when a grudge between his family and his sister s in laws turns into a blood feud.

  • Title: Break In
  • Author: Dick Francis
  • ISBN: 9780425199930
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
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    Break In Steeplechase jockey Christmas Kit Fielding has had than his share of close calls both on and off the course But trouble hits close to home when a grudge between his family and his sister s in laws tur


    Yes, I love Dick Francis What s not to like There are fast horsesd hot men Umm I don t think that was exactly the jockey I was looking for, but what the hell Eye Candy Anyway, the Kit Fielding novels are probably my favorite of all Francis books Kit Fielding is a champion jockey with minor telepathic talent and a great affinity for horses When his twin sister approaches him for help regarding some false accusations in a tabloid about her husband s training stables, Kit becomes involved in a cons [...]


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    What is there to say about Dick Francis As I think about all of his books yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I ve read them all I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society either directly or indirectly The heroes aren t always horse jockies, they can be film producers, or involve heroes engaged in peripheral professions that somehow always touch the horse racing world.But than that, Fr [...]


    Dick Frances writes good, clean, horse stories that have a bit of suspense and always include a good mystery When an untrue social flogging threatens a honest couple with financial ruin the wife s brother, who is a steeplechase rider for the wealthy, gets involved and tries to find out the motive behind this fraud.


    I bought a mystery and I was cheated I was reading this book, really enjoying myself, when about page 100 or so I noticed, nobody s been murdered Why this is pretty clever I thought, holding off a murder scene than halfway through a book Well.en I m about three quarters through this book and I m trying to enjoy it, but now I m worried about when the murder is going to happen and I m thinking he s pretty good, cause I still don t have a clue bout when it s going to happen or to whom Then it occu [...]

    Lasairfiona Smith

    This is one of Dick Francis best Kit Fielding is a great character, a steeplechase jockey where the horses jump rather than run on a flat course who has a strong will and a touch of telepathy The plot has something new and interesting on every page, from a romance to falls to near murder experiences to a long run blood feud most certainly not in that order.This being popcorn, you shouldn t expect a Great Work of Fiction However, it is a great read Easy on the eyes the edition I have has nice spa [...]


    When his twin sister asks for help, Kit can t say no Even when it s to help his brother in law, and the family feud between them goes back centuries.I know, I read dick Francis a lot But I liked this one because it was a bit different No one gets killed sorry for the spoiler Instead, the premise is that a guy gets randomly attacked by tabloid media He almost loses his business Then Kit tries to figure out why and undo the harm the press has caused It was quite interesting and not as simple as th [...]


    I always enjoy reading a good Dick Francis novel In this one, I really enjoyed the family dynamic that I don t remember reading with his before They are pretty clean, the language isn t too bad, and not a lot of sex Sometimes I even reread the books, because it s like being with a friend you haven t seen in several years I really enjoy the characters he uses, and also enjoy the series he writes about too I m not a gambler, but I really enjoy watching them live, as well as on screen There is a ce [...]


    Kit Fielding, jockey extraordinaire and occasional telepath, saves his sister and brother in law from malicious gossip and associated financial ruin Dear Dick Francis, I heart you Also, I heart Christmas Fielding Also, I heart all your books, and I m pretty sure I ve sequentially hearted every one of your heroes Also, I don t heart horses, but you make me heart them for 300 pages at a time I am truly contemplating putting aside all of my to read list and doing a chronological read of your entire [...]


    I ve been meaning to try a Dick Francis novel for years After a few false starts, I finished this on vacation as part of a summer reading challenge Francis is a competent writer and this was a competent book I know little and care less about English horse racing so that affected my feelings towards the book, as did the mediocre characterization The mystery was somewhat interesting but I was ready to be done long before the resolution Glad I tried a Francis novel, don t need to do it again.


    completely delightful I m a long time Dick Francis fan like back to when this book was written before time of cell phones and internet news and while I m sure I must ve read this one, I didn t remember it not at all a bad thing just think how many others I can re discover.

    James Adams

    Another solid outing by Francis, this one a little focused on racing, but still enjoyable The slight supernatural element is fun, as well.


    This was quite enjoyable I thought the romance and telepathy aspects of the story to be a bit weak but I enjoyed smarts that Kit showed to solve the mystery.


    1 in the Kit Fielding series In over 40 suspense thrillers, Kit Fielding is only the second character with Sid Halley to make a repeat appearance.Kit Fielding series Popular steeplechase jockey Christmas Kit Fielding is shown a Fleet Street gossip column that claims his twin sister, Holly, and her racing trainer husband, Bobby Allardeck, are unable to pay their bills The newspaper report is not half so distressing as its effect on suppliers and horse owners They all have begun demanding immediat [...]


    One of Dick Francis s books where horse racing is the scenery, the setting of the plot but not the subject of the plot While Kit Fielding is likable as the protagonist of this novel, it is hard to believe that a jockey as focused as he is on horse racing could also best powerful, manipulative business men and rough and tumble criminals It would be easy to dismiss this story as unbelievable and not worth wasting your time on except that Dick Francis s writing skill keeps you reading it Plot flows [...]


    After watching the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, I was definitely in the mood for a Dick Francis mystery It is because of my love of Dick Francis that I was even watching those two races in the first place Kit Fielding is one of my favorite of his characters listed right behind his Sid Halley character An excellent mystery On to the second Kit Fielding book Bolt.


    Since reading goals wait for no man nor woman either, not even on Christmas, I must complete reviews if I am to meet my target Naturally for today I decided to review the books about Christmas Kit Fielding and his twin sister Holly, born on Christmas Day.The mid to late 80s, when Francis wrote the two Kit Fielding books, were when he was experimenting with the family novel, producing gems such as Hot Money and Longshot, about internal family dynamics and tensions Break In is also a family novel [...]

    John Marsh

    ebook Library a reminded for me of the story A long time two family freud existed betweeen the Fieldings and Allardecks Each family memeber was encourged to hate the other So much so that Kit s was beaten up by his twin sister, Holly s husband Bobby who she had married the enemy Near the end of the story the showdown between Bobby s evil father , maynard and Kit had Bobby pointing a gun at Kit He was like in a trance by constant brainwashing of hatred He pulls out last minute and gains himself b [...]

    Lenny Husen

    Highly enjoyable, one of the better ones I have read This is the Princess Diaries meets the Hatfields and McCoys one Christmas and Holly Fielding, fraternal twins born on Christmas Day Good plot super cool jockey brother comes to aid of sister whose business is under attack.In this one, the Hero Does NOT get the shit kicked out of him or get beaten on the head with a blunt instrument HOWEVER, he does get stabbed and electrocuted.


    It was strange reading a book that was published when I was only 14 Things were not as high tech, for instance, people did not have cell phones I thought that all mysteries had at least one murder, but in this case it did not.


    Loved this one and love Kit, Christmas Fielding and his twin Holly Born on Christmas day Great read


    RivetingThis author has never failed to capture interest and create suspense Always a great read for any equine enthusiast As always,can t wait to read another.


    Fun, but not one of Francis best efforts.


    Another interesting Dick Francis.


    I read this book over and over because Kit is a friend, and I m always eager to meet him again What I love most about Francis heroes is that they are throughly good people They may be flawed, they may not do what you would do, but they are good, solid people.


    One of my favorites It s a fascinating story of how hatred is taught, and how three people actively decide to break the chain of a family feud Oh, and there s also a mystery Not a murder mystery, but a conspiracy A story of big fish steamrolling over little fish because they can And then the little fish fight back.Break In was written in 1986 so the technology is understandably dated I have no problem with this, it doesn t detract from the story at all.One of the secondary themes in the book is [...]

    Robert Spillman

    Break In is a very readable story on people brought together by love but burdened with a long family history of disdain for each other Kit s twin sister marries a man from a wealthy family for which his family has genuine hatred, for an earlier transgression that resulted in significant financial burdens Their marriage led to both being disowned by their families, but Kit remains could friends with her, if not her husband Kit is a steeplechase jockey, and, on occasion, rides for some of England [...]

    Jim Thomas

    Kit Fielding Jockey, a special kind of man who does what he must to alleviate certain problems that concerns his sister, a twin and her husband whose family hates Fielding s family except, of course Kit s sister Kit also proves himself a worthy brother in law to Holly s husband for sure and to ferret out the bad guys and do his duty I m just rambling on about this book I lost my concentration a few times while reading This is the second time reading it and it s not the classic that I thought it [...]


    This is not normally the kind of book I read, but a friend of mine who loves mysteries has gotten into the habit of handing me a book every time she sees me, and last week, she gave me this He s one of my favorite authors, she said, though I didn t read his books for a long time because the subject matter is so foreign to me Give it a try Yup This is a book about horse racing something I know little about and am not that interested in However, it s pretty catchy there s no horrible, gruesome mur [...]


    I read this in my first season as a professional tax preparer and didn t get many reviews written for fairly obvious reasons I came quite late to Dick Francis within the last 10 years as I had always thought I wouldn t care for his books, being fairly uninterested in horse racing How wrong I was I ve enjoyed every single one I ve read Steeplechase jockey Kit Fielding is a fairly typical Francis hero a young man, fairly successful in his career, yet not quite sure of himself and where his life is [...]

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