Jan 24, 2021
Crazy Heart
Posted by Thomas Cobb

At the age of fifty seven, Bad Blake is on his last legs His weight, his ticker, his liver, even his pick up truck are all giving him trouble A renowned songwriter and picker who hasn t recorded in five years, Bad now travels the countryside on gigs that take him mostly to motels and bowling alleys Enter Ms Right Can Bad stop living the life of a country western so At the age of fifty seven, Bad Blake is on his last legs His weight, his ticker, his liver, even his pick up truck are all giving him trouble A renowned songwriter and picker who hasn t recorded in five years, Bad now travels the countryside on gigs that take him mostly to motels and bowling alleys Enter Ms Right Can Bad stop living the life of a country western song and tie a rope around his crazy heart

  • Title: Crazy Heart
  • Author: Thomas Cobb
  • ISBN: 9780060158033
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Crazy Heart At the age of fifty seven Bad Blake is on his last legs His weight his ticker his liver even his pick up truck are all giving him trouble A renowned songwriter and picker who hasn t recorded in fi


    I realized the other day that despite having loved the movie and actually owning a copy of the book, I d never read it So I did It s wonderfully written, and fascinating in its depiction of the world of country music BUT SO SAD.


    I hadn t really planned on reading this when I did Yes, Thomas Cobb s novel was on my seemingly endless to be read list as soon as I saw the based on a novel by in the credits rolling at the end of the terrific film adaptation, but I don t own a copy I chanced upon it when browsing the audiobook shelves in my local library and, noticing that it was narrated by the author, thought it would make an excellent accompaniment to the rush hour commute I guess that Jeff Bridges wasn t available Audioboo [...]

    Elaine Lawson

    I read or reread books before I see their film adaptations, and so I chose this one when I saw Jeff Bridges would star as Bad Blake.My hopes for Bad would rise and fall as I followed him on his self destructive course Many times he seemed powerless to grab what was rightfully his, as when he d finally write a new song and have its best proceeds go to an undeserver just because that s how the system worked I really wanted him to realize his talent and dreams again, and especially to find a family [...]


    Hot damn that was unexpected For I think the first time, I am uncertain whether I like the book or the movie better.I was interested in reading this because I saw the movie when it came out, then realized it was based on a book I always like to read the book a movie is based on because the narration gives us so much information that the visual representation This was true with Crazy Heart also, but what I was not expecting was the surprise ending The movie had had a good ending also I liked it [...]


    This was an excellent novel for being the author s first attempt at the medium A good chunk of it was translated directly to the film, though there are several key differences that change the book enough from the movie that one wants to keep reading each new chapter because, despite having a vague idea of where the thing will end up and the end, as is often the case, is quite a bit different from the movie , there are still plenty of surprises, including a lot back story told in the form of fla [...]


    Crazy Heart by Thomas Cobb is about this washed up country singer named Bad Blake Bad Blake has been on the road doing concerts in bowling alleys and bars, while on the road he finds romance.Unfortunately, he also has some vices to deal with.Read the rest of my review here

    Lindsay Underwood

    Slow start but I couldn t put it down for the last 100 pages Loved and hated Bad Blake Really the perfect character.


    the writing is wonderful, the characters have a distinct voice it s kinda sad and kinda hopeless, though I m glad I read it but I m probably not gonna read it again.


    Un b tr n c nt re de country are o noua iubire, ncearc s se lase de b utur i i caut copilul.


    For language and sexual content, I would mostly only recommend this to adults I think after that, it s got a very specific type of person who will like it I think thos book is for those that like country music, extra sympathetic or empathetic people, those that have ever had alcohol problems I also think that it will be appreciated by those that know how to appreciate good, honest writing.What I Have to Say Crazy Heart is, essentially, the story of the downfall of the one time famous country sin [...]

    Bonnie E.

    Bad Blake is an unforgettable character, an alcoholic, broken down, crusty country singer totally on the downswing He s had some successes in life but mainly, he s struggled He has attempted redemption many, many times over the years, but he keeps failing to turn his life around He s sympathetic but most of the time, you just want to kick his ass for being such a predictable and grizzled old lout There are interesting dynamics between him and his former protege Tommy Sweet which is a focal point [...]

    Jenna Blum

    This may be a first novel, but MAN can this guy write Bad Blake is like a character from a McMurtry novel Highest praise.


    Crazy Heart, based on the novel by Thomas CobbA different version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at youtube playlist list and realini Crazy Heart is an acclaimed film.It won two Academy Awards, including one for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, for Jeff Bridges.A Golden Globe rewarded the same actor.Indeed, Jeff Bridges, or Jeffrey Leon Bridges comes from a family of actors Son of Lloyd Bridges and brother of Beau Bridges.Jeffrey Leon can play any role with [...]


    I loved this book I loved the way I found myself in those smokey, smelly dives he played in and just as easily on the big stage I loved the way I could hear the music and feel the thrill of those wild rides up and down the fret board I loved the way I could sympathize with Bad, hate the guy for his selfish choices, and respect him for his generosity all at the same time It doesn t even make sense, but I loved and hated the old SOB Brilliantly written book and I will be looking for Thomas Cobb i [...]


    I loved the country music aspect to this book and the book ended like a country music song would Mr Cobb knows his stuff as far as I can see and made for a good entertaining read The main reason I read this book is because I really want to see the movie and typically, if I think the book may be good, I read it first.

    Cecily Kyle

    I saw this movie a while back now and it was really good but really depressing I can imagine that it ends up being the life of a lot of the rich and famous when they start to fade out of popularity A really well written, beautiful piece of work Great Read

    Juan Valdivia

    More of a 4.5 stars I loved this novel Could say a lot about it but I ll leave it at that for now.

    Michael Pantelis

    slow to start and really disliked the ending felt like it needed closure.


    I liked the movie better, even if the book s downer ending is, I suppose, realistic I would rather picture Bad at peace with his life and starting a new one.


    Though I thought the movie was superb, the book exceeded my expectations You can look forward to a truthful, less tidy ending to Bad s story.


    Crazy Heart r en hj rtsk rande roman om den f re detta countrystj rnan Bad Blake En g ng i tiden var han the headline act vid varje upptr dande men nu r han ensam, alkoholiserad och fet Ist llet f r att vara den som drar publik r han det inledande numret som ingen riktigt bryr sig om Ingen vill ha honom han valde fel n gon g ng p v gen I romanens inledning tr ffar Bad en journalist Jean som vill intervjua honom f r en lokaltidning och de tv inleder en slags relation.Vi f r f lja utvecklingen av [...]


    Bad Blake epitomizes the stereotype of a washed up country western star He drinks too much, he eats too much, he s on the road too much He hasn t written a song or cut an album in five years he s booking bowling alleys and rural bars he has a handful of divorces under his belt Bad is past his prime But he is who he is, and singing is what he does Enter Jean Craddock, a reporter for a local paper in Phoenix looking for a story on the man behind the singer She s younger than Bad, a single mom, and [...]


    I saw the movie and didn t realize it was based on this novel It s been many years, but as I read it, the sense and feel of the story was very moving Making choices at the right time in our lives can be our biggest challenge This is the story of a man who waited too long.


    After a few breaks in reading, I finished Crazy Heart It is a low key, overall pleasant, and very engaging read Easy to get lost in for a few hours and hard to put down I certainly read this is spurts that covered a lot of pages So really, it was a quick read A great reflection on the down side of fame, the what happens when stars wash up, when their fame rolls away from them as an author third person narrator, Cobb passes no judgment and lets the reader draw their own judgments from the plot an [...]


    Bad Blake used to be really popular country western song writer and guitar picker in his younger years It has been over five years since Bad Blake put out an album Now, he still has some fans but mostly he can be seen playing in bowling alleys and cheap motels Bad Blake is worn out, depressed, and about ready to hang up his hat forever.Jean Craddock, a reporter from The Sun Scene approaches Bad Blake She wants to get to know the man behind the name and legend of Bad Blake Jean and Bad Blake form [...]


    I m interested to view the movie after reading this book In my opinion, this novel is no masterpiece I liked the country and western element I thought the voice of Bad was a geniune portrayal of a rough cut country man, but the book had no real plot So, there was this washed up, has been country singer.And I mean, basically the book details his shitty alcoholic behavior I have read that before The ending was.drab I don t know I didn t hate it, I finished, so that is where I get the two star rati [...]


    This wasn t necessarily a bad book, it was well written and had some good characterization and development of its characters, it just wasn t my cup of tea It was a genre, modern country western, that just isn t my genre So it wasn t a book I could really get into and enjoy.The main character was particularly well written, although somewhat clich , old and busted country western singer, the author did do a good job at creating this character He was realistic and his development throughout the sto [...]

    Nancy Rossman

    Ah the reasons we pick the books we do So for this one mine was that Thomas Cobb was to be reading at the Tucson Book Festival and I hadn t realized he was the author until I read the blurb The movie was so well done and certainly a placeholder for actor Jeff Bridges Anyhow, I wanted to read the book before I heard Thomas read.The movie follows the book but the book had greater detail about the music business, touring, fame, and the ugly side of being famous All good The added info on the guitar [...]


    2.5Well I did like the writing for the most part, it reminded me a lot of Cormac McCarthy The transitions were a little off and sudden, and I felt like I had to reread a few lines to try and figure out where I was at in the story Though the biggest issue I have with this is how the book is described on the back, as kind of a love story between an aging country star and Ms Right and whether he can tame his crazy heart for her That is incredibly misleading The love story if you would call it that [...]


    Excellent book I haven t seen the movie yet and reading a book first always screws up the movie for me, but what the hell It really helps to be somewhat of a musician for this book because some of the technical data will ring true and some of the temperment of a musician will also ring true Non musicians will probably miss these nuances Since it was written in 1987, some of the info is a bit outdated but who really cares It s the personality of Bad that really carries this book and the time fram [...]

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