Nov 30, 2021
The Keeper
Posted by S.L. Armstrong K. Piet

Unlimited The Keeper - by S.L. Armstrong K. Piet - The Keeper, The Keeper Generation after generation an unattached male is plucked from the same family line and sent to the home of the man they only know as Dhakir It is a duty all men in the line are brought up knowing b

  • Title: The Keeper
  • Author: S.L. Armstrong K. Piet
  • ISBN: 9780982700808
  • Page: 365
  • Format: ebook
  • Unlimited The Keeper - by S.L. Armstrong K. Piet - The Keeper, The Keeper Generation after generation an unattached male is plucked from the same family line and sent to the home of the man they only know as Dhakir It is a duty all men in the line are brought up knowing b


    The Keeper is a very different and unique take on immortality with heavy religious themes The writing is solid and the story itself is rather interesting, engaging the readers attention, although the serious religious elements may not be to all tastes The story begins with young Hadi, living a full and busy life as a detailer in the fashion world of Italy When he s called to take care of a mysterious charge in Algeria, he balks Hadi has no desire to leave his happy life to move to some strange l [...]


    A few remarks about this book some spoilers, but I will say where they are About the characters I think they were perfect to each other It s a romantic story, so it s pleasure read about one men, absolutely certain about his homosexuality, and another that must learn a simple thing love is love, and love has no boundaries I like it how the relationship slowly grows About the story spoilers and probably I ll get insulted, but I m used I m a catholic, but I m an intelligent person and know how to [...]


    Before I begin, I d just like to say how much I like the cover to this book It s very apt and quite clever really Anyway, on with the review.It s going to be very difficult to review this story without giving spoilers away but I ll try The story involves Hadi who is forced to leave a burgeoning career in the Milan fashion industry and move to Algeria to take care of a friend of the family This has been the tradition for all elder, unmarried males in Hadi s family That doesn t mean that he likes [...]

    Lena Grey

    Traditional theology professes that Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ with a kiss and 30 coins of silver But what if that wasn t the way it happened What if, by identifying Jesus, Judas was an instrument of God, and was appointed to fulfill a predestined purpose Would he not have a special place in Jesus s heart and wouldn t Jesus want to find a way to alleviate Judas s unjust suffering In The Keeper by S.L Armstrong and K Piet, Judas is portrayed not as a despicable villain, but a victim, in [...]

    Don Bradshaw

    Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews For thousands of years the eldest son of the Rahal bloodline has been sent to Algeria to be the keeper of the mysterious Dhakir when the old keeper dies This time it is Hadi Rahal s turn to leave behind his life in Milan as fashion assistant and take up the role of the keeper Hadi does not want to go but the shame that he would bring upon his family overrides his own desires and life for Hadi will never be the same This story was good but it really [...]


    It would have been better if they both become immortal or both mortal At least no one would be left behind or just be replaceable by another relative The only reason I stopped this from getting 4 stars.

    Elisa Rolle

    The concept of this book was good and also original I know that it s not the first time someone suggests that the love between Jesus Christ and his apostles was maybe something than only theory Actually in this book, Jesus is not part of the theory, but it s again highlighted that Jesus said nothing against homosexuality Hadi is the last in a long line of male members of his family who inherited the job of being the Keeper since his great uncle was the previous one, and Hadi has never met the m [...]

    Stacey Jo

    This is a fairly short read, at just around seventy pages so it can be read in one sitting I liked it It was an engaging story that was intresting with likeable characters and had an original storyline, but it s not one that I m dying to read again soon, although I do recommend it to others It s not a vampire story, or at least, not your typical vampire story Judas, yes, THE Judas, has been cursed to live forever and is required to live off the blood of a certain family for his existence Hadi, w [...]


    Well written and very intriguing, but I was a little uneasy while reading itWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 8 10PROS The story is riveting It combines elements of several storytelling legends in an unusual way I felt sorry for Hadi at the beginning of the story, but the dramatic change in his circumstances shows some character traits that I admired right from the start He s determined and honorable and optimistic, even in the face of life altering chan [...]


    This is going to be a short review, simply because I don t want to spoil the plot which, when you get right down to it, hinges on a single, interesting, controversial twist to the Christian faith If you re deeply religious, and don t like to have your theology questioned, this is so very definitely not the book for you Please turn around, walk away, and forget you ever heard of it Trust me.If you re a little bit homophobic, and can t appreciate the beauty of two men in love if you re at all unea [...]


    The concept behind this was rather original but the events and dynamics not so much The unique elements are what essentially drew the characters together, and then it turns into a generic story about two guys falling in love Which is all right if that is all you are looking for Then again, I m not really sure what I was even looking for myself Actually it s going to sound odd this was a little biblical then I expected for a religion based story if that makes any sense If you find sermons dry, t [...]


    Audiobook Review I doubt I would have ever read this book if it had not been recommended as an audiobook It was a really unusual story I enjoyed the narration very much A good narrator can make or break the deal for me In this case, since I had not read the book previously, I found the narration to be excellent His voice enhanced the story I was totally engrossed in the plot and really wanted to know how it would end I am not sure if I would enjoy this narrartor in other stories or not His voice [...]


    This story was unique and kept me along the whole way I read it in one setting and fell very much in love with both the main characters.The only thing that I was left hanging about was really an understanding of why Judas was the way he was It never really seemed clearly defined, but overall didn t detract from the book at all.It was perfectly written and the emotions of both characters were so tangible and real all throughout the piece.


    2.5 starsThe Keeper is an interesting story with a very unusual protagonist The writing is solid but for some reason I didn t connect with either of the main characters The story felt a bit slow paced at times and the religious theme may not appeal to all readers Personally I enjoyed the authors other story, Rachmaninoff, much .


    The idea was original a young man decended from the brother of Jesus has to leave hos life and job behind to care for Judas Yes THE Judas Judas needs blood once a week and company so he doesn t go mad from hos long life I was unable to connect to any of the mc and the story just seemed thin.


    The author really takes some liberties with the fact that this is fiction in the context of religion That is the only reason I did not give it 5 stars the constant religious references slowed down the story for me Otherwise, I thought the characters were sexy, the writing flowed and the love scenes were hot.


    I would give it a four star, but I do not like the religious theme I is not that I found it offending, as I am not religious It is just tacky It is extremely well written It was a pleasure to read because of the literary quality.


    It was an interesting take on the whole vampirism thing However, the religious element was kind of random Something else also bothered me about this, but it s been a few days, so I no longer remember what.


    Very interesting story that has quite a surprising twist I enjoyed the writing style and the complexity of the MCs that was was portrayed My only complaint was that it was too short and I wanted to know .

    Michael Joseph

    My full review of The Keeper can be found on my blog.


    I wanted to like this book I didn t hate it My problem is I didn t think the characters really had a good chemistry together Liked the writing style Will try author out again.


    Didn t finish The ideas are nice, but the execution is not my cup of tea at all.

    Lexi Ander

    It just stopped and I wasn t ready for the story to be over There was so much that I wanted to know and it just stopped.

    Viki D

    3 1 2 stars


    3.5 stars This was a very interesting story, with two wonderful men that fall in love Audio version


    very good

    Angelia Sparrow

    A solidly written, highly inventive tale The premise is interesting, but the stilted language did it no favors I liked the story, the authorial voice left me cold.


    2.99 on Nook, 69 pages


    Loved it

    Hearts On Fire Reviews

    Reviewed by DonGenre M M FantasyRated 3 hearts Check out the review at Hearts On Fire Reviews

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