Apr 22, 2021
Το τρίτο στεφάνι
Posted by Costas Taktsis Κώστας Ταχτσής

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  • Title: Το τρίτο στεφάνι
  • Author: Costas Taktsis Κώστας Ταχτσής
  • ISBN: 9789602562437
  • Page: 111
  • Format: None
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    Marilou K.



    I can see that some people that have read this book in translation,didn t think much of it and I don t blame them.Though considered a classic of modern Greek literature,it can t get further from the local petty bourgeois microcosmos.After all,these are the merits for which it is praised the description of the life of this particular social class and the first expose in written prose of their distinctive mode of expression.


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    Not a single paragraph was boring reading it The stories of two women s lives, in a period it was not easy to live Not stories with happy situations but written in a light way to read, using expressions of everyday speaking.

    Rita Milou

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    The Third Wedding is the story of two Greek women and their lives from the 1920s through until the years following WW2 One is called Hecuba The other, who narrates the novel, I forget the name of Along the way, she marries three different men, hence the title.The novel ranges from the countryside into Athens via various other towns and cities It gives insight into the British and German occupations as well as the Communist uprising after the war While all this is going on, various family spats e [...]

    Mary Jean Phillips

    Valuable insight into daily life for Greeks in the turbulent years of the 20th century Narrated by two henpecking and long suffering women, the prose can be rough at times The vacillation between loving the people one loves, and absolutely, seethingly hating them drives a lot of the prose In between these daily worries of well brought up Greek ladies lands the Nazi occupation and the civil war The novel does a lot to explain daily Greek life in the modern world it s not gods and goddesses and my [...]


    Il terzo anello viene descritto, dalla critica, come il capolavoro della letteratura greca moderna E una definizione che mi trova assolutamente d accordo Il linguaggio del romanzo semplice e diretto, che si rispecchia anche nella traduzione, non ti annoia, la tensione narrativa rimane sempre alta Ambientato tra gli anni 10 e gli anni 50 del Novecento, tra la Seconda Guerra Mondiale e la Guerra Civile, il romanzo si concentra sulle vicende di due donne Nina che racconta in prima persona e la Sora [...]


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    I ve been on a modern Greek kick lately The characters here are hard and so often so awful, but there s a beautiful vitality in the narrative that kept me consistently engaged It s prewar and wartime Athens and Thessaloniki, and the characters are just the nastiest, most deranged everyday people not sadists or psychopaths, just regular, down the street dysfunctionals with a belief in the validity of their own stories that made me believe too.


    A great book presenting all the important historical events in Greece 2nd World War, civil war through the eyes of the main heroine and her three marriages.One of my favourite books written by one of the most controversial greek authors


    One of my favorites.

    Sophia Valentinos-Carol

    Lazaros Karavasilis

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    I love this book





    Benjamin Thomas Sutpen

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    Доротея Ан

    20 must read


    I d learned never to be a snob until I got to know a person s worth and how can you get to know a person well if you don t have coffee together

    Hope Dee

    Cool lol.

    Xenia Orkopoulou

    excellent book great story

    Zebardast Zebardast

    Xenia Orkopoulou


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