Apr 21, 2021
The Little Nugget
Posted by P.G. Wodehouse

The Little Nugget 1913 is one of the novels in which Wodehouse found his feet, a light comic thriller set in an English prep school for the children of the nobility and gentry Into their midst comes eleven year old Ogden Ford, the mouthy, overweight, chain smoking son of an American millionaire Ogden whom we meet again in Piccadilly Jim is the object of a kidnap atteThe Little Nugget 1913 is one of the novels in which Wodehouse found his feet, a light comic thriller set in an English prep school for the children of the nobility and gentry Into their midst comes eleven year old Ogden Ford, the mouthy, overweight, chain smoking son of an American millionaire Ogden whom we meet again in Piccadilly Jim is the object of a kidnap attempt which forms the basis of the plot The comedy arises from Wodehouse s favourite topics of Anglo American misunderstanding and the absurdities of school life.

  • Title: The Little Nugget
  • Author: P.G. Wodehouse
  • ISBN: 9781841591414
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Little Nugget The Little Nugget is one of the novels in which Wodehouse found his feet a light comic thriller set in an English prep school for the children of the nobility and gentry Into their midst comes e


    I won t be an exaggeration to say that P G Wodehouse s books are gems of English humour literature So far I have managed to read only a few of his Blandings Castle series,Jeeves series and Mr Mulliner series, but each one was fantastic.The little nugget in the book is a spoiled and to quote the author a repulsive child of an American millionaire The nugget s father won his custody after his parent s divorced and sent him to study in England Of course, his doting mother would try anything to get [...]


    I will use this review for all the P G Wodehouse I have read I read them all so long ago and enjoyed them so much that I have given them all 5 stars As I re read them I will adjust the stars accordingly, if necessary, and add a proper review.When I first discovered P G Wodehouse I devoured every book I could find in the local library, throughout the eighties and early nineties Alas, this means that I have read most of them and stumbling across one I have not read is a rare thing I m sure that th [...]

    John Frankham

    One of Wodehouse s earliest non school novels 1913, when 31 , but already mixing English and American characters in order to make his work saleable on both sides of the Atlantic.Wodehouse was already working living in England and America, and had already had some success with short stories in the USA.The Little Nugget is an insufferable young American boy at school in England, with rival gun toting American crooks trying to kidnap him and sell him back to one or other of his estranged parents Ou [...]


    The least funny of all the Wodehouse books I ve read, and though the plot is tighter than some, there just wasn t enough to keep me invested in the ending But if you haven t read anything by Wodehouse you should and it should be Hot Water, not The Little Nugget.


    I love it This 1913 book looks to me like a Wodehousian, novel length retelling of O Henry s 1910 short story The Ransom of Red Chief.This must have been produced before Wodehouse settled into his formula It is different from the formulaic works It is of a serious adventure novel than the usual musical comedy without music that he usually produced It isn t only different, it is also a very pleasant and satisfying read.I recommend it.

    Sarah TheAromaofBooks

    While this was a fun and funny little story, it lacks the constant wit and sly humor of many of Wodehouse s later works A good one time read, but not where I would recommend starting if you re new to Wodehouse.

    The Goon

    The Little Nugget isn t a great read Not only is the title of, The Little Nugget, terrible, causing idiots to comment and scoff at the sight of the book, but the story itself is anticlimactic The characters are not interesting and the story was dull Although I enjoy reading books written by P.G Wodehouse a great deal, and if pressed I might admit that he is one of my favorites writers, The Little Nugget sucked I would not read it again and I wouldn t recommend it to anyone in search of a good bo [...]

    Jeff Short

    I enjoyed this one Though it has some of the usual male female relational troubles, it centers around a kidnapping plot It still has a comic tone though muted than in the Jeeves books Wodehouse added some interesting twists in this one In some of his books you can see the end right from the start, though it is still an enjoyable journey to get there This one was a little tougher though you could guess at some things.


    Tedious and boring really very UnWodehouse in style his classic humor is totally missing from this story The plot was conducive for perfect Wodehouse jollity, but for some reason it was lacking I didn t care for any of the characters in this book There were a few good metaphors lurking here and there, but overall I was disappointed.

    David Nadolny

    I was very disappointed in this book I have enjoyed dozens of PG Wodehouse novels and was looking forward to another, but the style of writing in this book almost makes me think he was sick when he wrote it or had a ghost writer or such It just wasn t up to the usual Wodehouse snuff.


    I guessing that this was a very early Wodehouse an attempt at a serious novel but cheerfulness kept breaking through Certainly agreeable but it seemed to me longer in the relation than the material justified and I let it drop about halfway through.

    Michael Huang

    It s a good little story if somebody else wrote it But coming from Wodehouse, it s a small disappointment it s not funny enough.

    Joseph Schoolland

    I enjoyed it except for the old flame vs fianc e love story I hate those.The little nugget himself really bothered disgusted me at first, but the absurdity of his popularity grew on me toward the end And even gave me a chuckle here and there.


    strangly had a serious note than other pg books.

    Clive Bevitt

    A fun little humourous thriller Not the very best PG produced but still an enjoyable short read.


    This book is a rare treat for the fans of Wodehouse It s from the era when Plum s inimitable style was still in embryo, but, instead of offering the staunch Wodehouse votary an unpolished and awkward portent of things to come, it delivers a spate of gut busting bon mots and allusions in a very fresh way There s also some seriousness mixed in, which actually works when it s tactfully balanced with the humorous as opposed to the clumsy mix of If I Were You A splendid demonstration of Wodehouse s w [...]

    Wayne Jordaan

    Escapism weth an anti hero Mindless escapism but did cause the occasional giggle

    Ian Wood

    The Little Nugget see s Wodehouse s writing at a cross roads Still not willing to abandon his school setting, the bulk of the action takes part at Sanstead House The romance Wodehouse was developing in Love Among the Chickens is provided by Peter Burns and Audrey Blake who are re united some years after there estrangement on different sides of the race to take ownership of The Little Nugget one Ogden Ford Ogden Ford carries on the Wodehouse tradition of comic characters as a sort of revolting an [...]

    Azmylle H

    What a surprise I got this book in Boxing Day with 75% off, so I thought it might not be that good since it was on sale And I was very happy that I was wrong This book is so much fun to read Very different from other classics I ve encountered before The synopsis at the back of the book says something about kidnapping the child of American millionaire and it was presented with humour What And it was correct The theme was indeed about kidnapping a rich kid, but it was funny and witty in the midst [...]

    Glen Engel-Cox

    Like the last Wodehouse I read, this is like Damon Runyon than later Plum I suspect that this was written when Wodehouse first visited America and was trying to break into the American markets it would be interesting to compare this impression with Wodehouse s biography and see what it has to say about the Runyonesque qualities of these early novels The Little Nugget of the title refers to the only son of an American millionaire, the nickname given to him by the American hoodlums who want to ki [...]


    Got to love a book where even the bad guys are likable fellows Even though the book ends with a happy note this is still no beach read because the vocabulary is so great What could be better Perhaps a reader


    Two thumbs up for this comedy of errors in which Peter Burns, a wealthy man of leisure, upon his fianc s request, pretends to open up his own school and assumes the position of assistant master at a boarding school in hopes to kidnap Ogden featured in Picadilly Jim and return him back to his mother Ogden, an obnoxious, crude, self centered 14 year old, is a hateful creature but his divorced parents both love him and they both feel they are better able to take care of and protect their son After [...]


    Frederick Davidson renders another superb performance in this early tale by P.G Wodehouse of an obnoxious, rich, American youth Not a very flattering portrayal, as are many Wodehousian youngsters, on both sides of the Atlantic, but then the author knows where to lay the blame squarely at the feet of the parents who spoil them.In the case of Ogden Ford, AKA the Little Nugget a term indicating his value to kidnappers his unappealing presence doesn t figure prominently in most of the narrative, but [...]

    Phil Syphe

    Although I didn t find this to be one of P G Wodehouse s funniest works, I feel it rates as one of his best for plotting skills It reads like a light hearted crime novel.I also found it interesting, having read all of this author s early books that were set in private schools and told from the perspective of the boys, that here we have a novel predominantly set in such a school, only this time we see it from the masters angle.I like how Mr Wodehouse opens events by using a third person narrative [...]


    The Little Nugget is an enjoyable Wodehouse tale that is serious than his absurdly humorous Jeeves stories Wodehouse is a master of creating and exploring characters, and he did not fail on that account in this tale.The Little Nugget is a spoiled 14 year old boy, Ogden Ford, who is heir to a large fortune The nickname is an ironic contrast between the boy s financial worth and his general lack of worth as a person His father and mother have divorced, and the boy is caught in a tug of war betwee [...]

    Jyothi Menon

    A very interesting book The usual Wodehousian humour runs through the length and breadth of the book Somehow, the romance in this book is real and touching as compared to other Wodehousian romances The romantic characters psychology and experiences is thoroughly sketched The highpoint is of course, the little Nugget an obnoxious little pampered boy, too mature for his age even compared to adults caricatured excellently by PG.The scenes of the school house, may be autobiographical as they are [...]

    Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore

    Having read Piccadilly Jim, this one following the rather repulsive Oggie Ford s earlier set of adventures was something I ve been meaning to read for a bit I always find it rather hard to review Wodehouse because I can never find the right words for him The story had many of the usual Wodehousian elements a convoluted though not as much as in some instances plot, a fair share of impostors, and attempted kidnappings, plus definitely some twists I didn t see coming, but no aunts Nesta could have [...]

    Anita Byler

    I persevered through this one because I dislike not finishing a book But it was far from Wodehouse s best The pace is slow, events improbable without the wit and humor that keep most of Wodehouse s equally improbably stories entertaining The characters were gloomy and unlikable I listened to the LibriVox version the reader s voice was soporific I thought that was the main problem with the book and searched for something else but was unable to get it at any of the libraries to which I have access [...]


    Partially set in a Brtitish boarding school, as were many early Wodehouse novels, this one also prominently features the entertaining character of Ogden, the lazy, selfish, overweight, spoiled millionaire brat who has developed self indulgence and self assuredness to such a degree that one goes round the bend from hating him to admiring him for his modeling of the archetype There are also the usual star crossed lovers, self serving foils,and competing gangs of international kidnappers Although t [...]


    P.G Wodehouse is an amusing author He has a way of adding lightheartedness even to a story about kidnapping The Little Nugget was somewhat predictable The thing I love most is the way the author refers to ordinary things in a funny, roundabout way For example, I have read of the spring of the jaguar, and I have seen some very creditable flying tackles made on the football field My leap combined the outstanding qualities of both In addition to humor, I love that there are no offensive content iss [...]

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