Sep 23, 2020
The New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret To Calm And Confident Parenting
Posted by Gina Ford

The Contented Little Baby Book, based on Gina Ford s personal experience of caring for over 300 babies, was first published in 1999 It quickly established Gina as an influential new authority on baby and childcare issues and has remained one of the bestselling parenting books in the UK for almost 20 years.This completely revised edition of The New Contented Little Baby BoThe Contented Little Baby Book, based on Gina Ford s personal experience of caring for over 300 babies, was first published in 1999 It quickly established Gina as an influential new authority on baby and childcare issues and has remained one of the bestselling parenting books in the UK for almost 20 years.This completely revised edition of The New Contented Little Baby Book contains the most up to date advice available to parents Using the feedback from numerous readers and website members, Gina has been able to develop and elaborate on the information in her first book, while clearly setting out her philosophy on simple feeding and sleeping routines.By creating routines that match a growing baby s innate natural rhythms, Gina prevents the hunger, overtiredness and colic that can lead to excessive crying Babies who are settled into Gina s gentle routines are happy and contented because their needs for food and sleep are appropriately met and they should sleep for their longest spell at night from an early age.With detailed, prescriptive information on everything parents need to know, this book includes chapters on Preparation for the birth How the routines evolved and the benefits of following a routine Milk feeding in the first year Understanding your baby s sleep Establishing a routine Introducing solid food in line with government and World Health Authority guidelines Common problems in the first year.Whether you are expecting your first child, or are experiencing difficulties with an older baby, this comprehensive guide contains all the expert guidance you need to help your baby feed and sleep well.

  • Title: The New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret To Calm And Confident Parenting
  • Author: Gina Ford
  • ISBN: 9780091912697
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • The New Contented Little Baby Book The Secret To Calm And Confident Parenting The Contented Little Baby Book based on Gina Ford s personal experience of caring for over babies was first published in It quickly established Gina as an influential new authority on baby


    This book is awful A friend of mine read it and declared she was either going to burn it or give it to me if I was curious Now that I ve read it I think I may well burn it, lest it fall into the hands of a mother who would be quite fine with her new baby without being told _every second of every day_ what she should be making her child and herself do.To the author Gina Ford, routine is everything If you compromise your baby s routine, you re damned and doomed She s against feeding on demand, des [...]

    Terry Clague

    In the circumstances, I have to reserve judgement on this one to some degree since there is so much specific ludicrously so, seemingly advice in here so I ll look at what I ve written here toward the end of the year maybe.Having noted that I was reading the book, my respected friends with kids were unanimous in their hatred of the Queen of routine I didn t get such a strong reaction myself, but I expect I m likely to once the kid arrives though I will say Ford has an unfortunate tendency toward [...]

    Clare Davidson

    This book scares me I know so many mothers who feel trying to follow these routines caused them so much stress that it interfered with bonding with their baby The routines are incompatible with breastfeeding for most people but mothers are not warned about this Avoid.


    I buy Gina Forde s ironically named books from charity shops to prevent people reading them My contribution to humankind These books are of a manual on how to be a shite parent and a lack of confidence on part of the parent Let the baby be their own individual manual and not ruled by GF iron fist Her POV comes from WORKING with babies, so her philosophy is managing babies, like a business This isn t parenting Babies are not to be managed but loved GF doesn t care if babies grow up to anxious or [...]


    She is one scary woman she advocates running a newborn baby s routine like the way you would run the military or boot camp Any baby could be guaranteed to sleep through the nite by six weeks if he cries himself to sleep.

    TyLean Polley

    I was given this book by my sister in law and told to read it with a grain of salt I did read it, cover to cover, 5 months ago, during the last few weeks of my pregnancy Even at the time, I found certain suggestions such as ironing your baby s sheets which will only be pissed shat puked on within 24 hours absurd Parents of infants barely have time to get themselves showered let alone iron bedsheets I also developed a great deal of skepticism upon reading that Gina Ford does not have children of [...]


    Great advice about many many things, given in a non pushy way Other books push the advice on you, but this one feels like suggestions being offered by a friend.My only complaint is with the section on items to buy It is outdated, and would be great for the author to provide an update For example, when looking for a crib, the author says to check the drop down bar to make sure it doesn t squeak and glides easily When I went to the store looking for said drop down bar, I was told these were deeme [...]


    This book isn t totally dire if you are utterly los and in need a rigid timetable then her routines are spot on in my experience as a nanny and mother but her methods of achieving them are awful Leaving a newborn to wait blackout rooms, avoid eye contact, timed feeding are all determental to bonding You are still a parent when the sun goes down Gina doesn t seem to understand that babies have emotional needs too she s all about the eating, sleeping and nappy changing As if the baby is simply a m [...]


    this book saved my existence as a descent human being i was thinking my baby would tell me when he was hungry, wet, tiredWRONG and i was going insane trying to figure him out since this maternal instinct has not completely kicked in i needed some help this book was wonderful in laying down the law and bringing some routine to the day and restored a bit of my confidence.


    terrifyingly regimented not for me

    Tina Demas Broccolo

    After reading many books that focused on theory and lacked detailed directions, I thought this was exactly what I was looking for Unfortunately, this was too far to the other extreme for me, but I do think it still has a lot to offer If you are looking for a very concrete schedule with specific times and detailed instructions, then this is the perfect book for you At a time when I was still trying to learn about my baby, I found this to be extremely overwhelming to follow and after a few days of [...]


    I ve read 7 books now on baby sleep, and here is what I have learned Babies are different.Here are the memorable books in order from easy to hard 1 on this list assumes that your baby will be easy and naturally fall into a schedule of naps that works for them and everyone else On the other end of the spectrum, 6 on this list assumes that your baby needs to be forced into to be a rigid, drill sergeant schedule, to basically sleep deprive them during the day so they will sleep 8 hours in a row at [...]


    The jury is still out for me on this book I have a couple friends that swear by this book and their babies were sleeping from 7pm to 7am by nearly 12 weeks This was NOT the case for me.However, there were a couple tips that I found helpful Even though I was breastfeeding the author suggests introducing one bottle feed in the late evening that dad can do between 2 4 weeks old This definitely helped me get some much needed sleep early on And now Archer can seamlessly go from a bottle to breastfeed [...]


    The book might be 50 pages shorter if the author cut out all of the sentences which contain the phrase, if people followed my routines properly The advice, if well intentioned, comes across as a little heavy handed The routines, if they work, seem useful and my wife and I do plan on giving them a go, but even our doctor told us that we shouldn t stick to a strict feeding schedule.I think there is some valuable information in this book for new parents, such as things you need to get before your b [...]


    Gr mata paliks bez v rt juma ne t p c, ka t b tu slikta, bet gan t p c, ka mazu a audzin ana, kop ana un r pes par mazo ir katras imenes oti int ms un person gs process.Gr mata pasaul izrais jusi oti daudz diskusiju un rk rt gi daudz pret ju viedok u Ja v laties skaidras nor des par to, kad, kur, k , cik daudz dar t ar mazuli, tad, iesp jams, gr mata ir jums.Neder s tiem, kas uzskata, ka z dainis pats sp s saregul t savas dienreizes un jauno vec ku dz ves.


    I don t care about the controversies over this book I got a lot out of it It has really helped to shape the first few months of my daughter s life It s worth a read even if you don t follow the routine as it s laid out It gives a lot of good tips and just gives you something to aim for in a day.


    Didn t think that a baby book would be my most controversial book choice of 2014 Don t really get the nazi nanny accusations Personally found it a useful read Although glad to be finished and back on to the world of fiction.


    This is a great book Very strict in its approach which can be manipulated to suit the parent Used it for 2 out of 3 children and they have been very content 1st child a complete nightmare followed all the health visitors advice complete waste of time says it all.


    This book has read like an unwanted advice like the ones you get from people who comes with general wisdoms, because a they were one of the rare lucky ones and had it easy, or b have no clue about reality.

    Nicole Naunton

    Many friends recommended this book but while at the hospital it was universally scorned by the midwives and nurses I took bits pieces from the book to use, the rest I ve ignored The routines seem so complicated I can t see how anyone could follow such strict, rigid rules for a baby.

    Karlie Ritchie

    Terrible advice for new mums how to set yourself up for failure


    i picked this up after seeing the author s methods referenced positively on a couple of baby message boards I m excellent at logistics obsessed one might say and even i think this book this is far over the top perhaps this process has worked for her, but I can say with strong certainty that for almost all parents, this exact scheduling advice is not helpful in any way I picked up a few tips, but the idea of scheduling your child s life down to 15 30 minute increments every day is so unrealistic [...]

    Shannon Scott

    This author preaches sleep training through controlled crying and self settling in babies Self settling is a skill an infant has to develop, it can t be taught Learned helplessness can be taught through controlled crying The Australian Association for Infant Mental Health have a 2013 position statement search on google outlining their concerns with controlled crying Don t bother with this book either your baby will sleep or they won t.


    My husband and I are expecting our first child and I really enjoyed this book because, though incredibly strict, it is giving us a place to start and a structure of a sleeping and eating schedule when the baby comes I think you have to take it with a grain of salt like any parenting book but that said, Gina Ford offers a lot no experience and pretty sane explanations for how why babies will and will not eat and sleep.

    Amy Alice

    Apparently this is well controversial and is akin to child cruelty I didn t see any of that, maybe because I m a teacher and love a routine, and I don t like the shaming of her because she hasn t had her own kid People pick up a bit of it and extrapolate, I m fully intending to take on board the advice from a prolific and experienced midwife, even if the routines aren t suitable.


    I skimmed this book to see what I could learn about developmental stages and recommendations for specific growth spurts The advice seems a bit outdated especially the amount of boiled cooled water she recommends but I can t speak to the proposed schedule s effectiveness Would skip unless you want to establish a firm routine, in which case this could be helpful.


    Rife with recommendations that are highly frowned upon by everyone else I ve read talked to blankets in bed, drop side crib, feed the baby water If you use this, please also read something else.It also remains to be seen whether strict scheduling helps anybody No obvious advantages yet.


    This was a life saver for a few of my friends However I didn t like how rigid the schedules were.

    Mikaela Robertson

    I read this book while I was five months pregnant, and while I did learn a few things from the book, I m telling all my friends to stay as far away from it as possible at least while they re pregnant Books like this have a few life stages the read it to get an idea of what s ahead stage, the read it closer to the date to make plans stage, and the read it when everything is real and you re looking for practical help reference stage IF you want to read this, leave it to one of the later stages So [...]


    Most of the reviews for this book centre around the routine or no routine topics That in itself is very difficult for anybody to agree on as it depends on the parents, the baby, circumstances etc I have read so far several baby books, talked to many of my friends and based on my own experience I have come to realise that some routine is good and one should have an idea to go with, especially when a first time parent for example, how many times to feed, when is it good to go to sleep in the eveni [...]

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