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Richard Lafargue um cirurgi o pl stico brilhante Ningu m sabe que ve, a bela e jovem mulher que por vezes o acompanha, sua prisioneira Viviane uma adolescente internada num hospital psiqui trico Alex Barni alvejado durante um assalto no qual mata um pol cia A m scara que usa para ocultar a identidade lhe arrancada e o seu rosto filmado pelas c maras de vigRichard Lafargue um cirurgi o pl stico brilhante Ningu m sabe que ve, a bela e jovem mulher que por vezes o acompanha, sua prisioneira Viviane uma adolescente internada num hospital psiqui trico Alex Barni alvejado durante um assalto no qual mata um pol cia A m scara que usa para ocultar a identidade lhe arrancada e o seu rosto filmado pelas c maras de vigil ncia V se obrigado a esconder se e est disposto a tudo para sair dessa situa o Vincent Moreau percebe que est a ser seguido durante um passeio de moto Ao tentar despistar o seu perseguidor, perde se na floresta e acaba por ser apanhado Est desaparecido h quatro anos Um drama do passado ir enredar na mesma teia Richard, ve, Viviane, Alex e Vincent Neste thriller vertiginoso do escritor franc s Thierry Jonquet, n o h limites para o horror e o desejo.Um romance que nos prende e envolve como uma aranha o faz sua presa A pele onde eu vivo foi adaptado ao cinema pelo c lebre realizador Pedro Almod var, num filme protagonizado por Ant nio Banderas.

  • Title: Tarantula
  • Author: Thierry Jonquet
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tarantula Richard Lafargue um cirurgi o pl stico brilhante Ningu m sabe que ve a bela e jovem mulher que por vezes o acompanha sua prisioneira Viviane uma adolescente internada num hospital psiqui trico Alex


    I watched the film adaptation by Pedro Almodovar titled The Skin I Live in La Piel que Habito in 2011 I liked a lot the movie and when I found out that it was based on a novel, I decided that eventually I will read it.Finally it happened First of all, taking out the major surprise in the storyline don t worry, I won t spoil it , both stories are quite different, so it helped to appreciate the novel, while being the original story, and still have some surprises or unexpected developments.However, [...]

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    JaHy☝Hold the Fairy Dust

    5 CONUNDRUM OF CONFUSION STARS I started this book w minimal expectations and in return they were met 10 fold TARANTULA is MOST DEFINITELYNOT FOR EVERYONE This tale will test the readers patients, endurance, frustration level and fundamental math skills 1 1 WHAT Here s a little glimpse of emotions you can expect to endureokay, you ve been warned The chaos begins with the Dapper Richard Lafargue summoning Eve in this manner For God sakes, hurry up you piece of shit Richard is a highly regarded pl [...]

    Nickolas the Kid

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    Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn)

    Please try to refrain from looking at my shelf tags for this book Unless of course you don t mind spoiling this book before you could get to it You have been adequately warned Rating 4.5 starsWhat a twisted book with a twisted ending to match I was left aghast and reeling with mixed emotion after finishing it Be ready for a dark and twisted story driven by hate and fear It all started with a crime of lust and selfish indulgence which lead to the destruction of an innocent young girl But was that [...]

    Carol (StarAngel"s Reviews) Allen

    DAMN My first hunch was correct patting myself on the backBut I LOVED how the author incorporated doubt in that hunch over and over again.And I especially loved the endingn you consider that an HEA hahahaaa


    Maybe you have to be a sick and deranged individual to enjoy this Or maybe you need to be able to detach yourself a little from your own humanity and perceive human nature with a neutral eye One thing is clear Tarantula is not for the faint of heart.For me, this is hands down the best revenge book I ve ever read I seriously can t imagine a terrifying form of revenge than the one presented here and I assure you, I have a wild imagination Complex type of vengeance too, if you think about it, both [...]

    Lady Vigilante (Feifei)

    O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O4.5 SHOCKING STARS In order to read this book, perseverance is a must.Someone take me to a mental hospital NEWEST EDIT Due to some enlightening of certain characters and plot twists, I am reading this one NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW Edit I ll pick this one back up later I have no darn clue what s going on, and these words aren t making sense to me How do you know me so well Jahayra EXACTLY my type of book


    5 Puzzling Stars I am not sure how to begin, I can just tell you as I read this I felt like I was solving a puzzle.Not a very easy to solve puzzle, at least for this girl, might I add While I was reading it I had a million different possibilities as to what could possibly be going on The story is about Dr Lafargue, an eccentric plastic surgeon Dr Lafargue keeps a woman, Eve, confined in his home Eve is only permitted to leave the home for dinners, social obligations, oh andwhen he is prostitutin [...]


    4.5 stars I don t even know if I can write a review right now I think I may need some time to digest what I just read.I ll try to review it anyway.Was this a romance Nope, can t say it was but some kind of twisted love came out of this and I m left here asking what the hell just happened view spoiler Really Eve went back hide spoiler Funny thing is I believed I knew what was playing out then I kept reading and started doubting myself, that will teach me go with my gut next time But even realizin [...]

    Scarlet Cameo

    Con un argumento muy interesante el libro se desenvuelve sin sorpresas, lo cual no hace que se torne aburrido pero tampoco conmemora lo impresionante que pudo haber sido s hubiera tenido s lo un poco m s de intensidad Richard e ve mantienen una relaci n enfermiza, y la dos ltimas p ginas s cambiaron mi percepci n continuaron con algo que desde la tercera parte intu as pero no estabas del todo seguro s pasar a Richard es un personaje completamente enfermo y da ado, pero al que no logr s terminar [...]

    Đorđe Bajić

    Re je o kratkom romanu koji se brzo ita, a koji jo br e o itava ono to je velikog Almodovara privuklo ovom delu iz sada ve davne 1984 godine Tu je pre svega poigravanje sa pitanjima polnog i rodnog, potom uvek filmski potentan motiv osvete, te kao i kod ve ine francuskih literata sasvim odoma ena non alancija u prikazivanju devijantnog, bizarnog i ili dru tveno neprihvatljivog Da ne bude zabune, onkeova Tarantula je roman kao stvoren za ekranizaciju a ini se da je i sam autor tako ne to pri eljk [...]

    Carla ☺Did I Say That☺

    4.5 Holy Shit Stars Wowwhere do I begin.t off this book is not for everyone.d I really mean that This book will test every ounce of patience you havebut the payoff is worth its wait in gold In all honesty.ere were a few times I said screw this done this is going on my DNF shelfBut I m so glad I didn t give upuse what a helluva mindfuck this one turn out to be Now im gonna be vague with this one because to much info will give this story away bare with me Tarantula tells the story of Richard Lafar [...]


    Take my words, This book is fascinating The story is a brilliant but bizarre mixture of thriller and erotica, a complicative, finely crafted tale of revenge and suffering, domination and submission, both mental and physical abuse and tenderness, love and hate It shows us a heart stoppingly violent power struggle between two men and two women , it revealed the complicated relationship between predator and prey, prisoner and jailer.It s difficult to comment on Mygale without spoiling the surprise [...]


    OMFG two things came to mind when I was finished reading this one was pure revenge and just the karma bites you in the ass kind either and the other was coincidence on an epic scale and I can say no with out writing spoilers in here which I won t do.This book was the biggest mind fcuk I have ever read and I m left not sure how I feel about any of the characters LOL I blame Mygale for what he did well yes but based on his reasons how can I do I feel sorry for Eve well yes but based on what she d [...]


    I love my dark reads, I love them clever, to leave me guessing and at the end to be completely blown away by elements I didn t forsee coming Tarantula does that and , what a clever short novel that packed a big punch, full of twists and turns It sure left an big impact, the writing was skillful and engaging.The main plot narrates the story of expert plastic surgeon, Richard Lafargue, a mysterious character who keeps a woman, Eve, captive in his home Richard uses Eve to perform for him with other [...]

    Lissett Silva Ordosgoitti

    2015 Reading Challenge 3 Un libro convertido en pel cula.Novela corta de lectura r pida por la gil escritura del autor Esta tiene como personajes principales a Richard, ve y Vivianey muestra como sus vidas se entrelazan por un delito acontecido en el pasado La historia muestra el lado oscuro de la humanidad y los limites que estamos dispuestos a romper con tal de hacer justicia por nuestra cuenta Ojo por ojo, diente por diente En lo personal es una historia directa, cruda, llena de actos crueles [...]

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ TrixieTracy Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    It s not often I pick up a short book and give it a 5 stars if ever but this one really appealed to my inner dark and twisted psyche.What doesn t usually work for me in short reads is they tend to miss out the build up of characters and momentum of a plot However in this, the ambiguity of both the characters and plot is all part of the story line that builds its own momentum and impetus.The writing is simple but effective, the story unique and base, together they are unusually seductive but it w [...]


    What a beautiful monstrosity of a book I loved it, every twisted part of it The story centres on famed plastic surgeon Richard Lafargue who has many secrets ones you can t even begin to imagine to know and Eve, his partner, who he keeps looked away in her room and forces her to do unspeakable things Obviously it s an intriguing plot however nothing can really prepare you for Lafargue s reasoning behind his actions and the final outcome Written by Thierry Jonquet, this makes for a must read altho [...]


    Watching the film first may have been a mistake The emotional punch and surprise were lost because I already knew the twist Despite this however, Tarantula was well written and translated and developed slowly, keeping it s sense of mystery for a final showdown at the end If you haven t seen the film, it s absolutely brilliant A perfect rendering of this dark tale, in which no one is the hero.


    This novel was uncomfortable, strange and somewhat disturbing Unlike anything I ve read before, I really enjoyed it and it kept me guessing, even when I had a feeling of what was going on, I wasn t sure if that was what was actually happening or just my imagination at play It is also incredibly well written I thought.This is one of those stories where you can t say much or you ll give too much away, so I will try not to It s about a man who keeps a young woman hostage That s all you re going to [...]


    Clocking in at around 120pp Jonquet s Mygale is a fast read indeed with a few twists and turns, one which in particular is a bit incongruous with what has happened before but which the movie totally ignored.There were two main characters in the novel Richard Lafargue, a renowned plastic surgeon, and Eve, who may or may not be his girlfriend Lafarque has a weird penchant for humiliating Even when it suits him He finds Johns for her and he watches from a distance and vicariously lives off this hum [...]


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    A great making you pay story that reminds me of Franju s Eyes Without a Face It has that slightly surreal horror aspect to it And many years later I am in Paris and looking for something to read in English, I found Joquet s Tarantula I purchased it and once I got on the plane i realized it was the British edition of Mygale So that was a disappointing moment But alas I re read the book.Its a masterpiece As I mentioned it does have that Franju horror aspect, but it is also a very nasty revenge sto [...]

    Mariano Hortal

    No vi la pel cula de Almod var, pero s he le do esta joya perversa donde las casualidades se convierten en un leitmotif en s mismas Hay que reconocer que la mente maquiav lica del franc s crea una de esas tramas donde todo es posible y el grado de enrevesamiento, a pesar de todo, resulta muy refrescante para el verano No apto para est magos sensibles


    Kitap kesinlikle en az film uyarlamas kadar dikkat ekici ve rperticiydi.Anlat m dili de ok iyiydi Gerilimi hissettim iliklerime kadar.Bir baban n fkesi ve k z u runa yapt klar ger ekten de ilgin derecede bilindiklerin tesindeydi.

    Luis D"hers

    Ya sab a yo que Almod var no pod a escribir un gui n tan genial como el de su pel cula La Piel que H bito, el libro simplemente le da tres vueltas.

    Callum McAllister

    Visceral and disturbing Although, it would ve been a far better reading experience if I hadn t read the blurb, and knew nothing of the premise The book was clearly written in such a way to slowly reveal each plot point, and to keep the reader guessing, but it was hard to do that when the blurb starts you off knowing the central bullet points.

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